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October 6, 2023



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Acts, 18:9

Message to Readers: I wish things were different

I wrote last month about an investigation into all the liberal groups that fund and feed “information” to the A.P., and how that helps to explain why so many “news stories” on subjects like “climate change” read like activist group press releases. From those stories, you’d think there is no other viewpoint other than turned-up-to-11 hysteria. 

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Suing Disney

Actress Julia Ormond is suing Disney and mega talent agency CAA, claiming they knew that now-imprisoned rapist and former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein had a history of sexual assaults on women. She claims Weinstein sexually assaulted her, and when she told CAA, they warned her not to say anything or she would lose professional opportunities, then pushed her to a less experienced agent. She also claims that Disney retaliated for her accusing Weinstein by canceling her development deal with Miramax. This killed her Hollywood career, and she’s mostly worked in Europe since.

Her lawsuit claims that “There’s no way that Harvey did this without people knowing. If people knew, they were either too afraid to step up, or they allowed the profit that they were making from their relationship with him to justify a cover-up.”

I wish her all good luck with her lawsuit, and I hope you’ll remember this if you ever accidentally turn on a Hollywood awards show again and see some pompous liberal celebrity lecturing red state Republicans on how we don’t respect women’s rights or fail to live up to Hollywood's high moral standards.

UK Shock and outrage

Shock and outrage erupted in the UK after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said a lot of things that are obviously true, but you’re not supposed to say them out loud. Like, “We shouldn’t get bullied into believing that people can be any sex they want to be. They can’t – a man is a man and a woman is a woman. That’s just common sense.” And “It shouldn’t be controversial for parents to know what their children are being taught in school about relationships.” And “Patients should know when hospitals are talking about men or women.”

I don’t know how long he’s going to last as Prime Minister, but right now, I’m going to invest in British companies that make fainting couches.

Biden cancels more student debt

Despite various lawsuits and court rulings affirming that President Biden not have the power to “cancel” student loan debt (i.e., transfer it from his constituents who willingly borrowed it onto the backs of taxpayers who did not), he just keeps finding loopholes to do it anyway.

The Biden White House announced Wednesday that it’s “cancelling” another $9 billion in student loan debt, which when added to what he’s already stuck the rest of us with totals $127 billion.

That link has the full story, and some of the people receiving relief have a decent case, like those with permanent disabilities or who were cheated out of tuition by their schools. But none of this addresses the real problem, and that is that virtually every university is cheating students by charging outrageous tuition and fees far beyond the rate of even Biden’s inflation.

I’d like to see some reforms to help people who are staggering under the weight of student loan debt they can never repay, even if they were foolish to take it on in the first place (hint: don’t take out a $300,000 loan to get a degree that will earn you $40,000 a year.) But the other half of the problem is that universities realize that as long as government keeps covering the costs, the sky’s the limit for tuition. They charge ridiculous fees to cover paying for top name professors who seldom teach a class, facilities that resemble vacation resorts, and hundreds of overpaid administrators who do jobs like censoring conservative speech and whom the schools would be far better off without.

Between the colleges pumping up their rates, and the government giving out loans that can’t be repaid and forgiving them, they’ve created an endless cycle of tuition inflation. At some point, hopefully soon, it will crash; maybe after students realize that the socialist indoctrination they’re getting isn’t worth the money they’re being charged and won’t land them a decent job. When students finally get over the idea that they need an elite school degree to succeed and instead start getting real, affordable educations from trade schools, community and state colleges, and online classes, this vicious cycle will end.

FYI: All the classes taught at MIT are on YouTube now for free:

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More totally unsurprising news:

World Aquatics has scrapped plans for a new “open” swimming race category that would allow “transgender” athletes to compete against each other. It seems that absolutely nobody signed up. I guess it’s just no fun if you have to actually compete on a level playing field instead of stealing trophies from the girls.

Funniest Story of the Day!

The Grace Hopper Celebration, a leftist employment conference which bills itself as the “largest networking opportunity for women and ‘non-binary’ in technology,” was shocked and outraged after a group of “cisgender” men grabbed a lot of the discounted academic tickets, jammed the presentation booths, and took up a lot of the job interview slots. They reportedly claimed they “identified” as female or non-binary.

The head of the organizing group put out a message, saying, “We tried to create a safe space, and this week we saw the outside world creep in. This makes me angry, and it makes me sad, but mostly it makes me want to fight.”

Wait, is she threatening self-proclaimed trans and non-binary people? Who is she to deny their personal truths and misgender them?! Haven’t we all learned from people like her that if you say you’re female or “non-binary,” you ARE, and it’s an act of hate and violence to question that?

I’d say these folks were “hoisted by their own petards,” but I don’t want to misgender them by assuming they have petards.

By the way, this story shows how hard it is for the satirists at The Babylon Bee to stay ahead of how crazy the real world has become.

Elvis Chan’s latest subpoena:  “Elvis...has...left the building!” AGAIN!

A couple of weeks ago, Margot Cleveland wrote an article listing questions that Congress should ask Elvis Chan when he came in for a subpoenaed interview that was scheduled to take place on September 21.  Chan had previously been asked to appear voluntarily to face questions about his role in suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story before the 2020 election, but that meeting had, as the mainstream media like to say, “fallen through.”

Cleveland’s article was written on September 20, when it was thought (ha!) that Chan might actually show up, considering the fact that he’d been subpoenaed this time.  In her words, “...[Chan] is first in line to untangling the truth about how the government interfered in the 2020 election by running an info op to convince voters that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation.  Given Chan’s testimony in the civil lawsuit brought by Missouri and Louisiana and several individual plaintiffs in Missouri v. Biden, as well as since-uncovered documents from Facebook, the importance of questioning Chan cannot be overstated.”

According to Chan’s deposition in the Missouri v. Biden case, he was one of the “primary” FBI agents who communicated with social media companies about so-called “disinformation.”  Specifically, “during the 2020 election cycle, Chan [head of the San Francisco field office] coordinated meetings between the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force (FITF) and at least seven of the major tech giants, including Meta/Facebook, Twitter, Google/YouTube, Yahoo!/Verizon Media, and Microsoft/LinkedIn,” with meetings occurring weekly as the election neared.”

Chan had testified that the FBI had discussed with top officials at these various tech companies the likelihood of a potential “hack-and-leak” operation taking place before the 2020 election.  This would purportedly have been something similar to the so-called Russian “hack-and-leak” --- note that there has NEVER been any actual evidence of a hack --- of the Democratic National Committee hack and WikiLeaks release of internal DNC emails.  (It seems that they followed one made-up “hack-and-leak story with another.  Funny how they use the same well-worn pages of their playbook over and over.)

As Cleveland described in detail, Chan also identified specific agents involved in these discussions.  He claimed not to recall, however, whether anyone within the FBI suggested that he personally raise the possibility with tech giants of something like this happening.  These words, said under oath, would come back to haunt him and are likely the reason why he’s dodging subpoenas now.

Even back then, the FBI had already known for almost a year that Hunter’s laptop was the real deal, that he had abandoned it at John Paul Mac Isaac’s computer store, and that the material on it was genuine.  They even HAD CONFISCATED IT from Mac Isaac.  And, according to the sworn testimony of IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley before the House Ways and Means Committee, they had verified the laptop’s authenticity by matching it to Biden’s iCloud ID in November 2019.  So they were lying to the social media companies.

We know from Chan’s testimony in Missouri v. Biden that he had served as supervisor for the team that investigated the so-called DNC hack until the San Francisco office handed it off to FBI headquarters.  (Wouldn’t it be nice to question him further about THAT.)  And just as there was no evidence of that DNC hack --- it may very well have been an inside job; hope we find out --- there also was no specific intelligence suggesting there were any plans for a Hunter laptop-type scenario.  But the warning about this coming “Russian disinformation” was disseminated anyway, thanks to the protective eye of our ever-watchful FBI, “prompting Twitter and Facebook to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story following the NEW YORK POST’s story breaking.”

Details about this that Chan did not include in his deposition were included by one of the other agents involved.  It was Section Chief Laura Dehmlow’s testimony before the House that revealed what happened when somebody from Twitter asked if the Hunter laptop story was real.  As we’ve reported, an analyst in the FBI Criminal Investigative Division managed to say “Yes, it was,” but then an FBI attorney broke in on the conversation to say, “No further comment.”  That became the go-to reply by FBI officials when they were asked about this later.

Chan claimed in his testimony that he was not aware of other inquiries from social media companies about the Hunter laptop.  But House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan said last month that his committee had received internal Facebook documents that contradict that testimony.  A number of questions need to be resolved.

In Cleveland’s words, “Knowing who knew the laptop story was accurate but still fed the hack-and-leak hysteria will point to the players responsible for interfering in the 2020 election by silencing the truthful reporting of the Hunter Biden laptop story.”

As it happened, of course, Elvis Chan never showed up for his September 21 testimony.  (The next day, this newsletter summed up his failure to appear in “Elvis...has...left the building!”)  Here’s the link to Cleveland’s piece from the day before his no-show, when getting some answers from him seemed at least a possibility.

So why is this important today?  Well, after failing to show up for his first subpoenaed testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, Chan was rescheduled to come in Thursday of this week.  And once again, he didn’t show.  According to the DAILY CALLER, Chan was “nowhere to be found.”  Elvis has left the building, AGAIN.

Russel Dye, a spokesperson for the committee, said, “Everything is on the table for Mr. Chan, including contempt.”

In deciding not to show up, Chan had to choose between two possible outcomes:  contempt if he didn’t show up, perjury if he did.  If they want to charge him with contempt, they’ve got to find him first.

If he appeared before the committee, Chan would have to try to resolve his testimony in Biden v. Missouri with those internal Facebook documents that suggest he lied under oath about conversations he had with them about the laptop before the election.  And, really, there seems to be no way to do that.

If Jim Jordan is going to become Speaker of the House --- and let’s keep our fingers crossed --- one of the best parting gifts he could offer as he leaves the Judiciary Committee would be to hold no-shows like Elvis Chan in contempt when they defy a subpoena.  If you or I defied a subpoena and failed to appear, we’d hear that jail door clang shut in no time.  We KNOW that any Trump official would, no matter how solid his reason for not testifying. Chan has now skipped out on three interviews, two of them subpoenaed.  Republicans are going to have to get tough about this if they want to get to the bottom of corruption within the FBI and DOJ.  This avoidance reaction shows we’re over the target.  Republicans finally have subpoena power, but what good is it if it isn’t enforced?

RELATED:  You know that wealthy Hollywood entertainment lawyer Kevin Morris, known affectionately (or not) as Hunter’s “sugar brother,” resolved Hunter’s massive tax bill and also paid a reported $20,000 a month in rent for Hunter’s Malibu beach house.  In an update, Morris is continuing to pay a significant portion of Hunter’s mounting legal bills, which have exceeded $10 million since 2018 and are growing at about $1 million each month.  And now that his “sweetheart” deal isn’t happening, he’s facing a trial.  A very expensive trial.

But a source close to Hunter told the DAILY CALLER that it’s Morris who is encouraging Hunter to fight, especially against the ongoing investigations by House Republicans.  It was Morris who advised Hunter to hire big-time DC attorney Abbe Lowell, and that takes some serious bacon.  But he presumably is getting some fabulous paintings in return...


President Trump endorses Jim Jordan for Speaker

The latest news in the race for a new House Speaker is that this morning, Donald Trump endorsed Jim Jordan. That’s good news for Jordan but bad news for those who were hoping Trump would get the job, if for no other reason than to see him standing over Nancy Pelosi with a gavel in his hand.

I’m sure Rep. Jordan would make a great Speaker, and that was confirmed for me when I heard that the panel on “The View” is going berserk over the idea. Sunny Hostin railed that Jordan is a “terrorist” and a “chaos agent” (this is even better than Trump’s endorsement!), and she claimed that when he appeared on “The View,” “He immediately was screaming and yelling and terrorized me and the other experts on the panel.”

First of all, I find that very hard to believe. If he raised his voice at all, it was probably just to be heard over all the simultaneous shrieking by the hosts. Secondly, I think the fact that she called the panel on “The View” “experts” tells us that we can pretty much disregard anything else she said.

Finally, if you need any further reason to support Jim Jordan beyond Trump endorsing him and “The View” condemning him, this should seal the deal: Liz Cheney warned that if Jordan becomes Speaker, it will spell the end of the Constitution because…uh, something about January 6th, of course.


Another Biden flip-flop

The Biden White House, stung by the bipartisan disapproval of their open-borders invasion of America, did a surprise 180 this week. First, they re-started construction on the border wall Biden originally wanted destroyed; and now, they’ve actually announced plans to restart deportations of illegal migrants from Venezuela.

Does anyone else think it’s odd that of all the people they’ve let into the US, the only ones they’re deporting are a German homeschooling Christian family and people who left Venezuela because they hate socialism?


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  • Charles Everhardt

    10/07/2023 06:08 AM

    Jim Jordan is a Fantastic Choice. May God Bless You All.

  • Stephen K Lentz

    10/06/2023 08:03 PM

    Republicans are going to have to get tough about this if they want to get to the bottom of corruption within the FBI

    THAT IS HILARIOUS!!! You'll excuse me if I don't hold my breath!! You rinos have done NOTHING except spew the same old rhetoric from you pie holes to feed your huge arrogant obnoxious narcissistic obscene egos but you NEVER BACK UP YOUR BS WITH ACTION and the jackasses know it. And then you wonder why you can't win any elections anymore. And it will continue to get worse as you allow the jackasses to run rough shod over the country. I really would like to know how much cash you rinos are getting stuffed in your pockets to constantly talk like the empty suits you are!!!

  • Paul Kern

    10/06/2023 07:05 PM

    And the drama goes on. I need more popcorn for the clown show.
    When I went to college as a vet. I worked part time and used the GI Bill. I took out one small loan thru a bank which I paid back! The problem started when the feds gave the tony colleges complete control and now the people working must live as paupers to keep spoiled kids in diapers like the big diaper boy in the White House.
    The view should be titled, The Witches of Eastwick now!
    I hope some one as good as Jordan is able to take his committee. Got some big shoes to fill!
    Either way we need God to move!

  • Jody C Maas

    10/06/2023 05:08 PM

    Thank you for your daily contribution. Wonderful to have a calm voice in a major storm.

  • Howard Hill

    10/06/2023 04:36 PM

    In regards to the subpoena for Elvis Chan, is the "justice" dept the enforcement arm of Congress? Is the fbi the agency the one to go and "find" the aforementioned "Elvis"? Or, does Congress have its own law enforcement agency, and would this agency be the one responsible for enforcement of the subpoenas issued by congress? Inquiring minds would like to know just who by and how these subpoenas are enforced. Cheers, HH.