April 19, 2017

The Huffington Post recently moved the PC football another couple of yards with an article calling for the right to vote to be taken away from white males for 20 or 30 years, and their wealth “redistributed,” to make the world fair. Nothing screams “fairness” like barring members of some demographic group you hate from having any say over their government or being allowed to keep the fruits of their own labor. It’s been the philosophy of power-mad dictators at least since the days of the Pharaoh. Problem is, after setting off the hoped-for Twit storm, HuffPo’s editors discovered that they couldn’t verify that the writer actually existed, so the post was yanked. But you can still read about it at the link.

One of the many logical flaws in the “progressive” PC movement is that in twisting themselves into pretzels to avoid offending anyone, they often inadvertently stick their heads up their rear ends and negate their own arguments. For instance, this “writer,” whomever it may be, couldn’t simply exempt “women” because that might offend transsexuals. So she used the term “persons in female-identifying bodies” (George Carlin would’ve loved that!)

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So when she sent her stormtroopers to my door, I could just say, “I’m not a white male. I’m an African-American-identifying (see Rachel Dolezal), female-identifying person. Since I claim to feel black and female inside, you have to treat me as if I really were, and you can’t take away my voting rights or property.” If she argued that she could tell I was obviously a white male just by looking at me, I’d call her a racist and a transphobe and demand that she not be allowed to vote. See how this works? Hey, if you can’t keep female-identifying white males out of the ladies’ room, then you can’t keep them out of the voting booth. Don’t blame me, you invented these rules. I'm just taking advantage of the loopholes. Or in this case, the loopy-holes.

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  • Michael H Brown

    05/07/2017 05:56 PM

    I love your commentaries! The left is getting crazier and crazier! They don't know how insane they are.

  • michelle bauck

    04/29/2017 10:55 AM

    You are so right. When people allow themselves to be more stupid than they are, they usually become so. This is a good example of that. Keep up the good work!

  • Sandra Mendoza

    04/26/2017 08:49 PM

    This is great advice! I will have my son, who is a teen, to read it and learn, because even though he is half white and half Hispanic, the Left might mistaken his identity for looking too white!

  • Valerie Craun

    04/23/2017 02:45 PM

    LOLROTF! You can tell Justin he never read the Bible! Ref. Leviticus 20:13, Deuteronomy 22:5 and more. To go to Heaven you have to be a follower of Jesus. God said that and made the rules. There's no way around that!

  • Linda Cagle

    04/22/2017 01:02 PM

    Oh, please - doesn't the left haven't anything better to do?

  • Sandra Hartle

    04/21/2017 05:09 PM

    I have two grown sons this insanity started when they graduated from high school, but not nearly as bad as it is now and I thought it was bad then. Clinton was in office at the time. All benefits he bragged about were for those who were not white, and if your mother actually worked forget about any help.

    The funny part of it I am half Native American half French. My mother would have shot me for using it to my advantage. She raised me as an American and was adamant about it. So I would not let my children use it either. Now with 4 grandkids heading to college, I am afraid to have them present as all White. You see just as you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, you shouldn't judge someone's birthrights by theirs. The further we get from the Native heritage in purity, the lighter we get as well.

    I am 72 and the insanity I am witnessing isn't advancement, it is simply worthy of commitment. Not to promote the SJW theme park, but to protect the sane from the insane

    Can someone tell me what those Islands China is building cost? I think it is time to build some of our own, send the liberals there and let them show us how great their utopia is. One caveat, they get no tax dollars from us once moved.

  • Susan Ruth

    04/21/2017 03:26 PM

    Good one! Lololol

  • Justin kimbrell

    04/21/2017 03:12 PM

    The funny thing is the link you posted to said article is in error. It does not open anything. I'm going to assume your referring to a comment someone left on the huff post website to a legitimate article that was removed for obvious reasons. Liberals don't feel this way. We want life liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all men and women. All colors and creeds. All sexual orientations. You preached at my church back when my parents believed they could make me believe in the sky god. At the time you said "Queens and faggots are not going to enter the kingdom of heaven. Only the righteous who follow the path of Jesus shall be allowed past those pearly gates". I have read all the bible. Studied it far more than I should have. Jesus said nothing about queers. He did have a lot of things to say about the money changers and evil men who use his father's name in their hateful deeds. Kinda like you. Owell good thing the bible and you have a lot in common. Your both full of shit. Ppl who are reading this all the way down at the end of the page. Plz don't take anything this liar and false teacher have to say for fact.

  • TJ Boyd

    04/21/2017 02:23 PM

    LOL ... love your wisdom! It always amazes me as well that they twist issues to the point of being so far out there it makes you laugh, and that they are so short sighted they can't see what the come back and repercussions will be ...

  • Larry Corsaro

    04/21/2017 01:46 PM

    Your Newsletters are the BEST. With Fox (Restructuring due to political correctness) They NEED YOU back more than ever. You make perfect sense in a world of Insanity. Best wishes from one of your MANY FANS.

  • Linda Stanford

    04/21/2017 09:18 AM

    Gov. Huckabee--I truly appreciate your wisdom and humor! Thank you for speaking the truth with such clarity and honesty.

  • Jane Crick

    04/21/2017 08:32 AM

    Love your newsletters! You are a down to earth, say it like it is godly man! Keep up the good work!

  • Jim Lowder

    04/21/2017 03:02 AM

    As usual. Your sarcasm is IMPECABLE and they hate you for it.

  • gd walker

    04/20/2017 10:44 PM

    As long as the Leftist's agenda is presented as "Legal", it is deemed to also be "Righteous".
    The Liberal thinks he/she is morally right because he meets the legal requirement of whatever law is passed to make his/her ideology so.
    Eventually, however their true "moral failure" unmasks their pretentious "legal cover".

    For example, since certain "Lives Matter", how can one ignore those "Lives" which are in the majority of "Un" Planned Parenthood's aborted numbers? It is ideology in conflict with reality.

  • Linda Freeman

    04/20/2017 09:19 PM

    Right on, Gov. Huckabee! Terrific article and you nailed the "politically correct" insanity perfectly.

  • Ricci Henry

    04/20/2017 09:02 PM

    Hello, Governor! Hope you and yours' are well in Christ. Love your daily posts.
    This is why I call them the "post huffers." Ever since I read one of their articles using a graph of data to promote their liberal agenda. Trouble was; the data they were using was exactly opposite of their report. The data actually dis-proved their point. No one in their comments section seemed to catch on so I guess they pulled it off. At least until I gave them my reply. Funny how people will believe whatever they read.

  • Norene Clark

    04/20/2017 07:59 PM

    Great article! I've been making the following comments for quite some time now: Welcome to life among the insane Godless pagans who can't tell right from wrong or God from the Devil himself....and who in their confusion are doing Satan's bidding thinking they're serving God. .

  • Kathy Freeman

    04/20/2017 07:46 PM

    This is just too good! It really made my day. I truly enjoy reading your posts for their honesty and your sense of humor. I really wish you were still on Fox on Saturday nights. I miss your show.

  • Shirley M Johnson

    04/20/2017 07:28 PM

    Mike, the highlight of our day is reading your comments. You always peg everything just as it is and do it with such a sense of humor. You would have been such an asset in the White House
    and my husband and I wonder how they overlooked you for some sort of position to spread a little joy in D.C. Keep up the commentaries......Shirley and Jerry johnson

  • Mike Fairchild

    04/20/2017 06:11 PM

    President Trump...

    Isaiah 58:12

  • dwilson

    04/20/2017 06:09 PM

    My comment is "uuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhh"!!!!!!!

  • Thomas R Beckwith

    04/20/2017 06:01 PM

    This is absolutely hilarious, but quite logical.
    Sort of like my question, if I’m a male, trans-gendered into a female, but I then find I have lesbian tendencies, am I really straight?
    Aaarrrrrgh ! ! !

  • Sergeant First Class Patricia A. McMahon, USA(Ret)

    04/20/2017 03:48 PM

    The Huffington Post is very confusing for a normal/sane person to read. I had to
    read the posted article twice. I even shook my head a couple of times to shake out the gobbled-gook. Couldn't believe the milarchy they were trying to sell. The best way to deal with this type of situation is with humor. You did a very excellent job with your loopy holes! You bring a smile to this madness. Every day I look forward to reading your posts. The 'word pictures' you draw are excellent and funny as all get out. Please keep up the good work.

  • Marlene Helfrick

    04/20/2017 03:41 PM

    Thank you, I haven't laughed so hard in quite awhile. I will remember this one, and probably bust out laughing again. Going to share this article with my friends on Facebook.

  • Sheri Zillmer

    04/20/2017 03:22 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, you are amazing, full of humor and truth. I just love feeling redeemed by your words. Your eloquence in standing up for common sense decency is profound. I wish you still had your TV program. Maybe it could replace Colbert's radical agenda. Then again maybe your newsletter is God intended. It sure inspires me. Thanks.

  • Shauna Dickerson

    04/20/2017 02:20 PM

    loved that: "loopy-holes". It's not only the content of your articles that keep me reading, it's the language. Keep up the good work!!

  • J. Stephens

    04/20/2017 02:01 PM

    In a letter titled,"Rising Trend in Christianity" you have this paragraph "That will probably upset a lot of people, but the Bible does make it clear repeatedly that faith we tailor to our own whims is not really faith at all. For example, from Revelations: “So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.” And from 2 Timothy: “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions.”

    There book in the Bible is titled Revelation. It is not plural. This tells me you have a ghost-writer. I don't think you would have made that same mistake.

  • Dawn Exarhopoulos

    04/20/2017 01:56 PM

    Loved your last paragraph!!!! The left has moved so far left that maybe all we need is a gentle breeze to push them over the edge, for those who haven't already jumped over that edge already, which appears to be most of them!!!!

  • Jerry

    04/20/2017 01:50 PM

    Reverend :you have remained as my favorite candidate for President. You have the temerity to speak if returning freedom to your fellow citizens by repealing the 16th. I am not hate the sinner but the sin. This makes it difficult not to hate the progressives but the ideals. Reverend, I try. My dream, before I go to paradise, is see our freedom returned and the yoke of tyranny by taxation removed. Blessings Sir!

  • Barbara Wilson

    04/20/2017 01:39 PM

    Wiping tear from eye, holding on to my side with other hand, continuing to laugh... As soon as I stop laughing, I'll post a real comment... :-D Thanks so much for the humor in this ridiculous political climate!

  • Susan Lunsford

    04/20/2017 01:37 PM

    People are losing their own identities in the name of PC. So tiring trying to read the mess & then don't know what you've read. Whatever happened to "black and white", either it is or it isn't period,
    Thanks for your posts. Enjoy them--keep it up please.

  • Kevin Mooneyham

    04/20/2017 01:33 PM

    You rock Mike!!

  • Wendee Johnson

    04/20/2017 01:19 PM

    Outstanding overview of "Lefty rules". Love your take on this and your sense of humor!

  • Bennye ST.CLaire

    04/20/2017 01:00 PM

    As a backward Arkansan from Hope (I'm from Texarkana) How in the world did you get so worldy? Seems to me that this article sums up our society as it is today. We can nly hope that it gets better.

  • Arthur Hellman MD

    04/20/2017 12:52 PM

    PC is not just an abbreviation for "Politically Correct." It is also the abbreviation for "Pure Crap!"

  • Ginger Fitzgibbon

    04/20/2017 12:46 PM

    You always nail it with common sense and humor! Keep it up. Sometimes people hear the loopy stuff so much more than the REAL stuff, they tend to believe it. Thankfully we have you bringing them back to seeing and thinking clearly!

  • Patrick Michaels

    04/20/2017 12:43 PM

    Latest Leftist Insanity - Perfect comments, I am amazed at how far from reality they are slipping. It's kinda fun to watch how deep into the abyss their foolishness is taking them.

  • Lisa Chemat

    04/20/2017 12:36 PM

    You'll enjoy this read from over at Frontpage.

    Initially, the editor-in-chief of HuffPo SA, Verashni Pillay, stridently defended the post. Garland’s “underlying analysis about the uneven distribution of wealth and power in the world,” Pillay remarked, “is pretty standard for feminist theory.”

    Then, however, something happened.

    Huffington Post SA removed the post, supposedly because “the blog submission from an individual who called herself Shelley Garland, who claimed to be an MA student at UCT, cannot be traced and appears not to exist.” It then reaffirmed “the Constitutional values of South Africa,” especially “universal enfranchisement.”

    The “Shelley Garland” post was a hoax.

    A person, a female, claiming to be the author of the piece referred to it as “total garbage” that she packed with clichés—“black and female-identifying bodies,” “patriarchy,” etc.—that are common currency among the “less sensible left.”

    “Shelley Garland” supplied to the nation an invaluable service. In one little article, she revealed for all with eyes to see the gist to which the agenda of today’s left ultimately boils down:

    It is resolutely, vehemently anti-white, specifically anti-white men.

  • Joan D Tesche

    04/20/2017 12:35 PM

    Really, if this political thing doesn't work out for you, I believe you'd have a bright future as a comic. :) Love the humor injected into the disturbing ideology of the Liberals. No, hate just sympathy for them. Frontal lobe disorders.

  • Kathy Hamilton-Dix

    04/20/2017 12:03 PM

    Hilarious ! I love the way you are able to get the message out in a funny, but
    getting the message across in a way middle America gets it. Your "so right" about
    this political correctness being completely ridiculous. And immigration ideas being
    distorted to what is really necessary for America to be safe. Keep it up !

  • Jim Soulliere

    04/20/2017 11:03 AM

    On your last appearance on "The Factor" I noticed over your left shoulder was the scripture from Isaiah 1:18. "Come let us reason together". Too bad the left doesn't seem to get the message. In fact it seems they are drifting futher in the other direction. Blessings to you.

  • Betty Bridges

    04/20/2017 10:04 AM

    Well, the link is now under maintenance. But, I personally believe if many of the left worked, instead of working at being PC, a lot of our problems could be solved in this country. Then they could experience the "real" world. I believe everyone has the right to express their views, but when they do so with the inability to tolerate other's views, or rights, that is movement towards fascism. Love to read your posts, Mike.

  • Debbie Hamilton

    04/20/2017 09:30 AM

    Thank you for consistently exposing the lunacy of the left. I am asking God to raise up more doctors, psychiatrists and university leaders to speak out against this twisted thinking.

  • Cindy Dolezalik

    04/20/2017 02:10 AM

    Maybe if they lean far left enough they will fall into the Pacific Ocean.

  • Brian Lee Wilhelm

    04/20/2017 01:32 AM

    Here I thought it couldn't get anymore scarier. We have to deal with the season it gets worse before it gets better.

  • Gary Briscoe

    04/20/2017 01:13 AM

    I have yet to find something you say that I disagree with.
    If you can..tell me how educated people...(republicans and democrats) can have such differing opinions on matters that affect our country? To me, most of the democrats are a bunch of cry babies who in the past few years have lost the House, Senate, and the presidency. It must be just too much for them to take! Please keep up the good work!!

  • Sharon Rose

    04/20/2017 12:15 AM

    You are absolutely hysterical!! Please consider bringing your Saturday night program back.

  • Clement Maurath

    04/20/2017 12:13 AM

    Mike.....that is really good...I am an 80 year old in Illinois....
    keep up the good work..
    By the way, it would be nice if you, Boortz, and other fairtax folks could get a meeting with Trump and Pence......I cannot understand why we are not able to get their attention on this...I know that Pence has been a fairtax supporter. It would solve so many problems.

    Thanks for reading,
    Clem Maurath

  • Patricia Stevens

    04/19/2017 11:52 PM

    Governor Huckabee,

    You just hit the nail on the head. Loopy holes is right! As bad as I dislike disparaging someone else, these far left (if they lean any farther, they will fall) liberals need to go to church, get on their knees and pray to the Father for guidance about what is right and what is wrong. If they would get their lives right, they would see the foolishness of their ways. Thanks for the great article.