January 31, 2017

President Trump had barely finished nominating Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court when Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer rushed out a statement condemning him. It read, in part:

"Judge Gorsuch has repeatedly sided with corporations over working people, demonstrated a hostility toward women's rights, and most troubling, hewed to an ideological approach to jurisprudence that makes me skeptical that he can be a strong, independent Justice on the Court."

Question: How far in advance was that “response” written, and how long did it take his secretary to fill Judge Gorsuch’s name into the blank spaces?

While the accusations are laughably predictable, the most hilarious part of this response is the claim that liberal Democrats like Sen. Schumer want a SCOTUS pick who “eschews ideology, who will preserve our democracy, protect fundamental rights” and “vigorously defend the Constitution from abuses of the Executive branch.” For decades now, and especially over the past eight years, that’s the exact opposite of what liberals wanted. Obama spent his first six years stacking federal courts with activist judges who routinely rewrote the Constitution, legislated from the bench, and bent over backward to find ways to justify plainly unconstitutional executive orders, and that was just peachy with liberals like Chuck Schumer. Truth is, they love judges who rule based on their personal ideology, as long as it leans in one direction only: leftward.

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  • Nicole Audrey McVay

    01/31/2017 10:44 PM

    How true! We all want what we want -- but we need Supreme Court Justices that want to preserve the Constitution. I think this man is worth considering. His background would indicate he knows what he would be getting into.