December 11, 2018

For those wishing to avoid the mainstream media and get information from trusted sources instead, here’s an insightful piece in NATIONAL REVIEW by Conrad Black, author of DONALD J. TRUMP, A PRESIDENT LIKE NO OTHER.  It’s quite wide-ranging, but the headline says it all:  ‘Mueller’s Got Nothing.”

Here’s a quick summary (the Readers Digest version), paraphrasing the many excellent points made by Black:


After 29 months, Mueller has found no evidence that Trump has committed criminal acts.

There’s no hint of Russian “collusion” for illegal purposes with the Trump campaign.

Peter Strzok at the FBI acknowledged this from the beginning.

Hillary’s claims to the contrary are not true.

She and Trump’s other enemies will never accept this.

Former FBI Director James Comey is suffering from a mysterious case of amnesia.

Mainstream media assault reasonable accuracy standards, show animosity towards the people.

In that sense, they “lend a color of right” to Trump calling them “enemies of the people.”

Michael Cohen was made to call Trump’s payment a campaign contribution when it’s not.

In any serious foreign jurisdiction, prosecutors would be disbarred for what ours are doing.

Through such tactics, our criminal justice system gets “near-Korean levels of conviction.”

This whole thing has been nonsense from the get-go.

Within the anti-Trump cast of characters, lying to Congress has abounded.

Obama allowed his administration to become corrupted in its support of Clinton’s candidacy.

Trump has been assaulted by “the most venomous of the swamp creatures.”

He dared to fight back with a vengeance, so both sides dug in; the system is dysfunctional.

Trump is so “rough-edged” in his responses that it hurts what would be a tidal wave of support.

No one wins in this nasty political battle, though Trump is likely to prevail legally.

This is a huge distraction from critical issues, and very damaging before “a nonplussed world.”

Maybe when this is over (someday), the new AG will institute badly needed reforms.

Those who participated in this sordidness will want to offer appeasement to the Almighty.


There you go!  But for the full essay, which I highly recommend, here’s the link:

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  • Judith Walker Mullin

    12/12/2018 01:13 PM

    Please note: that was "North Korean levels of conviction" (not "near" - I don't think S. Korea is in that league!).