September 3, 2018

Media to blame

Blogger/author Don Surber patiently explains to an enraged MSNBC anchor why Republicans will not turn against Trump, no matter how many bad things the media say about him, and why it’s their own fault.  Incidentally, her frustrated outburst over how his approval rating with Republicans hasn’t been hurt by “this McCain thing” is apparently a reference to Sen. John McCain’s funeral service.  MSNBC, keeping it classy.

Expanding on Don Surber’s article, here’s Roger Simon pointing out that President Trump’s sometimes less-than-mature rhetoric against his critics is hardly unique in politics these days, as the media like to pretend.  Most of the time, when he takes a punch at someone, he’s just punching back after a cheap shot at him.  The media believe Republicans are supposed to ignore unfair attacks or admit their guilt and grovel in apology.  They’re bumfuzzled by a Republican who actually punches back twice as hard (which, I believe, was Obama’s political advice.)  And as Simon points out, while some Trump tweets may be less-than-mature, when Trump’s critics resort to making political attacks during funeral eulogies, they’ve lowered political discourse to the level of juvenile, and the media are cheering them for it.

The North Carolina gerrymander story

Jazz Shaw at the Hot Air blog takes a look at how the North Carolina Congressional district map has been gerrymandered, challenged, struck down by courts, redrawn, challenged again, and how the latest version will stand for now because all the fighting over it has dragged on so long that the primaries are already over.  Shaw also explains why everyone complains about gerrymandering, but nobody does anything about it. Here are a few reasons:

1. The people drawing the districts are the majority in power, and they’re not about to risk giving up that power by changing their winning districts.

2.  The drawing of districts is done on the individual state level, and no red state is going to make it easier for Democrats to win when blue states aren’t making it easier for Republicans to win, and vice versa. 

3.  Due to laws and court orders meddling with the district lines, such as requiring “majority minority districts” (that might be better called “court-sanctioned gerrymandering”), states can’t just let a computer draw the district maps objectively by population density.

I know gerrymandering can be frustrating to the party out of power, but pardon me if I don’t shed a tear for all the enraged Democrats wailing about the unfairness of it in Republican states.  Before they started losing so many state legislatures, they were the undisputed masters of gerrymandering.  They manipulated district lines like Picasso did paintbrushes, and with even more baffling results.

For instance, I have a friend from Texas, where the Democrats had a lock on the Legislature for over a hundred years until the late 1990s.  Back then, he lived in a solidly Republican small town, and he complained that every election, his Representative, one of the most liberal in Congress, would be down by double digits until some ballot boxes were opened in a liberal corner of the district in a big city about 50 miles away, and the Democrat would be reelected.  My friend described his Democrat-drawn Congressional district map as looking like the chalk outline the police might draw around a dead centipede.

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day, everyone!  I hope that you’re enjoying a long weekend in whatever way you choose.  There’s an old joke that Labor Day is when we celebrate workers by taking the day off.  But it’s much more than that.  The idea of a holiday to honor workers has been around since the late 1800s.  It even predates the rise of the union movement, although the two are inextricably bound together. 

I’m happy to report that this Labor Day is looking a lot better for job seekers than in previous years.  It was only a couple of years ago that 17 people were fighting for one job.  That was to be the Republican Presidential nominee, and I was one of them.  For jobs that get more respect from the media, like fry cook, there were a hundred applicants.

Republicans are often maligned as being anti-union and not caring about workers.  Speaking as one of many Republicans who knows what it’s like to grow up poor and do jobs that leave your clothes in desperate need of a wash at the end of the day, I resent that characterization.  I don’t whether to laugh or get angry when I hear a third-generation Kennedy family member lecture me on what it’s like to be poor. 

The deadly Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire of 1911, where 146 garment workers died because the bosses had locked the doors to prevent unauthorized breaks, long ago proved the need for strong worker representation.  However, I believe Americans deserve union leaders who put the needs and the beliefs of the workers first, not their own cushy lifestyles or political sweetheart deals. 

Not that there aren’t some Republicans who could use a refresher course on the importance of insuring that everyone who works hard has a shot at the American Dream.  When I ran for President in 2008, I got smeared by the Wall Street crowd just for pointing out that just because they had a corner office and a $20 million golden parachute, that didn’t mean the economy was going gangbusters for everyone else.  It didn’t give me any gratification that they learned I was right in 2009, when their house of cards collapsed.     

Thankfully, we finally have real hope and change to celebrate, and Labor Day 2018 is looking a lot brighter for American workers.  The last quarter of GDP growth was well over twice what it was in late 2016.  Jobs are being created (and coming back from overseas), unemployment is at record or near-record lows in just about every demographic group, and wages are finally starting to rise after years of stagnation.  A new Zogby survey found that 83% of business executives say their business is doing better than it was two years ago, and nearly as many expect it to be even better next year.  If they keep sharing their good fortunes with their workers, that will help them survive times good or bad.  And if they don’t, it’s finally easier to find a better job.

Now, with establishment Democrats threatened with takeover by outright socialists, and establishment Republicans bewailing that Donald Trump got elected by promising to put the interests of American workers first, I wonder if either of them will ever realize that they brought their problems on themselves by failing to listen to the people they were elected to represent: the hard-working citizens of the United States of America. 

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Further Thoughts on Labor Day

One thing that I think a lot of politicians don’t seem to understand is that a job is more than just a way to put bread on the table.  From man’s beginnings as recorded in the book of Genesis, we were hard-wired for labor.  God told us to earn our bread by the sweat of our brow.  It’s natural for us to want to prove our value by producing. 

From the time we are children, we imitate our parents in their work.  It’s part of our DNA to want to be grown up, and one sure way to feel grown up is to work.  That’s why the loss of a job is far, far more than an economic setback.  It’s dehumanizing to want to be productive and not be able to.  There is pride and dignity in being able to eat a meal that your work provided. 

Just a few short years ago, a record number of Americans were either unemployed or underemployed—meaning that the job they had was part time or it paid less than required to meet basic necessities.  The CDC studied suicide rates since 1928 and found that they mirrored the economy.  Suicides took a big uptick during the Great Depression.  They plunged during World War II, and spiked again in the recessions of the mid-70’s and early 80’s. Suicides dropped to their lowest levels ever in the year 2000, when the tech boom dropped unemployment to just 4 percent. But after the dot-com balloon burst, America's suicide rate steadily climbed. It’s a stark reminder that employment is more than an economic issue. 

Both parties claim to be about jobs.  Truth is, jobs aren’t created so much when the government does something as they are when the government stops doing things that put an anchor instead of a life vest around the necks of entrepreneurs.  We hear talk about values…but do we value work and the people who do it?  Companies should pay employees as generously as they can, because good workers have worth. 

When taxes are high, it’s a sign that the government disrespects the worker by believing that what it will do with their salary is better than what the person who earned it will do.  When we see employees as having worth, we will see their work as valuable.  That’s the value of work.  I believe YOU are valuable and therefore what you DO has value. 

You can tell a lot about how politicians really feel about workers from looking not at what they say in their speeches lauding American workers, but by what they actually do.

President Trump has prioritized helping American workers, by cutting regulations, taxes and mandates that hamstring expansion and job creation; lowering barriers to companies bringing capital and jobs back to the US from abroad; renegotiating bad trade deals; and enforcing immigration laws to stop unfair competition by illegal immigrants, something that even the famed union organizer Cesar Chavez believed undercut pay for American workers.  By contrast, President Obama and the Democrats talk a lot about their concern for workers, but when they were in power, they ramped up job-killing regulations, taxes and boondoggles like Obamacare; failed to secure borders or enforce immigration laws; and concentrated their attention on crony capital money pits like Solyndra and side show issues such as free birth control, same sex marriage, and late term abortion. 

As voters are deciding whether to stay the course in November or put the Democrats back in power in Congress, they should remember the wise words of Joe Biden.  That’s right, I said, “Joe Biden.”  Joe might not be able to count very well, but he was right about one thing when he said leaders ought to be focused on "a simple, three-letter word: Jobs.” 


 A great Labor Day remembrance

It’s estimated that over 16.5 million Americans will be flying over the Labor Day weekend, and there will probably be at least that many on the freeway in front of me.  So to help you pass some time if you’re stuck in the airport or parked on the freeway (But only if you’re parked! Safety first!), here’s a great Labor Day remembrance by Fox News’ Anna Kooiman of some of the great patriotic Americans she’s met whose labor makes this nation work.


Of funerals and forgiveness:  recall that McCain gave Trump "dossier" to the FBI

It was a weekend of funerals and Trump-bashing, simultaneously.  Of course, everything now is about Trump, and hating, and hating Trump, and almost no one is acting like an adult these days.  I don’t know what Aretha Franklin’s personal politics were, or even if she was very active politically at all, but she deserved better than to have her funeral hijacked by politics.  Does every occasion have to be about that?  Every bit of sentiment at that event should have been focused on Aretha and the glorious voice she shared with the world.

As for John McCain’s funeral, it’s true that neither Trump nor Sarah Palin got an “invite” to John McCain’s funeral.  (By the way, when did people start issuing/withholding invitations to funerals?  What would Miss Manner say about this?  It sure isn’t a Southern thing.  In the South, everybody comes, everybody goes to the house afterwards, and everybody brings food.  But I digress.)  On the other hand, Trump surely wouldn’t have wanted to be there, anyway.  I imagine that, to Trump, a sit-down with Robert Mueller might have been preferable.  So the best thing to do was to follow the advice of fictional news anchor Ron Burgundy and stay classy.

Perhaps these two men were so estranged because they were too much alike in their brashness.  Neither has been known for his diplomatic reserve or lack of narcissism.  Trump said an awful thing when he bluntly dismissed McCain’s heroism following his capture in Vietnam, and it might have been asking too much of McCain for him ever to forgive Trump for such a remark.  On the other hand, McCain did some things that significantly affected Trump and his administration, things so damaging that it’s hard to imagine Trump ever forgiving him.  (And note the interesting contrast:  we’re talking about what Trump SAID vs. what McCain actually DID.)  In retrospect, one of the things McCain did to Trump is particularly significant right now.

McCain passed along the unverified Steele dossier to then-FBI Director James Comey.

Now, keep in mind that the dossier was making the rounds to a number of people who might have been highly motivated to get it to the FBI, so Comey surely would have seen it regardless of McCain’s decision to give it to him.  But Trump knows he did it –- McCain wrote candidly about receiving it and passing it to Comey in his recent book, THE RESTLESS WAVE, which came out in May. 

John Haltiwanger at BUSINESS INSIDER offered some commentary at the time the book was released, and it’s enlightening now to take another look at that.  What happened to McCain is by now a familiar scenario:  as with some of Trump’s campaign associates, he was approached by a person who wanted to tell him something about what the Russians were up to.

It happened in November of 2016, shortly after Trump had won the Presidential election.  McCain was in Halifax, Nova Scotia, for an annual national security conference when Sir Andrew Wood, a retired British diplomat, approached him.  (McCain thought he might previously have met Wood in passing but wasn’t sure, and he did not recall conversing with him before this.)  McCain accompanied Wood to a room off the main conference hall, where they were joined by two other men, David Kramer, a former assistant secretary of state with Russian expertise, and Chris Brose, a staff member on the Senate Armed Services Committee.  For the first few minutes, they talked about Russian election interference, according to McCain.

Then Wood revealed to McCain the reason he’d wanted to talk.  “He told me he knew of a former MI6 agent named Christopher Steele,” McCain wrote in the book, “who had been commissioned to investigate connections between the Trump campaign and Russian agents as well as potentially compromising information about the President-elect that Putin allegedly possessed.”

Let’s pause for a moment.  It’s been confirmed that Christopher Steele was a passionate anti-Trumper who was “commissioned” by a political oppo research company being paid by Hillary’s campaign and the DNC to get whatever gossip and trash he could pick up.  That’s the reality.  Now, let’s continue with McCain’s story.

Wood said the information in the Steele dossier was unverified but that Steele “strongly believed” it “merited a thorough examination by counterintelligence experts.”

Let’s pause again.  We now know that Steele himself wasn’t at all confident in the truth of the dossier.  So if what McCain wrote about Wood is true, Wood was really overselling what was in it.  Or perhaps Steele had oversold it to Wood.

But McCain sensed this dossier might be extremely important.  “Our impromptu meeting felt charged with a strange intensity,” he wrote.  “No one wise-cracked to lighten the mood.  We spoke in lowered voices.  The room was dimly lit, and the atmosphere was eerie.”  (In another reference to fictional news anchors, this sounds like the scene in NETWORK in which Howard Beale is confronted by conglomerate chairman Arthur Jensen in the dimly lit, eerie boardroom and comes away saying, “I have seen the face of God.”)  But all this drama was over a piece of oppo research garbage.  McCain wrote that the scenario seemed “too strange” to be believed but that he felt “even a remote risk that the President of the United States might be vulnerable to Russian extortion had to be investigated.”

Long story short:  Kramer met with Steele, reported back, told McCain he thought Steele was reputable.  McCain agreed to receive copy of dossier even though he had no idea if anything in it was true.  McCain locked it in his safe, called Comey, requested a meeting.  On December 19, 2016, he met with Comey for about 10 minutes and gave him the dossier.

“I did what duty demanded I do,” McCain wrote in the book.  He said he’d do it again.  And if anyone disagreed with what he did, they could “go to hell.”

“I trust the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, an experienced, skilled prosecutor, and a man of exceptional probity and character to separate fact from fiction, and get to the bottom of the so-called dossier,” he actually wrote.

McCain’s book came out a few months ago.  Though we’ve learned much since that time, we knew then of the dossier’s stunningly political origins.  And though the FBI has proved itself to be quite untrustworthy on the subject of Trump, and Mueller has packed his team with Hillary donors and partisan attack dogs, it doesn’t sound as if McCain ever took one second to rethink his decision to pass along the dossier.  I may really be going out on a limb here, but I suspect this might be one reason why Trump didn’t much care for John McCain.  (Of course, there were other reasons, including the little matter of his vote to save Obamacare, but I digress.)

McCain wrote in his book that he suspected Wood approached him about the dossier because he had been such a staunch critic of Putin over the years that he would likely take their concerns about a Trump-Russia connection seriously.  I don’t doubt he believed that, but I wonder if it’s more likely he was chosen because he was known to be so strongly anti-Trump that they were confident he’d get the dossier where they needed it to go.




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  • Kathy W Harper

    09/04/2018 05:11 PM

    Governor Huckabee, thank you so much for your newsletters! With so much news “spin and dishonesty” in this day and time, it is wonderful to read from a trusted source. Keep up the excellent work! We need more people like you.

  • Richard Kaufman

    09/04/2018 03:03 PM

    On the Havanaugh hearings:

    Why don't they just confirm him so they can find out what's in those half million pages of documents?


    09/04/2018 02:28 PM



    09/04/2018 02:10 PM

    Governor Huckabee:
    Regarding your segment on Socialism, I watched Tucker Carlson etc. and his guests that profess Socialism are plain nuts! Socialism is not taught in our schools and it's very sad..............Free Health care, free college, but they have no idea who will pay for all the FREE!
    I hope in our lifetime we do not see this. I would love to ship all these FREE thinking liberals to other countries where Socialism really is collapsing so they can live there, but I don't think they will give up either.

    Now your squirrel story, since my husband passed 4 years ago, it's been hard to laugh, but your story about the squirrel had me laughing so was great, thank you so much. I can only imagine also!
    Carmen Price

  • Don Odam

    09/04/2018 01:55 PM

    Late making this comment, but because of McCain I think others need to see this. It is about coding DD214's. This is part 5 of an eight part series. You only need to watch the first 2 minutes to get the message.

  • Lance E Brown

    09/04/2018 12:37 PM

    got a problem that I think you need to be aware of each time, last two times, I attempted to "Leave a Comment" the shell came up PRE filled with the following persons info

    [email protected]
    Jerry Johnson

    ODD since I live alone and I am the only one who knows my password to my computer. please have your tech folks look at your servers.

  • John James Carse

    09/04/2018 12:21 PM

    I am 69 years old. My generation knows more about out History than the 20 to 45 group.
    We need you Mike to keep the home front fires burning, Christ IS watching and he is waiting to see what we do.
    This is a huge job to protect right from wrong. Belief in Christ demands we live our lives knowing the difference and that belief tells us why our Constitution must be defended to the death if necessary. Sorry to say I do not believe that Most Democrats know Christ and do not fear doing wrong. Jefferson was right that if we do not defend the Constitution it will be our own fault. We must stop being afraid to defend out knowledge that Christ does exist and that the Constitution was written to protect freedom and the framers had a lot of pure guidance from our Father.

  • Loren Bowman Sr

    09/04/2018 11:34 AM

    Governor, in regards to letting ATG Sessions go and the resulting time required to get the replacement approval; why doesn’t the President fire Rod Rosenstein, appoint someone like Trey Gowdy as Assistant, then let Sessions go and move Gowdy up to “acting.” Then the Senate could take whatever time they wanted as Gowdy would be in charge no matter what.

  • Matthew Nowell

    09/04/2018 10:27 AM

    Thank you Mike for all you do. You write the truth without malice. God Bless!

  • Joseph M (Mary) Vella

    09/04/2018 03:29 AM

    As one that worked and lived in the newsroom all my working life, taking the rule of probability my blood has turned into a mixture of paper dust, lead, ink with a small combination of blood that still keep me thicking.
    I have learned to observe with all due respect, most people all they read is the heading, of a long exquisite article, if they try to read it, the rule of things is, not all people get the first punch line, and by the time they read the second they forget the first, ending after reading the whole article the message will not get through because it is forgotten and move out for the next page.
    My point is that old saying works wonder: Be short and sweet!

  • Amelia Little

    09/04/2018 01:58 AM

    I think McCain became more RINO as the years went on. I'm not sure we would have fared well under him, had he been elected President. As for his funeral, what I had read/heard was that McCain said he didn't want President Trump in attendance (all the easier for the political bashing led by daughter, I suppose) and he was right to not attend. Had he attended, there would have been a month's (at least) ruckus carried on about that.

    The msm "reporters, anchors" or whatever they see themselves as just will never get it. How dare We The People vote for Donald Trump instead of hilary in spite of all their concerted efforts to get us to do otherwise--how DARE we not listen to the oh, so intelligent (and I use that term VERY loosely) msm. And, to make matters worse, no matter how hard they look down their oh, so intelligent (and I use that term even more loosely) noses on us mere mortals and try their darndest to get us to see the error of our ways in supporting President Trump, they are just spinning their wheels. In fact, they probably increase his approval ratings by people who do listen to their blow-hard reports who think for themselves and realize the msm are trying to manipulate us with false information. IMO, the msm credibility has been going down hill for some years now, and is in a complete free fall now. I quit watching the usual "local" station when clinton took office. The anchor, who normally had a big (false) smile on her face and used a perky voice when reporting anything clinton, but did a complete about face when reporting anything GWB. Maybe she should have looked at herself in the monitor to see how she was coming across.

    One thing that Donald Trump does--although I also cringe sometimes, about how he says something, or that he feels he needs to say anything---is to stand up to the Democrats. For too many years, Republicans have kowtowed to the Democrats, afraid of being (falsely) accused of shutting down the government among other things. Finally, someone with a dadgum backbone who isn't going to just take their guff sitting down. Maybe he will inspire some of his fellow Republicans to stiffen their spines and act like the conservatives they professed to be when they ran for their office.

  • David Colonna

    09/03/2018 10:03 PM

    I honestly am very perplexed why everyone is making John McCain look like a saint when honestly I think he is more closely tied to the liberals, especially the Clintons than most people think. I really feel bad for how President Trump and his family is being treated. I truly believe God had a major hand in allowing President Trump to be elected to help expose all of the deep state, immoral behavior by Hollywood and others who have been exposed recently. Thank you God for saving us from more liberalism and major deep state corruption.

  • Marie Krause

    09/03/2018 09:53 PM

    Hopefully that 'investigation' will soon end. I must admit that it's floating some scum to the top of the pot of garbage that's been going on in our government, but also know that if the democrats would stop fighting so hard to destroy their own party, and help our president with the projects he's working on, our country would strengthen a lot quicker. Sure wish they could get their pay deducted for not earning it.

  • Anita Ward

    09/03/2018 09:51 PM

    Thank you Governor Huckebee for your “telling it like it is”! May God continue to bless you and all of your family!
    I regard John McCain as a turncoat. I do hope he was saved, but did not like him for things he did for they were not honorable or honest!

  • James Lister

    09/03/2018 09:21 PM

    I enjoy reading your Evening Edition. You speak the truth. I for one will be voting for President Trump in the 2020 election. I had rather there not be so many tweets or at least have someone to advise him of words to be used in his tweets. I can understand his reasoning in his tweeting though, with all the mean and terrible accusations and scurrilous, slanderous things being said about him from all directions. Let's continue to "Make America Great Again".

  • April Featherkile

    09/03/2018 09:11 PM

    I have read that Carol McCain, the ex-wife of John McCain was also told to stay away but her 3 kids could attend. This seems strange as they stayed on good terms and she spoke highly of him (love is always blind, I suppose). Two top campaign aids were, like Sarah Palin excluded. I have attended funerals where certain folks excluded themselves and that was ok with the family but NO formal word went out. I believe that DJT might have attended out of duty...and would have been nice. McCain held grudges and he DID a whole lot of damage to veterans, and POW/MIAs and their families but funerals are a time to try to forgive. It might have been nice to stop the political rhetoric for awhile. The Never Ending Funeral is over. I don't recall any presidents , including Kennedy, to have this grand a send off. We hear little of Congressman Johnson (oldest man in the House), former Sen Dent or Perot's running mate, James Stockdale's experience as POWs for 7 years. They did not capitalize upon it but McCain used it over and over. You are absolutely correct: Trump SPOKE and McCain ACTED!

  • B.J. Jackson

    09/03/2018 09:04 PM

    McCain. He was a traitor to this country IMO. I lost my respect for him many years ago. The Viet Nam years are in the history books and he was honored properly for that. He became a self centered, stubborn old man. Maybe the tumor had something to do with it. But so many politicians who have many years in Congress give off an arrogance of "the world cannot make it without me." What a lie that is. God have mercy on his family and this Nation. We are sooo in trouble. However, I believe God!!! Thanks for all you do.

  • Louis F. Hicks

    09/03/2018 08:59 PM

    Governor Huckabee,

    As we know, there is much ado about the current attorney general not doing his job, the issue between him and the President, and his recusal from all things Russia. With the apparent soft coup, bias, and corruption at DOJ and FBI, it appears to me that AG Sessions might have politicked for the job so that he could “fly cover” for protecting those who would attempt to bring down our duly elected President. After all, he was in the Senate for many years. My far wandering mind also has thought perhaps that Hillary and Klingon inc. might have something on him. Just thoughts, with no proof. However, I was taught in the Army to beware at all times because the enemy is intelligent, deceitful, and cunning. What do you think Sir.

  • keet parakeet

    09/03/2018 08:48 PM

    in re McCain funeral political hijacking It's been done before Anthoy' speech on caesar's death but even shakespeare couldn't make it 'good'. & at least in my day the juveniles would have been insulted by the aspursion on their character. Still it was my ultimate social g rated put down of "tacky".
    nice reading you

  • Richard Kurkowski

    09/03/2018 08:29 PM

    Lest we forget. The reason we still have obama care. Lest we forget. The reason we have obama care. The name is ben.

  • Beverly Hooper

    09/03/2018 08:25 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, Love you show on TBN, Love your daughter Sarah and respect your opinion very much, so I want to ask you, Why is it that I have heard all these stories about McCain being court marshaled , giving away secrets to the Viet kong , leaving his 1st wife ( after she was disfigured in a car accident) for a better-looking Cindy so he could do better on the "Hill", and being responsible for blowing up bombs on an aircraft carrier and killing 134 sailors and being a member of the Keating 5 who swindled life-savings from countless Americans in a savings and loan. All of that plus people acting like he was almost a SAINT for several days after his passing. What is the truth ?

  • Joan Mangum

    09/03/2018 07:52 PM

    As a Republican and an American who supports President Trump I have been very offended by the behaviour of the McCain family. McCain did serve our country and he was a POW in Vietnam . he ran for president,and I voted for him although you Mike Huckabee were first choice. He didn't win. McCain was never a head of state. His family wanted him treated as such. And because his family has a LOT of money they got what amounts to 5 services AdvIL service then wanted to rub the Presidents face in it. Many people remember his fiasco on board the US Forrester in which over 100 service men were killed and another hundred or so we're severely injured. No discipline...daddy and granddaddy were admirals. And as he felt so morally superior to Trump,he also abandoned his wife who was disabled by an auto accident while he was a POW.She had kept the family together during that time yet he left her for Cindy the beer heiress. Forgive me for Vento g,but I'm about done with the McCain's.

  • Joy Michaud

    09/03/2018 07:38 PM

    I'm really glad that the job/economic outlook is improving for some, but it isn't for all, especially those at the bottom. I do housekeeping for a retirement community. The residents are all very well off and pay a very high rent to live there and they appreciate the work that we do - they get together every year to give us a generous bonus at Christmas time. There is nothing from the management, who even grouse about giving us a tiny yearly merit raise. We're always short-handed, we're tired, over-worked (and it is hard, physical work) and we are definitely ignored and forgotten here at the bottom. I had high hopes that things would get better with Pres. Trump but it's fading. As long as the Federal Minimum Wage remains at $7.50 employers in my state think you can survive with anything just over that and can't figure out why people are going to surrounding states, who have raised their state minimum to $10 +. Just because we weren't lucky enough to go to college doesn't automatically mean we're stupid or worthless in this world or in this economy. We'd simply like a place at the table, cause it's hard to survive on the scraps. Thanks for the opportunity to vent. May God bless you and your family.

  • Bruce Vanderhoef

    09/03/2018 07:25 PM

    Mike, re: Of funerals and forgiveness. I was ashamed of Megan McCain's political low blow in her comments toward Trump at her father's funeral. How did you miss that discourse? Her, Bush, and Obama took their turn, though more subtle in their angst toward the president in a shameful display of hatred with the cross in the background. Megan will get hearty applause from the gals on "The View" in their collective hatred of the president. What has happened to America? Sadly, gone are the days when "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

  • Fiorella Weaver

    09/03/2018 07:24 PM

    Much has been made about Hero McCain. Probably true. His voting behavior over the years, though, became increasingly bizarre. It seems like he would give a pass to Democrats over the same issues that he would fight the Republicans over. I consider him a turncoat and a traitor to true republican causes, a globalist and and an anti-christian.