October 12, 2017

A group of doctors warned yesterday that children dealing with “gender dysphoria” are being treated with experimental puberty-blocking and sex-reassignment treatments, and the patients and their families are not being told of the medical dangers or the lack of strong scientific evidence to justify such treatments.

These dissenting doctors say that more and more medical societies are now recommending radical treatments such as hormone therapy for minors without informing patients and parents that there is “slim to no” evidence in their favor. Proponents claim it’s “safe and reversible,” but it’s not reversible because it alters body development that can’t be picked up again at a later time. They’re also not telling patients that the use of hormone blockers is “off-label” and not approved by the FDA. Some of these treatments can even have very serious side effects.

If any other field were advocating the off-label, unapproved use of drugs on minors to radically alter their development without even revealing the potential dangers, it would be a class action lawsuit waiting to happen. But in this case, political correctness dictates that the villains are the doctors who insist that patients be fully informed and anyone who even dares to question this meddling-with-Mother Nature is attacked and ostracized. As with the abortion industry, the agenda is taking precedence over patients’ well-being.

And this from the same leftwing activists who claim to be “pro-science.” When did “First, do no harm” get moved to the back of the line?


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  • Amelia Little

    10/13/2017 10:51 AM

    Pro-science--but only the science that (whether correct or not) backs their agenda. How about just letting kids grow up before any life-changing decisions are made? How many kids are not gender dysphoric--except some have parents who want to get in on political correctness and pick this issue to focus on? And, you do know, that Medicare (and Medicaide?) reimbursement now is affected by what some non-medical government employees decide is whether or not the patient received adequate education on his condition and the treatments of those conditions? It would seem to me that the education of parents on the gender-dysphoria "treatments" should be just as important.