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August 26, 2021

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a revolt on her hands that’s endangering her party’s plans to saddle the American people with more bloated government and trillions more in debt. Nine “moderate” center-left House Democrats are refusing to back the $3.5 trillion “budget reconciliation” bill unless the $1.2 trillion “bipartisan” “infrastructure” bill passes first. Meanwhile, the far-left “Progressives” are refusing to back the “bipartisan” “infrastructure” bill (I’m going to run out of quotation marks) until they get the $3.5 trillion spending orgy bill passed.

Personally, I’d be fine if they both canceled each other out and neither of these monstrosities passed. The Dems are desperate to shove them down our throats because they know their tiny House majority and Senate tie aren’t likely to survive the 2022 elections. But “moderate” Dems running in swing districts who have any hopes of being reelected don’t want to go on record as voting for that massive $3.5 trillion white whale of a bill before getting anything they want like the infrastructure bill.

Ironically, the $3.5 trillion bill may already be DOA because it needs all 50 Democrat votes in the Senate to pass, and Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema have already come out against it. President Biden is pushing hard for it, but his stock is, to put it mildly, going down the toilet fast. The fact that in his latest appearance, he hawked this bill before bringing up the crisis in Afghanistan didn’t do the bill, or himself, any favors politically.

Here’s some more on the politics of all this from Rick Moran at PJ Media.

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  • Michele Kimmell

    09/09/2021 10:05 PM

    The people serving in our government have forgotten that they are to be doing what is best for OUR COUNTRY, not just filling their own pockets and declaring dictatorial edicts. Now is the time to educate our children on the TRUTH, not just some creative blather that will simply make our children subservient robots. As a former debate coach, it saddens me to see the harmful changes our education system is embracing.

  • Lee Skiles

    08/29/2021 02:59 PM

    Wow, Maybe they ought to ask the American people who will be saddled with the bill long after these ancient of days are dead.
    They have money for everything except taking care of the American people. Inflation is at about 5.5% at the moment and there are certain things that are not coming back down to any kind of pre-covid prices. My Social Security has NOT gone up, neither has my military pension. I have now fallen greatly behind, But yet we have money to spend on illegal aliens coming into this country giving them whatever they need. I am by nature a very charitable person....bu Social Security in not a governmenet benefit program I paid into that all my life. I spent 20+ years in the military to earn that.