August 17, 2017

The whole “Russia collusion” narrative always smelled like a desperate excuse to cover up the fact that Hillary Clinton lost because Americans didn’t want Hillary Clinton to be President. Like a rusty pickup on blocks in someone’s front yard, the Russian collusion yarn has been falling apart in public for the last seven months, and this past week saw the final nails pounded into its coffin. First, the liberal magazine The Nation published an in-depth forensic investigation that concluded it was impossible for the DNC files to have been stolen over the Internet because they downloaded so fast, it had to be direct to a USB device (i.e., an insider leak.) Then there was the revelation that a lower-level Trump campaign adviser tried to set up a meeting between Trump and Vladimir Putin, and the proposal was rejected. And now, after long denying that he got the DNC emails from Russia, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange reportedly told Rep. Dana Rohrabacher that he can offer proof privately to President Trump that the leak didn’t come from Russia.

It’s eerie how Trump suddenly turned into a Nazi/Klansman at the exact moment when seven months of depicting him as a puppet of Russia came crashing to the ground. Well, not the exact moment. We did have a few days of him as a madman who was going to blow up the world by standing up to Kim Jong Un for the first time in 20 years. The media seemed to be having great fun with that, but sadly, it had to be aborted when his tough stance apparently worked.


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  • Esther Sims

    08/21/2017 03:02 PM

    I am SO ready for Mueller to put out the word that there was NO COLLUSION! Of course, the fake news will never stop! They have an incurable cancer. There will be a cure for cancer before they take off their fake glasses. I worked with professionals all my career. I do not know how these so-called professionals in government got a job. Blows my mind!

  • Ricci Henry

    08/17/2017 04:50 PM

    Don't worry Mike! Hitlary now can lay her hands on Trump and pray to her god for him and make it all better! After all. Her god is the prince of the power of the Air, I mean air waves these days.