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February 4, 2021

One reason why we think our little newsletter is valuable in this media-saturated age is that unlike most of today’s “news” sources, we still follow certain rules, like “Read the original source of the story in full and find out what really happened” and “Present the facts clearly, accurately, calmly and with a touch of humor.” To use a farm term that most of the big city media elites have probably never heard (but that they perfectly exemplify), we don’t go running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

A great example of that came last week with all the hysterical stories about ex-President Trump losing or firing his impeachment defense legal team. OMG! He has no defense! Or nobody would defend him! Or he’d gone crazy and was going to defend himself! This is it, at last we have that wascally Trump! He’ll never escape impeachment now!

Well, as we reported, he simply hired another legal team, and a darn good one (he has billions of dollars, and I’ll let you in on a secret I’ve learned from years in politics and business: lawyers like money.) Last night, that legal team already released its planned defense, and it efficiently guts the laughable impeachment case against him.

At that link, Tyler O’Neil of PJ Media lays out the defense, which is divided into eight sections. The attorneys make the case that the entire process is unconstitutional because the Senate can’t impeach a former President who is already a private citizen; the House impeachment vote was conducted without a trial or due process; Trump is innocent of the charge he was impeached for and the evidence proves it (he never called for violence, and the Capitol riot was being planned before he made the speech blamed for its incitement); an impeachment trial presided over by a Democrat Senator who’s already voted to impeach Trump once and publicly supported his impeachment is illegitimate because he’s a known partisan acting as both judge and juror; etc. etc.

Of course, what the Democrats really want to do is disqualify Trump from ever holding office again, which should show you that they know just how unpopular their agenda is.

But they have no constitutional power to determine who gets to be President. Many legal scholars argue that their power to disqualify people from future office extends only to appointed offices, and they don’t get veto power over whom the people wish to choose to head a completely separate branch of government. Besides, it’s highly unlikely they’ll reach a two-thirds conviction vote anyway, since 45 Republicans are already on record as voting that the whole process is unconstitutional.

Trump’s attorneys have laid out the kind of defense that might cause any prosecutor who was a mature, intelligent adult to drop the charges. But we’re not dealing with mature, intelligent adults, we’re dealing with the Congressional Democrat leadership. So the circus will pitch its tent next week.

If the Democrats try to call witnesses and put on a big anti-Trump circus, Sen. Lindsay Graham is warning that Republicans will give it an extended engagement with extra clowns, trying up the Senate for weeks if not months, and calling witnesses that the Democrats really don’t want the public to hear from. They could include the alleged Capitol riot planner who’s known for showing up in public in facepaint and a horned Viking helmet.

That should make anyone watching it on TV realize just how deeply unserious the Senate Democrats and this whole impeachment sham are. Or maybe they’ll just see a loon ranting incoherently on the Senate floor and assume it’s a typical day on CSPAN.


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