Is Trump's strategy with North Korea working?

September 10, 2018 |

We’re seeing a lot of handwringing in the media lately about President Trump being “volatile” and unpredictable, and how that might lead to World War III. Or it might be part of his well-established negotiating style to keep the other side off-balance. I guess Trump’s critics like a nice, safe, predictable style of negotiating with our enemies, where they always know exactly what we’re going to do if they provoke us: nothing whatsoever. 

Apparently, though, Kim Jong-Un responds better to the potential threat of retaliation than to weak-kneed capitulation and diplomatic gasbaggery. The latest clue is that in North Korea’s 70th anniversary parade on Sunday, there were no ICBMs on display. A North Korean parade without a display of missiles is like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade without giant balloons. But one expert on North Korea said that “Kim Jong Un showed that he did not want to antagonize President Trump.” 

Imagine that, a punk dictator who’s actually afraid of a US President! Would you say that’s an indicator that America’s being made great again? 

As I watch the media excoriate Trump’s personal style while he’s having incredible success, and long for the smoothness of Obama, whose Administration was like an eight-year bad dream of economic hopelessness, out-of-control government and weakness that emboldened America’s enemies, it makes me think of the popular TV show, “House MD.” 

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Dr. House was erratic, sarcastic and occasionally nasty, with a biting sense of humor and a terrible bedside manner. If you were doing something stupid that harmed your health or you were a doctor who got a diagnosis wrong, he relished telling you so in no uncertain terms. He once irritated a prosecutor so much that the guy raided his house in the middle of the night to try to send him to prison (sound familiar?) Yet, he was seemingly the only one capable of diagnosing and healing patients who just kept getting sicker when they were under the care of nice, conventional, business-as-usual doctors. 

To complete the Trump/House analogy, who would you rather have in charge of an ailing America: the mercurial, occasionally insulting guy who actually identifies and fixes the problem, or a smooth-talking incompetent who glibly makes excuses while the country keeps deteriorating?

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