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August 1, 2021

Thanks to all who wrote concerning the story of the father whose son has been "detained" for months after the Capitol breach and our follow-up concerning a letter critical of the dad. Here's one we found particularly insightful and would like to highlight, from Terry...

Dear Gov. Huckabee:

First of all, I am extremely grateful for your daily newsletters, which are a primary source of news for me, as well as for your TV show that provides a variety unmatched in that medium.

I'm moved to write concerning what is being said about the events of January 6 by people on both ends of the spectrum who seemingly value inflammatory hyperbole over rational discussion of what actually happened. Your own remarks have consistently been even-handed and well thought out, it seems to me.

Conservatives are wearily accustomed to the distortions and outright falsehoods voiced by people like the chair of the Joint Chiefs and the Capitol Police officer who testified this week before the House committee. As onerous as those remarks are to us, some statements I've seen in your reader comments bother me almost as much. They amount to heaping fuel on the fire that the left wants to keep burning. The criticism leveled at the letter from the detainee's father was to me excessive and uncalled for.

Believing in an unrealistic and idealized view of Jan 6 is certainly their prerogative, but conservatives who do so need to realize the grave harm still being done to the movement they purport to represent.

This response is somewhat lengthy I know so I will end here. Once again, thanks for providing a forum for rational discussion.

Terry Allen

Pekin, IL

Dear Terry:

Thank you so much for writing. This is a point we've been trying to make ever since the event took place. It's easy to understand why Trump supporters were fed up --- especially after even the Supreme Court refused to look at evidence --- and why some of them were ready to blow and desperately wanted to make a statement, but to understand this is not the same as approving of it or defending it.

The way they chose to make their statement caused tremendous long-term harm to conservatives, by playing right into the left's hands. We should know by now how the left will twist whatever they can to further their own narrative, which in this case was that Trump supporters are crazy right-wing "insurrectionists" who want to "subvert democracy." Conservatives attended that rally because they want to PROTECT democracy. Think that case ended up being made? No, it did not.

Letters such as yours might help more conservatives see that we have to not just fight, but FIGHT SMART. Thanks again.

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  • Jim Dick

    08/09/2021 11:37 AM

    Yes, Gov Huckabee, we must fight, and we must FIGHT SMART!

    Thank you for your service to our country.

  • William John Douglas

    08/09/2021 11:32 AM

    The left is in full offense mode. The right is always playing defense. It's hard to score on defense. We need more representatives pushing an offense. What Biden is doing on the border, permitting illegals to enter is criminal. To allow for the spread of Covid as a result is criminal. There would be full cry for impeachment if Trump had done this. We see and hear lots of comments but no action from our representatives. OFFENSE!!!

  • jackie schaut

    08/08/2021 09:53 PM

    Dear Mr Huckabee. It sickens me to watch what happened on Jan 6th 2021. You are right we played right into the lefts terrible plot to make conservatives terrible people.. I pray that the truth will come out and please someone has to fight and keep fighting for all the people in jail that did nothing wrong. Except be in the wrong place wrong time.. If these people would have walked into the Capital any other day with the officers telling them to come in 3/4 of them wouldn't be in jail.. Keep up the great work. I miss your daughter. I wish Her and You all the best . God Bless Jackie Schaut .

  • Ed Thompson

    08/08/2021 07:55 PM

    The “attack” on the Capital was premeditated and planed to coincide with the onset of disputes between the Democrats and Republicans who were not going to accept the votes as counted. Getting ready to and actually standing up and refusing to accept the results was the signal for those people who were not actually there to show support for President Trump but to do their best to stop the Republicans from getting the votes to be investigated for the fraud we know happened. The people who might have actually been there trying to show their love and support for President Trump, the ones that got swept up in this moment were quite frankly shameful in their actions. But it was not true Trump supporters who would have done such a stupid act at such a critical moment going on inside. My opinion, and I don’t care what people think. And yes a woman is dead for what? The only person who died there was shot doing what that was sooo bad she had to be killed? What happened was a total disgrace for America. No matter how many people say anything it will be an embarrassment for all Americans. Just like any riot where a few idiotic people do horrible things, it brings all Americans down. We are better than these people. We are better than what those people do. We show our anger at the polls! Remember— 2022— vote those people out! Stop trying to turn America into a third world country! Or worse!

  • Paul Kern

    08/08/2021 06:27 PM

    I must have missed something. Not hear anything from real conservatives to encourage the left's fake rage.
    I guess it is okay to keep hundreds of people in prisons for months and only charged with misdemeanors. Woke believers would accept this.I wait for any real Republicans to stand up to Nancy and her goons
    Apparently America is no more as people have surrendered to the left

  • Carolyn Prater

    08/08/2021 05:39 PM

    Thank you, John W. Harlan. I agree with you 100%. I have seen video of the majority of Jan 6th attendees, leaving, as Trump asked, shortly after the much smaller group, infiltrated by ANTIFA and agents, did their PLANNED breach. Can the majority see that entire agenda has been to destroy President Trump because he had stood in the way of that agenda and the people of the U.S.A. have loved him? Pretty much, politicians, media, and socialist agendas pushers have caused this downhill slope in our country. If enough people do not stand up, we absolutely will not have a country any more. I went to a grocery store today and I wanted to cry in front of all of the patrons because in just a week's time, 70% of shoppers looked to be illegals, bought and paid for, from all kinds of nations, I kid you not.

  • Al M

    08/08/2021 05:22 PM

    Bipartisan infrastructure disaster
    I have not been as flummoxed about a grave abomination since Obamacare
    I have written McConnell x3,asking him why
    I have written Romney Murkowski Sinema
    I finally sent an SOS to R Paul
    I was embarrassed for Cassidy and Hoven as they were on networks,and were very unconvincing,embarrassing response
    Why don’t we have the distinguished Senators,,who are retiring,Burr,Portman,Blunt,and or Romney,Murkowski ,,give us a reasoned explanation,not 30 seconds of air, but a trillion dollar explanation

    I wish to remain private,
    The country deserves to know
    Republicans deserve a trillion dollar explanation
    Is this the best that could be accomplished

  • Jim Rennie

    08/08/2021 04:23 PM

    I do feel very bad for those parents and family members of people incarcerated from the January 6th incident, but we simply should not diminish the gravity of that day. Although a small portion of the total crowd that gathered in DC, the people who entered the Capitol did so violently and illegally. I find no way to justify their behavior nor to try and sweep it under the rug as a minor infraction. Frankly, I'm somewhat shocked that Republican leadership can speak openly about supporting police and the rule of law, and also attempt to change the subject when it comes to January 6th. I'm a life-long conservative, but I do not think digging deeply into the background of that tragic day is contrary to conservatism. To me, a true conservative wants to know what motivated people to forcibly break into this nation's seat of power.

  • Larry Rennick

    08/08/2021 03:59 PM

    Have you informed your readers about the Cyber Symposium being held this week?
    If so, I must have missed it.

  • Suzanne Rowland

    08/08/2021 03:59 PM

    Good afternoon Governor,
    I also appreciate the daily newsletters and I love your sense of humor. I have never thought the event on January 6th involved Trump supporters. It was confusing that day to see what was happening but I was under the impression that there were anti-Trump people wearing Trump apparel to make it appear that way.
    Nevertheless, you are correct in stating that we must fight smart; we must also fight smart in regard to this virus that consumes the news and our lives every day. Personal hygiene, frequent hand washing are among a few things we can do; also please encourage everyone NOT to go to work, the store, church or anywhere if they have a fever or feel he or she has been exposed to ANY illness. These are ways we can stay safe, especially if any are reluctant to take the vaccine until it is FDA approved at least. There are many others that have natural immunity that don’t need to take it.(Those people are being ignored by the current administration).
    Thank you for reading; God bless you.