May 23, 2019

First, with its fawning profile of “Beto” “Born to be President” O’Rourke, and now with a stunningly ill-timed puff piece on sleazy, indicted lawyer Michael Avenatti, Vanity Fair is out to prove that the magazine doesn’t care about fairness, it’s now entirely about vanity.

Note that Avenatti blames Trump for all his problems (Trump made him rip off his clients and extort Nike… “allegedly!”) which is probably why the VF editors still give him ink.  Bonus points for comparing himself to Icarus.  Emphasis on the “Ick.”



This Babylon Bee story (as always, note to it’s satire, no need to fact-check) has such a hilarious headline, you might be tempted just to read that.  But trust me, read the entire thing.


And while the Dems subpoena a God they may or may not believe in, who do some liberals in the media really believe is a Divine entity walking among us?  Or at least they used to, as recently as last August.  And they still expect us to trust their reporting?  Note to this really is a news story.

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Once again, President Trump reached out his hand to Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer yesterday and had a meeting with them to discuss rebuilding America's infrastructure. And once again, they bit his hand, and when he stormed out, accused him of not caring about rebuilding infrastructure. 


It might be time to change the Democratic Party symbol from a donkey to a dog with rabies.


Trump accused the Democrats of being a “no-nothing” Congress that squanders its time on nothing but endless investigations of his Administration.  I try to be even-handed, so this is the part of the article where I would tell you what else they’ve accomplished, if I could.


Having gone through, as President Trump likes to remind us, over 35 million tax dollars, “2,800+ subpoenas, 675 days, 500+ witnesses, and 18 angry Democrats” on Mueller’s investigative team and found zero Russian collusion, House Democrats are still pushing Speaker Pelosi to impeach Trump, which risks a major electoral backlash when the only “high crimes and misdemeanors” they’re able to come with are tweets they didn’t like. 


Sure, there’s “obstruction” (see the stats above on the Mueller report for a clue to how “obstructed” Mueller was) and Trump telling Jerry Nadler and his endless, fishing expedition subpoenas to go whistle up a rope.  I wouldn’t rely on public sympathy to carry that one – it reminds me of the episode of “The Simpsons” where Sideshow Bob’s lawyer defended him on a charge of trying to kill Marge’s sister by asking the jurors, “How many of you are thinking about killing her right now?” and they all raised their hands.  I have a feeling that’s about the same reaction you’d get if you polled the public on their opinion of Nadler’s alleged nonpartisan integrity.  


That left Speaker Pelosi to fall back on one of the most laughably groundless charges ever: accusing Trump of engaging in a “cover-up.”  Really?  Have you seen his Twitter feed or any of his rallies?  If ever there was a President who tells the world everything he’s thinking, it’s Trump.


Roger L. Simon made the case that this is the familiar leftwing tactic of accusing one’s opponent of what you’re doing yourself, in this case, desperately trying to cover up the emerging news of about the sources and tactics of the attempted coup against Trump by changing the subject, pointing fingers and trying to besmirch the reputations of the investigators.

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If Speaker Pelosi wants to see an example of an actual “cover-up” rather than a self-serving fantasy cover-up, here’s something she could look into:


After months of investigation, it was announced that nobody could figure out how in the world a blackface/KKK outfit photo appeared on the personal college yearbook page of Virginia’s Democratic Governor (still!) Ralph Northam.  As Jim Geraghty at National Review reports, it’s as baffling a historical mystery as the Easter Island statues or the Shroud of Turin.


Yet somehow, two previous presidents of the school knew about the photo and never said a word about it, including the current school president, who donated $1,000 each to Northam’s campaigns for lieutenant governor and governor and $10,000 to his inaugural committee. 


So it appears that a KKK robe and hood really are an effective way of covering up who you really are.




There are currently 4 million Americans on waiting lists for federal aid or subsidized housing (I assume many are veterans), and HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson thinks it would be a good idea to free up some of that taxpayer-financed housing for poor Americans by removing illegal aliens who’ve gamed the system to get federal housing that in most cases, they are supposed to be barred by law from accessing. 


For daring to state that, Dr. Carson had to endure a House hearing in which Democrats accused him of wanting to enact a policy that was “mean-spirited,” “immoral” and “shameful.”  (They did not address whether it’s mean-spirited, immoral and shameful to let American citizens, including military veterans, live on the streets while illegal aliens are enjoying illegal subsidized housing.)  He responded by giving them a lesson in common sense, which in the current House is akin to giving them a lesson in a foreign language.


After the hearing, while obviously feeling smug due to her own superior resume of accomplishments, Rep. Ilhan Omar took a condescending swipe at Secretary Carson.  His response was easily the best tweet of the week.


Incidentally, if you missed the second episode in a new series that I’m hosting for TBN called “Conversations,” you can now watch it online and see Dr. Carson in the opposite of a current House hearing: an intelligent, civil, adult conversation.  This link also takes you to a streaming version of the first episode of “Conversations,” which featured my daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

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“Progressive” Rules of Engagement: If a conservative expresses an opinion, it makes leftists feel “unsafe” and is tantamount to violence, so they have a right to physically assault the conservative.


Conversely, unprovoked assaults on conservatives are “fun” and “free speech.”  It’s a milkshake of hypocrisy with an eco-friendly paper straw.





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  • Amelia Little

    07/18/2019 09:39 AM

    There are news stories we read about like the one with Dr Ben Carson facing a congressional firing squad. He did a great job answering, by the way. But--I don't see follow up. Such as, has the eviction of non-eligible people taken place? I haven't come across any information about whether or not some judge somewhere has ruled illegals get to stay, with Americans and people who came here legally getting to remain on the streets?

    One statement about abortions just have me shaking my head. I can't find the portion where I read it. Paraphrased, whomever was being quoted implicated that all abortions are performed because the pregnancy was the fault of the sperm donor. While there are instances of pregnancy after rape--far more are because, after having unprotected sex, the woman might be (surprise, surprise!) pregnant. How many instances are when the woman willingly engages in sex--whether with a partner or maybe a one-night stand (those do still happen, and there are probably fewer episodes involving alcohol as opposed to casual sexual encounter.) How about, women who want to take control of their lives and their bodies be more careful about sexual encounters? How about, taking control of her body and making sure she is on birth control? For the price of a few packs of cigarettes or a bottle of wine, one can obtain birth control. Don't give me that garbage about how it should be provided for free. There are county health departments all over the US where you can get birth control at costs that are determined by income.

  • Deborah McCallum

    05/27/2019 11:11 PM

    Millions cannot figure out why dems in the US House say there is no crisis at the border while towns, cities, private property in border States are being runover. Drug cartels are winning. Criminals abound, threatening US citizens. Perhaps there should be an investigation of income sources of the Democratic leadership. Certainly they are being paid by some source/s who want millions of illegals to enter the Country. Who cares about Trumps income & losses dating back to the 1970's as a private citizen. However, those who are elected should be under a watchful eye as they become millionaires during Congressional terms.

  • Carol Fairchild

    05/27/2019 07:07 AM

    Trump is “MAKING America Great Again” MAGA! I read your Evening Edition daily which is a voice of common sense, reason, real issues and faith in the American people and our country. Thank you.

  • Nancy Klus

    05/24/2019 04:36 PM

    I am sick to death of the constant whinning of the liberals with regard to Trump . It should be over with the report of
    their man Mueller, but noooooooo. The only time it will end is when Trump is out of office. And you know what, I
    I think the country will be sad. Finally a man who has never been in the swamp or any part of it, is our President. WOW!
    One more thing, I also wonder why the pro-choice people are so vehement, loud, obnoxious, etc. Maybe "thou doth protest too much!" It has occured to me that maybe in their heart of hearts they know it is wrong and murder of an innocent life who cannot protect itself . The pro life people are just the opposite. I wonder why! Spell check, please!

  • Sherry Merritt

    05/24/2019 10:53 AM

    Ben Carson might be interested in learning about building igloos for housing. Inexpensive and cozy. We could send illegals to Alaska and house them in igloos to await their court date, it would certainly get them out of the blistering heat!

  • Jerry Korba

    05/24/2019 10:41 AM

    Let's face it Nanci P. is just a plain and simple leader of the house of Horrors. She could fill many roles and be perfect for instance she could run a whorehouse and be an employee of the the house she would be perfect she could be the warden of a women Prison and be perfect at it, just like in the Redemption movie Nanci is crude rude as she was in the mid 80s nothing changed. I am not singling her out for her Leftist Views she is not the person of a few decades ago with these qualities although her mind is slipping instinct takes over and what you see now is still crude the only difference from a couple of decades ago is she stumbling forgetful sluring and forgetting to finish a word and sentences going from 1 thought to another that connect nothing but disrespect and hate for America and Trump. If I were President I would want her on the Terrorist list no fly list I would recheck her background to see who is directing her she clearly does not have the good interest of the United States. Check what the House has done to protect our borders and national security we need to know who is guiding her. Another thing she is perfect at an example of term limits she has rotted away.

  • Vernon B Thompson

    05/24/2019 10:06 AM

    If Trump and his family have to provide Tax Returns and Financial Data, maybe AG Barr should issue subpoenas for the Tax Returns and Financial Data for ALL members of Congress. This could be supplemented by FBI Background Checks published on line. I suspect we could quickly uncover those that have become rich from insider trading, contracts that helped friends and families etc! The American Citizen Taxpayers deserve the truth!!!!

  • Granny Anne

    05/23/2019 10:23 PM

    Pelosi has recently ranted that Trump is not stable enough to be president. After watching her distorted thinking and speaking while flailing her hands like a demented person, I believe she is not stable enough to hold an office in the House of Representatives.. She should be sent to a hospital where she can get some help.

  • Rafael A Salaz

    05/23/2019 10:04 PM

    Nancy Pelosi has the nerve to say she is praying for President Trump. She tries to provoke him along with all the rest of her group. This praying she’s is saying, is not in her life or style . It is just a front. It is clear to see that President Trump is being harassed and provoked to see, if he will lose his temper and control of himself . So he can be blamed for something else. A judge would not allow this in his court room . So why is this disrespect allowed towards the President of the United States along with all the media Jabs .

  • Joe Jones

    05/23/2019 09:55 PM

    I read them.

  • Stephen D Bennett

    05/23/2019 09:55 PM


    I think I finally figured out the "pro-choice" way of thinking. Until now, I believed that abortion advocates were simply ignorant of embryology ("it's part of a woman's body" or the dreadful Dred Scott decision ("she may be human but she is not a person"). I believed that if these people simply received the right information (like seeing the unborn child with ultrasound) they would realize their error. Now I don't think so.

    Their new proclamation is that abortion is a positive moral GOOD!

    This only makes sense if the unborn child is viewed as a commodity that is owned. But, this is how many of us moderns DO view our own children. We think the purpose of children is to provide fulfillment to their parents. This view is consistent with enmeshed "helicopter parents" whose own identities are so intertwined with their children's that they cannot stand to let them fail or hurt.

    The converse, then, is also true. A woman shouldn't be forced to own a commodity that doesn't fit in with her plans for success and fulfillment. You wouldn't force her to buy and maintain a car she didn't want. So, it is a GOOD thing to relieve her of that inconvenience of giving birth. Our personal narcissism and self-centered "right" to create our own meaning in life supersedes all.

    The fact that the unborn is another human being may be tacitly acknowledged, but doesn't really matter. We think of the unborn the same way we think of children: they are here for our own enjoyment and benefit.

  • Mary Russell

    05/23/2019 08:56 PM

    Good for Ms. Conway!
    So Pelosi prays for the President? As a Catholic, she should be excommunicated for her stance on abortion, lately greatly enhanced.

  • Lewis Combs, Jr

    05/23/2019 08:49 PM

    So why does even Fox News use the headline that Pelosi reacts to "Trump snapping at her" when all the evidence says he never raised his voice? It seems that even they are giving the Dems cover for their false accusations.

  • Lisa Ford

    05/23/2019 08:10 PM

    Amazing how the general public doesn't see interviews like this. The liberals are power hungry people. If everyone heard this version, instead of crazy Nancy's. Maybe the whole country would be all red in 2020.

  • RAB

    05/23/2019 08:02 PM

    Love you, all American, LOVE Conway too!!! God Bless you two!!!GOD BLESS AMERICA...amen in JesusChrist our Lord...amen

  • Christine Hankins

    05/23/2019 07:53 PM

    I recommend the #Science essay on Townhall site today. Worth the read!

  • Anne Amato

    05/23/2019 07:46 PM

    Dear Governor,
    1) I do not believe the President "stormed" out of the conference room--think his decorum was actually quite calm.
    If I were him....well....I have found that with age, my "patience level" is deteriorating--so--most days probably a negative number. If I had been the President, they probably would have had to call in the Marines.
    2) So...following the President's speech in the Rose Garden, Pelosi says something like "she is praying for the President...and the country....and hopes his family, his staff...(etc)...set up an intervention of him...for the good of the country." The inference is clear--that she thinks he is dangerous...but what she says is all part of a game the Democrats are playing.....badly.....and on our time and dime....
    3) Just answered a poll--do I think that President Trump is doing a good job? Yes....especially since he is doing nearly everything he can....without the help of Comgress...and must feel sometimes that he is standing alone.
    Additionally, if the poll was to show if people are concerned...well...When I see how President Trump acts (and having read his books)....I cannot help thinking of the song lyrics from "The Gambler".... (which I have modified slightly)....because this President "knows when to hold them; knows when to fold them; knows when to walk away..... (he won't ever run away from anything). He knows not to "count the money while sitting at the table--there will be lots more counting of money...when his dealings are done!"

  • Stephen Russell

    05/23/2019 07:32 PM

    Dem meeting with Pres: another scam, theyre NOT serious & said Dem voters will do Nothing who voted them in place to begin with Unless
    said other Dem voters pull a Recall on them or nothing gets done.
    Dems dont care just to probe & impeach. Nothing else.
    The Dems own this & voters who PUT them there do.
    Theyre begging for a Civil War or a Rev War 2.
    First phase: voting in younger class, (alas Muslim),
    Phase 2: Recall Older class IE Biden etc.
    Phase 3: Vote New blood in?
    Or Zero on RX prices & infrasturcture.
    which Dems own.

  • Vicky Thomas

    05/23/2019 05:06 PM

    Speaker Pelosi was very obviously drunk yesterday when she gave a sit down televised, I think, interview after the meeting with Schumer and the President broke up. It was being shared this morning when youtube decided to take it down for violating community standards...