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July 13, 2023

President Biden just wrapped up a NATO summit in Lithuania, and I think you can tell from headlines like these that it didn’t go all that swimmingly.

The President’s staff at these events is usually busy with putting out press releases, getting him fully prepared for speeches and meetings and ensuring he’s where he needs to be on time. Biden’s staff has to devote most of its time to making up excuses for why he can’t form a coherent sentence or leave the stage without tripping over an invisible person, or doesn’t show up at all.

This is also hard on the Democrat sycophant media, who have been forced to adapt their excuses from “That’s just Republican lies” to “He’s always been nasty and incoherent, that’s just Joe being Joe” to being now reduced to fuming about his staff not doing a good enough job of helping him cover up the fact that he’s incapable of doing the job due to age-related infirmities.

I don’t think that’s going to be as effective a message as they hope it is. Particularly with so many people now noticing that no matter how many coats of paint they put on the house, it still has bats in the attic.

If they want to put a more positive spin on the fact that that a bunch of ghouls are exploiting an 80-year-old man in an attempt to cling to power and make money, but it’s backfiring because the public can see through it, then I suggest they try calling Biden “The Indiana Jones of Presidents.”

By the way, for those wondering about what happened at the NATO summit other than trying to get Joe Biden through it in one piece, here’s a recap from Redstate’s military analyst.

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