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October 14, 2022



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“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33

California Mom fights back

San Diego mom Brittany Meyer has become an Internet sensation thanks to the video of her fierce takedown of the local school board for trying to “hyper-sexualize children” by including an allegedly “family-friendly” drag queen show as part of the school’s annual “Boo Bash” Halloween celebration.

I’m sure the DOJ will call her a “domestic terrorist,” but I think these people deserve to be booed and bashed.

I hope that next month’s elections nationwide reflect this rising movement of fed-up parents taking back their children from radical school officials indoctrinating them with leftist, anti-American, gender and CRT propaganda

A group of thirteen GOP state attorneys general are warning the hopefully-soon-to-be-impeached US Attorney General Merrick Garland not to go along with medical organizations like the AMA pushing to investigate and prosecute parents who oppose their “gender-affirming” chemicals and surgery on children.

(Incidentally, if this happens, then these doctors should be investigated for criticizing their own practices.)

But as a further warning to parents: the leftwing extremists haven’t worked so hard and long to take over schools and warp the minds and genitals of the next generation only to give up that easily. Meet Virginia Democratic Delegate Elizabeth Guzman, who says she plans to introduce a bill to prosecute parents for child abuse and neglect for NOT “affirming” their children’s professed sexual orientation or gender identity (whatever that means.)

Yes, she not only wants to take away a parent’s right to prevent minor children from getting life-altering medical butchery when they don’t fully grasp the longterm consequences, but also make it illegal for parents even to protest it. “You vill be MADE to comply!!”

And they call us “fascists?” Read that article and realize that there are other liberals nationwide who will either resort to something this overt or to hiding similar language in other bills if you try to stop their grooming of our children. And for Heaven’s sake, vote accordingly.


It seems that today’s medical organizations won’t be satisfied until they turn every doctor into a leftist, virtue-signaling quack.

Check out that jaw-dropping video of University of Minnesota medical students being forced to recite a pledge to “honor all indigenous ways of healing historically marginalized by Western medicine” and to fight “white supremacy, colonialism, gender binary, ableism and all forms of oppression.”

As the article notes, surely the doctor leading this must realize what a load of all-natural fertilizer it is. I hope all these medical students do. But just to be on the safe side, I might make it a point not to consult any doctor who’s a recent University of Minnesota graduate. When I’m looking for a medical professional to help me with a serious health problem, I don’t really want a “doctor” who denies basic biology and thinks western medicine is oppression, but who made an “A+” in shamanism.

Leftists are abusing the legal system

Jack Phillips is the Colorado Christian cake artist who has been relentlessly targeted by radical LGBTQ activists for refusing to make cakes celebrating same-sex weddings and other things that violate his religious beliefs. He’s been on my show, and he’s won his Court appeals after long expensive battles. But they just keep coming after him again and again, abusing the legal system in a way that the SCOTUS should have clearly banned when they somehow “found” a right to same sex marriage in the Constitution, where it had been hiding quite well for over two centuries. They anticipated that some people would use it to try to violate the foundational right of freedom of religion, yet they did nothing to prevent it, and Phillips has been paying the price ever since.

Now, he’s facing yet another malicious lawsuit, this time by someone demanding that he make a cake celebrating their “gender transition” (which is impossible, by the way.) He’s defended by the Alliance Defending Freedom, who say the attorney who’s harassing him will keep doing it “no matter the outcome of this case, because the attorney wants to ‘correct the errors of Jack’s thinking.’”

As Bill Donohue of points out at the link, this is abuse of the legal system to enforce Soviet-style thought control, and it’s evil. We supposedly have a conservative majority Supreme Court. How long are they going to just sit by and watch this man and other Christians be persecuted by this perversion of the legal system before they finally issue a clarification to end it?

And by the way, to LGBTQ activists: aggressive radicals like this aren’t doing you any favors, either. Aside from them hurting your image with their intolerant thuggishness, I keep hearing leftists cry that the SCOTUS might next overturn the ruling legalizing same-sex marriage. Justice Alito specifically said that the Dobbs ruling had no connection to the Obergefell ruling. But blatant harassment cases like the ones aimed at Christians like Phillips are giving them more and more cause to take a second look.

No Death Penalty

The Parkland school shooter (who will remain nameless here, since we don’t endow fame on murderers) was not given the death penalty by a Florida jury. Instead, they did for him what he did not do for 14 classmates and three teachers: they took pity and recommended life, without possibility of parole. However, the judge will decide the sentence on November 1st, and he is under no obligation to comply with the jury’s recommendation.

Our clueless White House

Biden White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain once again took to Twitter to show how clueless he is about the lives of Americans that his boss’s policies are destroying. He tweeted a comment boasting of how the upcoming unusually high 8.7% Social Security cost of living increase will help “seniors get ahead on inflation.”

First of all, the only reason they’re getting such a large increase is because prices have already gone up by that much under Biden – actually far more, since the government numbers underestimate the reality. My writer Pat Reeder, wants to direct a personal comment to Mr. Klain, who obviously hasn’t been in a supermarket in years:

“If you think giving someone an 8.7% raise in this economy will put them ahead of inflation, then I have some swamp land I’d like to sell you at highly inflated prices. I do the grocery shopping in my family, so I know all the prices of everything I usually buy. Here are just a few of many examples: The house brand cheese slices that were $1.29 a year ago are now $2.49. The Walmart tortilla chips that were 92 cents a bag when Biden took office are $1.98 now. The graham crackers my parrots like were $2.59 a box; now, they’re $4.18. The 50-pound bag of dry dog food I dish out to the raccoons and possums that visit my backyard at night was about $18. It’s now $27.99. I could go on and on and on and on...

I realize math isn’t your field, but I’d like you to look over those prices and find any of them that represent an increase of 8.7%. That number is such a fantasy, it shouldn’t be coming from the Labor Department, it should be coming from that National Endowment for the Arts.”


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Comments 1-7 of 7

  • Jerry

    10/16/2022 08:07 AM

    Klein is the communist in chief propaganda is his job Americans have liars in the WH to advance the communist agenda already in place.the grocery stores have fruit and vegetables decomposing on the market tables because the prices are unaffordable I have looked at cherries wrinkle in their bags as no one would spend 25 dollars for a 3 pound bag I am dipping into our freezers for our meats as the meat in the store has gone past affordable I continue to watch for affordable meat however my freezers may be empty before that happens we will make adjustments as the two of us 2 seniors have cut back on consumption in it entirely we don’t need as much as we used to so let’s go Brandon to you Klain

  • dave allen

    10/15/2022 10:48 AM

    well, and the 8.7% SS increase is based on the MONTHLY inflation increase. is SS going to give that increase on a monthly basis? just one more band-aid proving they will NEVER do anything about the PROBLEM they've created.

  • stephen russell

    10/15/2022 10:46 AM

    If Trump does testify on J6 Comm Urge he do these:
    o ALL evidence on J6: Video, documents made public
    o MAGA audience attending
    Then see ratings Move

  • Jerry

    10/15/2022 09:39 AM

    The "Voting population" that "elected" biden had no clue what destroying the production of oil would do to a country and the international community. The biden administration is filled with Obama leftovers that were all in for the change of America is what we have today. It is with conviction and desire to change America to a Socialist/Communist nation. The hoax of climate change is one of the tools to lead the effort to change America to run a nation on energy that is not technically available to meet the needs is not done by mistake it is done by design. To operate a transportation system nation wide without the battery resources is done by design to destroy the fossil fuel industry and hinder its production is all done by design and designed by communists rememberer a Russian dictator said America will destroy itself from the inside he knew about person like Obama and the headless leader we have today joe biden decades ago.

  • Wallace Rowan

    10/15/2022 06:46 AM

    Dear Mike,

    This administration is not "clueless." The geriatric moron of a puppet they've installed in our White House is, but the rest of the bunch is purely evil. They are maliciously malignant in their efforts to destroy our country by destroying any dissent by conservatives. In their delusion, they think killing the middle class will elevate their aspirations for achieving their Utopian nightmares.

    Their latest efforts trumpeting the Social Security increases are another shallow attempt to buy votes. As your reader noted, the increase falls far short of the inflation this corrupt regime has caused in our economy.

    This is a Fascist regime with their FBI and DOJ playing the role of the Gestapo and their lapdog media playing out Joseph Goebbels' warped fantasies of thought control. As you have lamented, the Republican Party seems to have no desire or perhaps no clue how to go on the offensive against this tyranny.


    Wallace Rowan

  • Larry Rippere

    10/14/2022 10:31 PM

    Yeah: 8.7% inflation... is that per month mebbe?
    Going shopping has come to feel like a crap shoot—with a loaded deck! You can guarantee this: the price is higher than it was LAST WEEK... but just HOW MUCH higher, eh?
    Evidently there is NOBODY in or near the White House who actually grocery-shops. Or have DC stores agreed on some sort of price stabilization to protect their democrat majority?

  • Darrell Parks

    10/14/2022 10:25 PM

    The "healthy" bread we eat has gone from $2.50 to $3.50. That is 8.3%, right? :-)