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September 18, 2017 |


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Today's Commentary:  Hateful video abusive to children-- Federal judge rules -- Tucker is on the case  -- Frank's good job -- NYT hypocrisy -- News Bits 

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It’s time to stop using young children to make the political and social statements of adults.

We see this during campaign season, typically online. Scriptwriters craft edgy and sometimes even nasty phrases for little kids to say, concerning things that they (the kids, and sometimes the scriptwriters) know virtually nothing about. We’re getting used to watching it. But now that two little boys, one black and one white, have been used in an atrocious rap video that I can describe only as “hate porn,” I say it’s time to stop using kids this way, period.

We have strong laws against child porn. Our society has agreed that using a child in this way for adult entertainment is the worst kind of child abuse. But putting children way too young to give consent into a shocking depiction of obscene violence to make someone else’s social statement is abusive as well.

Perhaps you’ve seen the video in question, the one in which two little boys stand quietly onstage with a noose hanging between them. (I won’t reference the name of the sick “artist” who made this.) The silent question is, “Which boy do we hang?” Then the noose is slipped over the white boy’s head and around his neck, and he is lifted high enough so that only his legs are seen dangling. His legs kick and then become still.

A few viewers --- including the white child’s mother who gave consent --- say they “understand the vision” and that the boys are there to represent innocence. But most have been deeply disturbed and angered by what they see as a detestable, wretched, perverted message. The internet is forever, and those two boys are going to be a part of that sickening “vision” for as long as they live.

According to a FOX News report, the casting director for the project admitted it was challenging to find a parent who would give permission. Well, there’s one small thing to be glad about.

But this video went up on Facebook and has been viewed many thousands of times. If social media are serious when they profess to have a social conscience, it’s time for them to stop facilitating the exploitation of children in this way. Let’s make our own statement about the innocence of children, by protecting them from the vulgarity and hate of those who would exploit them.



Mike Huckabee



Federal judge rules

By Mike Huckabee

Friday, a federal judge sided with Chicago officials in a lawsuit against the Trump Justice Department, ruling that it can’t withhold federal grant money from “sanctuary cities” that refuse to abide by federal law and cooperate with immigration officials. And where is this federal judge? If you guessed “Chicago,” you win an autographed picture of Mike Ditka!



Tucker is on the case

By Mike Huckabee

If you were watching Tucker Carlson’s show Thursday, then you saw him interview John Jay College of Criminal Justice professor and Antifa activist Michael Isaacson. If so, then your reaction upon first sight of Isaacson was probably the same as Tucker’s: “Are you really a college professor?” And after hearing him try to explain why the First Amendment doesn’t apply to people whom you assume are going to say things that lead to violence so it’s okay to use violence to preemptively silence them, you probably thought: “No, seriously, are you REALLY a college professor?”

Well, the answer to that question might soon be, “Not anymore.” It’s not a good idea to go on national TV before wiping your Twitter feed of some of the outrageous tweets that are unbecoming of a professor, like saying it’s a privilege to teach “future dead cops.”


Frank's good job

By Mike Huckabee

In a week filled with scary and depressing news, one of the few bright spots came on Friday. An enterprising 10-year-old boy named Frank Giaccio who mows his neighbors’ lawns to earn money wrote to President Trump, saying he admired his business background and asking if he could mow the White House lawn to “show what young people are ready for.” He normally charges $8, but was willing to do it for free.

The letter became so popular that his wish was granted on Friday, and as he started to push the mower, Trump surprised him with a personal visit. He high-fived Frank, praised the good job he did, and said he could be a Navy SEAL or even President someday (we already know he likely won’t be a Democrat because he wanted to do something for the government instead of having the government do something for him.) It made for an inspiring story and a cool photo-op.

Except, of course…the same people who attack Donald Trump for everything from flossing his teeth to breathing inexplicably attacked him for this, too. They accused him of violating child labor laws and of trying to get cheap labor to mow his lawn rather than an adult union member (sorry, but it’s pro-illegal immigration liberals who are desperate for sub-union-wage labor to do their landscaping work.)

Maybe it’s time to start a telethon to cure the terrible brain-wasting disease of Trump Derangement Syndrome. The problem is finding celebrities to appear when so many of them are sufferers themselves.



NYT Hypocrisy

By Mike Huckabee

In 2009, the New York Times editorial board blasted Senate Republicans for using “blue slips” to block Obama judicial appointees. On Friday, the same editors blasted Senate Republicans for trying to keep Democrats from using blue slips to obstruct Trump judicial nominees. The paper accused the Republicans of hypocrisy. Say, you know else is displaying both hypocrisy and a complete lack of self-awareness?

This is why today’s liberals believe in situational ethics. Without them, they’d have no ethics at all.


News Bits

Warning: If you live in a blue state, politicians might be treating your pension fund as a political weapon instead of an investment.



If the constant nasty, divisive rhetoric from Hollywood has you turned off to the entertainment industry, here’s a reminder that some music artists have better things to do with their time. Like these Christian hip-hop and gospel performers who are taking the lead in helping rebuild Houston after the flood.



A LaCrosse, Wisconsin, church was vandalized with anti-Christian and obscene graffiti during LGBT Pride Week. Proud?



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