June 22, 2020


I doubt that I have many readers in New York’s 14th Congressional District (The Bronx), but just in case there are any, I offer this as a public service:

Today is the Democratic primary, where you have the golden opportunity to do both America and yourselves a tremendous favor by voting for Michelle Caruso Cabrera over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Two years ago, the little-known socialist underdog pulled a fast one on you, using well-organized leftist activists to yank the nomination away from 10-term incumbent Joe Crowley, whom most voters thought was so safe that they didn’t pay attention or bother to show up. That allowed AOC to take the nomination, and thus the solid blue House seat, with just 15,897 votes in a District with a population of over 706,000.

Since that time, she has become, along with her fellow “Squad” members, one of the most notoriously radical and divisive voices in the House, a rigid socialist ideologue who can’t even get along with her own party, much less the Republicans. She wants to abolish immigration enforcement and pass Medicare For All and the “Green New Deal” (her socialist takeover plan thinly disguised as an environmental bill.) She was the only Democrat to vote against the Payroll Protection Plan because it didn’t include enough deficit spending and government expansion. Her occasional pronouncements on economics make one want to abolish the Boston University economics program that gave her a degree. She seems to think capitalism exists solely to screw over the workers, so she celebrated when she helped drive Amazon out of your District, where it had planned to create 25,000 new jobs. Her most recent childish pronouncement was to cheer teenagers for committing fraud to interfere with the election.

The limousine liberal elites love her for her good looks, fashion sense, and huge social media following, but she is so obsessed with being a social media star and the celebrity face of socialism to America that she's apparently forgotten she’s supposed to be representing your interests. Why should she, when she has over $6 million to spend on her reelection campaign, much of it donated by rich socialists who don’t even live in your district (that’s another problem with socialism: only the very rich can afford it.)

I doubt that I agree with her challenger on much of anything, but she least seems to be a reasonable moderate Democrat who’s capable of working with others and has the good of the people of her District as her #1 priority, not becoming the Inside-the-Beltway Eva Peron. I understand you might be worried about throwing AOC out of work, since she has no marketable skills and the bar where she used to work was driven out of business by policies she supports. But never fear: I’m sure the producers of “The View” are already poised with phones in hand to make her an offer. All you have to do to get her into a far more suitable career is to show up at the polls this time.


Saturday, President Trump was in Tulsa for his first rally since the coronavirus lockdowns forced a hiatus. Media outlets and “health experts” who had been scolding anti-lockdown demonstrators for spreading the virus, then declared that it was okay to join anti-police/BLM protests, did another 180 and blasted Trump and supporters for potentially spreading the virus. Apparently, it only spreads at Republican events. It’s the first virus to be a registered Democrat. I’ll bet a lot of the virus spores end up voting in Chicago.

Here’s a write-up of Trump’s lengthy speech (it had been a long time, and he had a LOT to say):

And here is the full speech on YouTube.

A few highlights:

Trump said that the “silent majority is stronger than ever before” and "five months from now we're going to defeat sleepy Joe Biden... We're going to stop the radical left. We're going to build a future of safety and opportunity... Republicans are the party of liberty, equality and justice for all. We are the party of Abraham Lincoln, and we are the party of law and order."

He also suggested that the Democrats have gone crazy and are bowing to radical left anarchists, which we can see in the cities they run, like Seattle. He said that he could send in the troops to deal with Seattle’s so-called “autonomous” zone and have that mess cleaned up in about an hour, but he wouldn't unless local Democratic officials asked him to. That puts the lie once again to the claim that he’s a fascist or wannabe dictator, and it also dashes the Democrats’ hopes that he would overreact with force so that they could use that to attack him before the election. Trump even admitted some say it would be good for the Republicans to let that “disaster” fester, to illustrate what the whole country would look like if they take the Senate and White House in November.

Trump said that the Supreme Court’s rejection of his rescinding of Obama’s DACA program was based solely on their claim that the DOJ didn’t do the proper paperwork, so he would have the DOJ redo it and refile the order. So that issue is not over. Some want him just to accept the SCOTUS ruling and keep DACA, while others want him to defy them and not set a dangerous precedent for the separation of powers by acquiescing to the Court’s assertion of approval rights over a President’s power to rescind a previous President’s executive orders. That could happen, but Trump seems more willing to take that chance than spark a Constitutional dog fight. He might look at it as taking a small loss for the larger win of rescinding DACA. Which, I will remind you, doesn’t mean he wants to deport all the “Dreamers.” He’s always said that Congress should act to help them because it’s not the President’s job. All of this would have been settled long ago if the Democratic House had ever passed any law to deal with it, but they were too busy trying to impeach Trump.

Trump also pointed out the ways in which his Administration has benefited African-Americans, with opportunity zones, record-low minority unemployment and rising wages, support for black colleges and prison sentencing reform, all things that Democrats have promised and never delivered. He also mentioned that Joe Biden has been in government for over 40 years and done none of those things (he even co-wrote the harsh sentencing law he now condemns) and has been on the wrong side of every major issue.

Trump also refuted the media narrative that he had botched the coronavirus response, pointing out his early shutdown of travel from China and Europe that his critics opposed, the rabid ramping up of manufacturing of ventilators and hospital beds (most of which have never been used) and COVID-19 testing that’s now reached 25 million people. He added, "Here’s the bad part. When you test to that extent, you are going to find more people, find more cases. So I said to my people, ‘Slow the testing down please!’” That was an obvious joke, which the crowd recognized and laughed at. But as reported it, “A White House official later suggested to reporters that the comment was a joke. Journalists, though, seized on the comment…”

I’m sure they did. After a steady four-year diet of Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Trever Noah, John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Seth Meyers, et al, they probably no longer recognize an actual joke when they hear one.


You might have heard about President Trump’s firing of Geoffrey Berman, the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. Originally, Attorney General Barr announced that Berman was “stepping down” (the traditional diplomatic way of saying someone is being fired), but Berman declared that he had been appointed by the courts as the interim US Attorney and defiantly refused to step down until he's replaced by someone confirmed by the Senate. That’s not his call, and it’s clear insubordination. US Attorneys are appointed and serve at the pleasure of the President, not the courts (there’s a good case that such court appointments are unconstitutional.)

The media and the opposition being what it is, this molehill of a story was immediately blown up into a mountain of “OUTRAGE!!!” Because Berman is investigating some Trump associates, there were overheated comparisons to Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre” (and not for the first time: we heard the same nonsense when the media were heatedly speculating that Trump would fire Robert Mueller, and look how long he let that drag on.) In fact, there’s much less to this than you’d imagine: the investigations will continue under Berman’s current deputy. It also won’t help Trump’s reelection because his chosen replacement wouldn’t take office until after the election anyway.

While the media have tried to ignore the details and reduce this to their usual simplistic “TRUMP BAD!!” narrative, Andrew C. McCarthy of the National Review used to work for the SDNY office, and he knows all the rules and principals, so read his explanation if you really want to know what’s going on.

I’ll just add that, like the Supreme Court ruling on DACA, this is another example of how the anti-Trumpers still can’t get their heads around the concept that Trump really, really is the President. That means (pay very close attention, Chief Justice Roberts) he has the power to undo previous Presidents’ executive orders, and he has the unquestioned power to fire US Attorneys when he thinks they need to be replaced. Just like Bill Clinton fired them all the moment he took office. Funny how we're not hearing any media outlets compare Trump’s firing of just one of them to that.


A 25-year-old Libyan refugee has been arrested under the UK's Terrorism Act, following a knife attack in Reading, England, that killed three people and injured three more. He had just been released from prison 17 days ago. The British intelligence agency MI5 had taken notice of him a year ago, but determined that he did not pose a substantial terrorism threat. More at the link, and please say a prayer for the victims.


Now that the Supreme Court has unconstitutionally rewritten the 1964 Civil Rights Law so that “sex” means “gender identity,” the only hope of restoring sanity is to elect a Republican House that will clarify the law. At this link, Terence P. Jeffrey of speculates on the lunacy that will ensue if Joe Biden is elected, considering that he not only supports this ruling but has also vowed to immediately reimpose the Obama-era guidelines that forced schools to let males who claim to identify as females compete on girls’ sports teams and use girls’ bathrooms, showers and locker rooms.

Jeffrey speculates on the mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world that will reign under Biden, if he’s allowed to codify all the latest “gender fluidity” propaganda into law. It’s like Masters & Johnson meets Abbott & Costello. At least we could finally have our first female President, since Joe could declare himself to be a woman right after Inauguration Day, and nobody would dare suggest otherwise.


So, how is that Seattle police-free autonomous zone where security is maintained by peaceful protesters working out?

In a related story, the NYPD is considering a strike on the Fourth of July, so that New Yorkers who want to defund the police can find out what that would actually be like. Or you could stream the movie “The Warriors.”


Now that the America-hating rioters have destroyed and defaced virtually all of the real monuments to American history in Democrat-run cities, they’ve been reduced to destroying virtual statues of fictitious comic book American heroes. As part of the promotional materials for its upcoming “Marvel’s Avengers” video game, which takes place in a San Francisco abandoned by the heroes and run by supervillains, Marvel Comics released an image of “Heroes’ Park,” with a statue of the now-deceased Captain America.

That actually caused the Twitter mobs (Motto: “Scouring the world for anything to be outraged by!”) to express OUTRAGE that the image of a Captain America statue was released during this time when people are naturally expressing their anger over George Floyd’s death by smashing and burning other people’s property and other things that have no connection with it.

The game's maker, Japanese media company Square Enix, has a partnership with Marvel, which has recently become so woke that it’s almost turned into a comic book version of itself. So Square Enix instantly capitulated. They removed the image of the nonexistent stature of the fictitious superhero, and groveled, “We’ve heard your response to our recent post and agree that now was not the appropriate time to share this content from our game. We apologize for being insensitive.” It’s not even a real statue of a real American hero in a real park. It’s all just as made-up as the fake pain and OUTRAGE the people complaining about it claim to be feeling over it.

This has become beyond stupid. It’s now “super-stupid!” Although I suppose you could argue that a depiction of San Francisco that American heroes have abandoned and that is now being run by the criminals is closer to the reality of the current situation than anything you’re likely to see on CNN.


A UC-Berkeley law professor who opposed Donald Trump for President in 2016 has written a book about Trump’s dealings with the Constitution. If I were a betting man, I’d bet the farm that you couldn’t guess what he says about that subject.


Contrary to some nonsense recently in the news accusing Cracker Barrel restaurants of “feeling” racist because of the name, there’s a growing number of stories coming out of Cracker Barrel restaurants that remind us of what America is really like, and it’s nothing like the hateful tribalism described by the far-left. This is just the latest. If you need a little good news for a change, this is a small story that may give a big lift to your mood.


Hilarious Video! A group of conservative commentators (and one of the few remaining genuine liberals, Dave Rubin) created a parody of those self-righteous videos featuring celebrities, shot in black-and-white and set to weepy music, looking into the camera and telling us how they’re going to show us the way to ending injustice from their Beverly Hills mansions. This deserves double kudos because it’s so hard to parody a self-parody.


The latest venerable product to be considering a name-change because the name it’s had forever is suddenly considered “derogatory” and “racially insensitive” is (spin wheel)…”Eskimo Pies!”

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  • Marie Barrett

    06/24/2020 03:56 PM

    I wonder what is happening. I can't take your poll, it says website is undergoing updates and I have to continously send a request for your newsletters. currently I have signed up at least 5 times and still do not receive the morning addition. It is very difficult to be either a Mike Huckabee supporter and a deplorable. Love your efforts to be truthful.

  • Lana McLain

    06/24/2020 07:37 AM

    Could you address the "one-state" of Israel. Thank you.

  • Ben Johnston

    06/23/2020 07:52 PM

    How many of the late night talk show persons you named are actually citizens of the USA?

  • Ruby Howell

    06/23/2020 07:04 PM

    When will the stupidity ever end! I am sick of hearing about BLM. All lives matter! not just black. All this anger was against the police & now it is showing the true colors. When one dwells on something for so long they can work themselves into a frenzy. Instead of the anger destructive acts why not try to mend relations? No race is perfect but as the Bible teaches us" Come let us reason together! That is what "real adults"do. Peaceful protests are good, but when it gets to be nightfall a whole different destructive group shows up. Night fall because they can't be readily identified. Evil does it's work in the shadows !!!

  • Joyce Birch

    06/23/2020 05:02 PM

    Thanks Governor Mike for another great newsletter. You hit the nail on the head. I could go on forever about the politics, the mobs, & so on, but I'm so saddened to see what's doing with the governoring of the blue states. This is a movement beyond belief. I believe BLM is out to change everything our country stands for & to make sure the whites pay for 400 yrs. of history, which they or I weren't around. We are suppose to learn from history, good or bad. Of course History isn't taught in schools anyway, that's why these people are ignorant of America! Praying very hard for the President & our country!

  • Pauline Hall

    06/23/2020 04:14 PM

    Thank you Governor Huckabee for stating the truth with your unique way of putting things into perspective! I pray for you every day!
    This scripture came to mind today:
    "What man is he who desireth life, and loveth many days, that he may see good?
    Keep thy tongue from evil, and they lips from speaking guile.
    Depart from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it." Psalm 34:12-13

    If only people would follow this advice, our country would be a different place today!
    Keep up the good work, and may God continue to bless you!!

  • Jerry Korba

    06/23/2020 12:40 PM

    On Nov 3rd if the country does not overwhelming return the 3 branches of Government to the Conservative rule I believe it will be time to reinforce our homes with more weapons and ammunition and security pull out our monetary resources and live like next month may be your last. I an so ready to cancel cable TV the lunacy it provides is discussing. All the racial bickering is brought to by the loony Left the police issue is targeting the urban areas our police department is great I respect it. Oh I get an eye open wider when a police car follows me although I try very hard to obey the laws My vehicle may be suspicious although I am not I am just a guy that loves a good restaurant fun music and good nature. Also I am old not in the mood for violence like our young people going thru a crisis in their life; been there done that my advice to them take a few years off your violent behavior. Life is great even if it hurts to move around its so much better while being peaceful Look young people when you work for something you will respect the item more than a short feeling of greed if you steal take some time off let your brains mature you may live a little longer don't fight the police they want to live also they get into survival mode in a second when you confront neither situation is good. Sounds simple because it is.

  • Phyllis Lambert

    06/23/2020 12:03 PM

    Thank you, Governor!

  • rae bartsch

    06/23/2020 10:42 AM

    mike ur great

  • Joan Saltz

    06/23/2020 09:38 AM

    Where are the Patriots and people of faith?

    Why aren't they standing against Black Lives Matters? BLM doesn't give a fig about Black lives. If they did they would be talking about abortion of black babies,school choice, single mothers, black on black violence and other issues that are important to the black communities.

    BLM is only interested in destroying America. They are allowed to destroy monuments that are important to our history, only to humiliate and shame Americans.

    Corporations that are donating money to them should NOT be receiving any Federal funds. Its's our money that is paying to destroy our Country!!

    Why aren't the Churches standing against them and speaking the truth? I guess they are all just Fake like the News that is reporting on the peaceful demonstrations...


  • Gwen Bish

    06/23/2020 08:30 AM

    He cannot listen to Fauci, he is evil and part of the deep state. He needs to FIRE him or he may lose in November. This country can NEVER be shut down again, ever for any reason (except maybe nuclear radiation fallout). Fauci's advice destroyed this country's small businesses & economy. Bottom line: If the president doesn’t bench Fauci soon and reject his endless calls for extreme mitigation measures, he’s likely to join 46 million on the unemployment line come November.

  • Jerry

    06/23/2020 07:52 AM

    I wonder what the immigration scene will be like if a leftist wins the 3 branches of government I doubt immigration will be much of a problem after a term of leftist rule, the country will look like most of the socialists countries around the world. Why would people come for the leftovers

  • Jim Brown

    06/23/2020 07:50 AM

    I watch your show every Saturday night. It is great. Keith Bilbrey is a friend of mine. He grew up in Cookeville, TN. His mom and dad were also good friends of mine.

    I am waiting and hope Sarah will be the next Governor of Arkansas.

  • J HUFF

    06/23/2020 06:06 AM

    Your column re-inspires me. I get worn down with the loud, crazy voices and actions. I am counting on the November election to know I am not alone. Our elections have to remain honest!

  • Tim Touchstone

    06/23/2020 04:14 AM

    Governor, has Nabisco capitulated yet. I feel "threatened" by their Saltine CRACKERS!

  • Douglas Pinckney

    06/23/2020 01:36 AM

    Why aren't their armed police or military standing watch over our historical hero's of this country? It's going to cost a lot more to have them replaced than to pay for armed security standing watch protecting them...

    Did you hear the latest from Dictator Newsom? He has already gone through some legislation and written a law for a new tax which is supposed to be a fund for the black American to repay for their horrible past.
    There is No one living who is or has been a slave, nor any parents, grandparents or possibly any 2nd generation grandparents who were. This has got to end...Now. The racists are the people protesting, rioting, and calling everyone who isn't for BLM racist. They keep racism alive by continuing to keep the rhetoric alive. Every time I hear, "the first Black person to be this or that", or the first Hispanic this or that". If we are to be equal already, why is every minority needing to lay claim?

    Honestly though, the people who actually have the right to be protesting, but they're not, is the indigenous peoples who were brutally treated and murdered by our people not that long ago. I'm not trying to get a new rally cry started...just putting some perspective on the issues of today.

  • Sarah Bassett

    06/23/2020 12:20 AM

    I am praying AOC will lose to Michelle C.C. Two years of AOC, which stands for her Arrogant-Obnoxious-Contentious personality, is enough to last us all a lifetime. Thank you very much!!! I pray we will be rewarded with freedom from this pest of a person. May God rest her soul elsewhere. No more of her forever. Amen.

  • Dusty

    06/22/2020 10:58 PM

    Gov. I know you have a way to get into the President and hope you can tell him we out here have had enough of this protest rioting and taking down our cities and our history . This is my history of the South. No more can continue again in front of the church by you and to desecrate. You get arrested for these things tell them to get out and go away or there are troops and if you are there you are arrested . Take a beautiful city Seattle and move in and the majority of the people are in prison business cannot operate one guy is boarded up said he is going to Az. No more. So many tried to say the President cannot call out the military police oh I think now he can. Went to far and keeps going and no more about these two men killed when they killed 100 plus a child in Chicago. You talk to him and say his presidency is not worth this do what is right and take his chance win or lose now ? Show his guts.

  • David Arron

    06/22/2020 10:50 PM

    We have to see this for what it is. It is NOT about George Floyd, or BLM or racism. This is about a movement to fundamentally change America similar to the way the Russian revolution changed Russia to Communism. This is an attempt to power grab by using the universities and minorities to obtain power from the majority. We MUST reverse this on Election Day or the inmates will be running the asylum.

  • Jimmy Humphrey

    06/22/2020 10:43 PM

    Black, white, brown, yellow lives MATTER. God has the whole world in His hands.
    God is in control.

  • Renee Kendrick

    06/22/2020 10:21 PM

    What a country! What a year so far! The devil is having his day! The chaotic state of this nation is SO heartbreaking! I was SO proud of the president Saturday night. He ripped the Democrats up one side and down the other. I hope many more eyes were opened by what the USA would be like if we have a blue government ever again. It would be disastrous! I back the blue when it comes to police officers but not politicians. In God's word it say to do all things decently and in order! Well, the radical Dems want a nation and a life with no boundaries. Unfortunately, there are three boundaries they cannot eliminate...existing (living) outside their own bodies on this earth, the earth's rotation around the sun, and gravity. The change in this nation starts with each individual. Every person needs to be respectful and become respectable. There are many who need some good teaching about what is right and what is wrong. Violence, vengeance, rioting, and rage are not the answers. Two wrongs do not make a right. No matter what is done as an expression of negative emotions, history cannot be changed! The past is the past. It can only be forgiven! The prejudice racists are the ones who cry such words. The Lord is not prejudiced. He saves people from every race. The Christians from every race need to band together and show the unbelievers in this nation what unity is all about! The voice of the Lord needs to be heard across this country!!! HE is in control! HALLELUJAH!

  • Casey Eckert

    06/22/2020 09:55 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, Americans NEED YOUR HELP!! Who can we turn to (our elected politicians are NOT listening, our local leaders aren't listening, our church leaders aren't listening, etc.) to STOP the destruction, looting, rioting, violence against the elderly and white women? WHAT CAN WE DO? I don't want to see vigilantes, or a civil war, but I'm hearing more and more of that kind of talk and it scares me, my family, and my friends to death. PLEASE OFFER SOME DIRECTION! Thank you.

  • Edward Teraskiewicz

    06/22/2020 09:38 PM

    Get her out

  • Trudy Martin

    06/22/2020 09:36 PM

    I hope she loses big time and her district has "wised" up!

  • Daniel Craft

    06/22/2020 08:46 PM

    WOW! You said a mouthful tonight Mike. I'm going to have to red it at least three more time, plus check all the links. All interesting, to the point, and very informing. Thanks!