February 22, 2022

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Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

John 14:27 KJV

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RIP Bob Beckel

I’m sorry to have to report that Democratic political adviser and commentator Bob Beckel died Monday at 73.

One of the original members of Fox News’ “The Five,” Beckel was an old-style liberal who defended his center-left views but believed in finding common ground and that politics didn’t have to mean hating someone who disagrees with you. That was clear from the tributes to him by conservatives such as Cal Thomas and Sean Hannity, who called Beckel a “dear friend” and said Beckel had a key to his house and his kids called him “Uncle Bill.” Laura Ingraham called him a liberal you could fight with, then have a laugh after.

Sadly, most of today’s liberals not only don’t laugh after having a fight with conservatives, they seemingly never laugh at all, or even talk to anyone with different views. Tulsi Gabbard is a rare exception.

I know many of my readers weren’t fans of Bob Beckel, but as long as there are going to be liberals, I wish more of them were like him.

No Surprise

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since I’ve been making this point ever since leftists got into office and started legalizing crime and defunding police in the name of “racial equity,” but it's now confirmed that the most common victims of those high-crime policies are the same as the victims of the BLM/Antifa “racial justice” riots: African-Americans. They saw their businesses looted and burned, their homes destroyed, and they got none of the money raked in by BLM to help them rebuild.

Now, even the New York Times has run an essay detailing the way the surge in crime under “progressive” DA’s is disproportionately harming black people. For instance, in New York City, from 2019 to 2021, murders went up 52% and shootings 104%. And despite being a small percentage of the population, black New Yorkers were the victims in 65% of murders and 74% of shootings.

The people responsible for these policies love branding others as racists. But what would they call a group of people who champion policies that result in destroying black neighborhoods and murdering innocent black people? They’d probably accuse them of being in the KKK, until they realized they were looking in a mirror.

Rhetorically Gutting John Oliver’s Arguments like a Trout

Some people think they’re very informed about current events and prove it by sharing clips of late night “comedians” dispensing leftist talking points that are no more “facts” than they are jokes. Some of the most insufferable clips come from John Oliver, who’s made a career out of smug-splaining. On his most recent show, he decided to lecture all us Neanderthals on how Critical Race Theory is just a legal concept that’s only taught on the graduate school level and isn’t in lower grades at all, and that all the backlash over it is just due to us misinformed rump-scratchers who watch Fox News.

I could list the many ways in which he got this wrong, from school boards that publish guidelines explicitly including CRT to his logical inconsistency in denying that it exists while accusing its critics of exaggerating it by citing only the worst examples. If it doesn’t exist, how could there be ANY examples? Fortunately, I don’t have to because anti-CRT campaigner Christopher Rufo, who was specifically attacked by Oliver, responded quite well. Then Andrew Follett wrote an epic twitter thread that guts Oliver’s arguments like a trout.

Definition of a Defamation Lawsuit

We already know, courtesy of the attorneys for Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg, that falsely calling someone a racist and white supremacist isn’t legally actionable because it’s just a personal opinion and isn’t necessary fact-based (surprise, surprise!) But what about publicly branding someone a racist and a white supremacist AND a murderer, even after he’s been acquitted? Is that grounds for a defamation lawsuit?

Some celebrities and news figures may be about to find out, thanks to Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyers.


A leader of the Canadian truckers’ protest finally got a bail hearing, five days after being arrested.

Yep, holding protesters in jail for inordinate lengths of time without a bail hearing or formal charges is definitely a sign that you are dealing with a despotic regime. Too bad he didn’t just commit a carjacking or an armed robbery. Then he could’ve been out the next morning with no bail.

Not in Alabama

Crime is surging in blue states, but not in Alabama, and here’s a clue why:

11-year-old Chris Gaither of Talladega was home alone when a man broke into the house and started robbing it. Chris grabbed a 9mm handgun and told him to leave or he’d kill him. The intruder apparently didn’t think he was serious or it wasn’t a real gun, and ignored him. So Chris started firing. One bullet went through the burglar’s loot bag and into his leg. Chris said, “And he started crying like a little baby.”

At last report, police were still searching for the man, who is believed to have broken into that same house before. But I bet he won’t do it again. Chris has this message for him: “I hope you learned your lesson for trying to come to this house and steal stuff.”

Personally, I hope the next “Home Alone” sequel is set in Alabama.

I Just Wanted to Say:

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Comments 1-10 of 14

  • Jerry

    02/23/2022 07:39 PM

    I hope Kyle Rittenhouse sends all the letters to the haters and sees them in court I would like to see a lot of money change hands for their purpose to play judge jury and executioner while attempting to poison the jury pool and put an innocent man in jail for life ; low life people with lots of money should lose a lot of their money and assets till they learn to let law and order take its turn

  • Jerry

    02/23/2022 12:18 PM

    This country does not need to worry about Russia cybersecurity according to psaki biden has security in control don’t worry about an invasion of our country biden says the country does not have any borders do not worry about crime biden says the country does not have any laws biden says energy shortages are not real just the price of gasoline and heating energy is now more expensive Americans are hurting democrats approve of this biden the fool parents biden just want the parents to raise your children hunter biden is the poster boy for your children’s life style in the future brought to you by Joe and Jill biden

  • Jacqueline Johnson

    02/23/2022 10:59 AM

    Way to go, Chris Gaither. This is why you teach your kids how to safely handle guns and that guns are not toys. Chris did a very good job in what had to be a very stressful situation.

  • Stephen Russell

    02/23/2022 09:32 AM

    Can we end this mask game
    Elites DONT wear so why should we?
    Makes sense
    Do a survey, poll
    & this includes service staff for events too

  • Stephen Russell

    02/23/2022 09:30 AM

    Miss Beckel he was better than Juan Williams on The 5
    U could talk to him

  • Jerry

    02/23/2022 09:23 AM

    Biden's administration needs to stay out of the way of the more intellectuals in foreign affairs. Biden is less than a stooge when he interacts with foreign affairs. Our country has to regain energy independence before we meddle in others affairs we are way to weak with this president to help anyone when we can not help ourselves. America "elected" a total buffoon to the Oval Office and consequences are in full view. Imagine if you can, 80 million people thought this hollow person is capable of leading a Free Freedom World. The snake is out of the bag about America's intellect, politicians talk about how smart Americans are, well we have 80 million people that does not meet the criteria as smart; more Fake information the world is stunned as I am. America has more people with less IQ in comparison to the IQ of 2016. Misery will increase for the American thanks to the MSM and the American Education system. I know what a downer! explain where I went wrong; I love America when the MSM is omitted and biden is omitted I love most of my Americans however I watch where I go and that space is growing smaller where I can find great Americans. Large urban space is a no go DC is a no go scum rats filth is not America. Keep the low life communist contained put a wall around DC NYC LA Chicago Mlps. Atl. let them rot then when the process is over clean it out and start over. No one loves living with Cancer.

  • Jerry

    02/23/2022 07:29 AM

    A morning female anchor on Fox News is blaming Russia for increase’s in grocery prices she in my view continues to be a nitwit although she seems very nice. I doubt she understands what a tractor news to operate fuel oil parts made from oil base products time needed to cultivate the fields plant the fields fertilize the field irrigation for the fields harvest the products dry and transport the product finally turn the product into product for the consumer Russia does not work for America Americans produce our products from fields to stores America can produce its own oil and most of food source not Russia I do not want our lower IQ sector to be indoctrinated by Fox And Friends morning anchors.

  • Jerry

    02/23/2022 07:11 AM

    Sanctions on Russia may not be effective with China backing Russia biden is nothing more than a barking dog irritating as he is biden is ineffective or just plain a disaster in any political action biden has been involved with. biden needs to get our oil and gas out of our ground to serve this country and then supply our allies around the world plain and so simple to bring back civility to our planet Obama and biden has failed most of people on this planet and so have the people of democratic indoctrination

  • James Evart

    02/23/2022 01:30 AM

    They are called "SUBMISSION MASKS" FOR A REASON.

  • Paul Kern

    02/22/2022 09:48 PM

    A lot of chaos the left is pushing. I hope Kyle gets his day in court and the left bigots and racists have to pay.
    Trudeau is pulling a "Castro" with the help of his fellow Nazis. I just pray daily for God to move. A lot is going on here in Washington. So many RINOs