August 10, 2021

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  • Shhhh!! The most underreported story of the week...
  • Nice Reader Testimonial
  • Liberals Fleeing California For Austin, Texas
  • DeSantis Doesn't Want To Hear It
  • Biden Pushes The Plunger
  • You Might Want To Watch It
  • America The Beautiful
  • Private Jets
  • A Six-Year Court Battle


Mike Huckabee


22 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.

James 1:22

Shhhh!! The most underreported story of the week...

By Mike Huckabee

In the most underreported story of the week, Mike Lindell’s three-day cyber web symposium on 2020 election fraud kicked off Tuesday morning. Have you heard much about it yet?

Lindell is hosting the event from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and says it will feature 65 forensic cyber experts who are challenging the official results of the Biden/Trump presidential election. It will include a recreation of the vote count “in real time,” he says, so viewers can have a better understanding of what unfolded on November 3 and into the wee hours of November 4.

He’s offering $5 million to anyone who can show that the evidence he presents is “not cyber data from the November 2020 election.”

Let me say up front that we have no advance knowledge of the evidence Lindell plans to present at his event. I know Mike and he’s been a guest on my TBN show, but we promise to analyze his evidence as independently and objectively as possible (we’re not cyber experts) and report the findings as honestly and spin-free as we can.

We’d like to think Lindell has the goods, but whether or not he can show that voting machines were, or even could be, hacked (we have no idea), there’s plenty that still arouses suspicion about hanky-panky on Election Night. And, no, it has NOT been “debunked.” That doesn’t mean it’s been proven –- it has not –- but it can’t just be discarded, either, unless one’s agenda depends on it being discarded.

Some of Lindell’s critics wish he’d concentrate on those other reasons to suspect cheating, such as problems with mail-in ballots, and view the voting machine issue as a distraction. I see their point, but have a question for them: If there ARE security problems with electronic voting, shouldn’t we find that out before the next election?

Anyway, Lindell has invited people from across the political spectrum –- some reports say thousands of invitees –- and at this writing, we don’t really know who’s going to be there. He says he’s invited cyber experts, politicians and media. One we do know: Nancy Pelosi said she had a scheduling conflict and won’t attend. (Those hair appointments are hard to change!) But I don’t think anyone will miss her.

Lindell is hoping the event will attract hundreds of millions of viewers and be “the most watched live event in history.” That will be a good trick with the almost-total news and social media blackout on it. “I believe people are going tune in,” he said. “I want them to watch whether they’re a Democrat or Republican, or liberal or conservative. This is America, and we, and every person needs to see this, and say, ‘What are we going to do about it?’”

Of course, that’s the big question. Lindell actually has claimed that he can show the election should have gone the other way, but what he’s taken the most heat for is his prediction in March that former President Trump would be re-installed as President by August. For one thing, it’s already August, and for another, it just doesn’t work that way. For one thing, there would have to be formal impeachment proceedings in the (Democrat) House and removal of Biden by two-thirds of the (barely Democrat) Senate. And we know how the Democrats would react to even the most compelling proof: by draping it with the Cloak of Invisibility.

NEWSMAX, which --- unlike FOX NEWS --- did agree to run Lindell’s ad for the symposium, issued a statement that it does not endorse ads and that it accepts the 2020 election results as “legal and final.”

Predictably, left-wing news outlets such as MEDIA MATTERS made fun of Lindell as a right-wing conspiracy theorist and criticized him as a threat to democracy itself. Some on the right are exasperated, with Matt Margolis at PJ MEDIA saying he should “go back to selling pillows,” expressing admiration for his vocal support of Trump while saying he “jumped the shark” when he said Trump would be President again by August.

As you might know, Lindell pulled his “MyPillow” advertising from FOX NEWS after they wouldn’t run his ad for the symposium. The ad doesn’t make any claims about election fraud, only about the importance of this event, and it invites everyone to tune in –- and tell everyone they know to do the same. Then it offers some great deals on pillows and other MyPillow products, which, as you might imagine, are more challenging to sell these days.

So let’s tune in to as much of this symposium as we can and see what he’s got. I promise you a full report. And let me just put in a word for MyPillow and, especially, Giza Dream Sheets. Those sheets are fantastic to sleep on and oversized to fit the thickest mattress.

Just like he says.

By the way, here’s an example of problems on election night that have nothing to do with wilder claims of foreign countries hacking the voting machines to make Biden President. When a ballot shows that more than one candidate in the same race has been marked, it is deemed an “overvote” and is handed over to an election worker to review. JUST THE NEWS has seen what was going on with some of these “adjudicated” ballots in Fulton County, Georgia, and it’s not pretty.

Every election has ballots that have to be adjudicated –- remember the nightmare of the “hanging chads” in Florida in the Bush-Gore race –- but in 2020, hundreds of thousands of people in Georgia were voting absentee for the first time and that meant many more ballots were mis-marked and, shall we say, open to interpretation. And in Fulton County, the rules apparently weren’t clear and consistently applied, and they weren’t even in writing, but passed along verbally.

JUST THE NEWS got ballot images through an open records act request; Fulton County officials would not respond to questions regarding what they found. More than 5,000 of the 148,000 absentee ballots processed through Fulton County --- about 3 percent --- required “some form of human intervention,” they report. "Mistakes" in the adjudication process alone were not enough to have changed the outcome of the election, they say, but this is one more potentially contributing factor. We’d second what they conclude, that “[these ballots] reveal an imperfect system vulnerable to chaos, subjectivity, or political dirty tricks, especially in a county like Fulton where state officials documented widespread irregularities and misconduct and now want to take over election counting.”

Nice Reader Testimonial

"I absolutely love your posts, your great understanding of what’s really going on and the real truth you bring. You are amongst the Fighters for our country! Jesus loves you and the whole world."

Liberals Fleeing California For Austin, Texas

By Mike Huckabee

A look at how wealthy liberals from Silicon Valley and Hollywood (aka, Silicone Valley), having fouled their own nests by voting for disastrous leftist policies, are now swarming into Austin, Texas, and ruining it by voting for the same idiotic policies whose results they just fled.

My writers live in suburban Dallas and are particularly concerned about this. After their last visit to Austin, they swore never to return again until it was under Republican management. They’re also all in favor of building a wall around the entire Texas border.

DeSantis Doesn't Want To Hear It

By Mike Huckabee

Here's yet another reason why Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said he doesn’t want to hear a blip out of President Biden about how Governors aren’t doing enough to stop the spread of COVID.

Biden Pushes The Plunger

By Mike Huckabee

I hate having to say this, but someone should tell President Biden not to try dunking on political opponents by making jokes that imply he can’t remember their names. That’s bound to blow up in his face like Wile E. Coyote’s TNT plunger.

You Might Want To Watch This

By Mike Huckabee

I’m going to assume most of my readers don’t watch Bill Maher’s show, but you might want to watch Ben Shapiro do to the mindlessly dishonest leftwing arguments of MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance what high school biology students do to pickled frogs:

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Denali National Park & Preserve, visit its website here.

Private Jets

By Mike Huckabee

The New York Post’s Maureen Callahan pointed out that all the celebrities at Obama’s party who preach draconian COVID measures for us peasants while ignoring them for themselves were actually indulging in at least two layers of hypocrisy. Many of these same people also routinely preach to us about cutting down our carbon footprint because we’re destroying the Earth with climate change. But guess how most of those A-listers got to Martha’s Vineyard? You guessed it: on a swarm of private jets.

And yes, one of the guests who arrived via private jet was “climate czar” John Kerry. I’d actually be more surprised if he hadn’t.

A Six-Year Court Battle

By Mike Huckabee

It’s outrageous that this took a six-year court battle – indeed, that it should even have been an issue at all – but a federal court has finally entered a permanent injunction blocking the ACA’s (“Affordable Care Act” or Obamacare) mandate forcing all medical providers, even religious hospitals, to provide abortions and gender transition treatments.

The court found that the mandate, with its threats of fines and civil liability for noncompliance, created a substantial burden on the rights of Christian medical practitioners and was in clear violation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Of course, this will continue dragging on through the courts until the SCOTUS finally rules on it, and let’s hope they have the wisdom and the guts to rule as correctly and decisively as this court did. If the government forcing Christian medical practitioners to perform abortions and elective mutilations isn’t a burden on their freedom of conscience, what is?

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Comments 1-10 of 19

  • Jo Holland

    08/12/2021 12:01 PM

    It only takes JUST ONE out of the hundreds of thousands flowing across our open borders with the knowledge to make a bomb or suicide vest! It only takes JUST ONE to bring another strain of whatever virus to infect us again! My fear is just how much time do we have before it happens?

  • Russell Haley

    08/11/2021 11:51 AM


    The cyber symposium is the biggest event in the world. I'm a senior computer programmer in Canada. I have designed and developed complex distributed applications not dissimilar from an election system. I have worked with all of these technologies: Databases, encyrption, software, networking, pcaps.

    The importance of this conference cannot be over stated. The electronic evidence is real and has been independently verified by other evidence. There is a physicist that has shown that each state has an algorithm (recipe) that can be applied to all the counties in that state to predict the voter registrations *AND* the number of ballots submitted.

    The election is false. The exculpatory evidence is real. No conspiracy: hard cold facts.

    The Liberal Party of Canada almost exclusively won in ridings that used electronic voting machines. This is also a Canadian issue.

  • Carlene Wilburn

    08/11/2021 11:04 AM

    Please help us pray against Governor Bill Lee from Tennessee and his executive order to put people in concentration camps in our state. Communism. He is supporting separating families, not allowing them to work to pay bills and feed their families. Holocaust all over again!!
    Please pray with us.
    Thank you

  • Merrill Donald Beattie

    08/11/2021 10:46 AM

    This will be a short note, but I hope one that has some meat on the bone. I think that a much better way assure fairness in elections would be to limit the amount of money anyone could spend on their campaigns. The amount allowed would vary with the office one was seeking. It would be policed to assure that everyone got the same bang for their buck. Any media found guilty of not doing this would be exempted from participating in the election process in any form. Our important elected offices should not be for sale to the highest bidder, but should go to the people that can best stretch the dollar to their advantage. As in all things we should guarantee equal opportunity, but not equal results. Thank You, Merrill Beattie, Winder Ga

  • Gale Woolsey

    08/11/2021 12:49 AM

    Without a doubt in my mind the 2020 elections are as fraudulent and unethical as they get. Kudos to Mike Lindell in pushing for the truth! By his comments about Trump being President again by August, I interpret it as the truth and proof will be revealed by the end of this month. The truth would be revealed that “Ole Joe” was never President; therefore, no impeachment necessary. Instead start passing those handcuffs out with plenty of them! I wouldn’t even worry about the crowded jail cells for them all. These criminals could join the thousands of migrants “locked up in cages” along the Southern border. Give them a dose of Obama’s policies! It’s a far cry from what they truly deserve!

    May God continue to bless your family, Mike! Give Janet a hug for me!

    Always, Daddy’s girl (LR) Gale

  • Jean Carter

    08/10/2021 09:56 PM

    It is time to end liberal privilege.

  • Robin Rebhan

    08/10/2021 08:54 PM

    RE: " Biden Pushes The Plunger ". someone should tell President Biden not to try dunking on political opponents by making jokes that imply he can’t remember their names.
    Mike, if I remember right, Joe can't remember that he can't remember.

  • Jerry

    08/10/2021 04:18 PM

    How many people give a shitff about Obama and his BD party or himself I avoid Dog shitff like as I do with most people of that nature, biden harris and that type of collection would need more than booze to endure those boorish types. Maybe a sleeping pill would help being at that group's get together. Can one think of a possible American value that could exist with that roll call to be invited to that party one would have to have seduced The American taxpayer to a minimum of 10 million dollars to get on the list. The taxpayer paid for that party thats what may so many of them smile.. Jokes on you Americans embrace your idols.

  • Pat J Green

    08/10/2021 04:06 PM

    I know that left wing idiots are working overtime to take over Austin, and in some cases they are, but I would like to point out the most recent voting in Austin. That mayor of there's tryed to take all city power into his office by doing away with the city managers office and all city managers duties would go to the mayor, the voting citizens of Austin said no. Also the voting citizens of Austin said they wanted no more homeless encampment on city property. And just a side note of the homeless in Austin. My son in law who is an Austin police since they have been defending the police he been make a large amount in overtime at the homeless hotels the city purchased ,

  • Galen Rhoades

    08/10/2021 03:47 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, Thank you very much for your honesty in your promise to review the Lindell symposium and provide an evaluation. I suspect that Mr. Lindell may have a lot to offer re the election as does Sidney Powell and others.

    As a conservative, however, it does concern me that some statements and claims from our political perspective seem to lack credibility to say the least. We should not buy into every claim that is made without adequate verifiable evidence. Opinions are certainly acceptable but presented as fact without verifiable related evidence is wrong -- whether "conservative" or "progressive".

    Wisdom should dictate that we evaluate and accept facts though they may not always agree with our stated positions. Uncovering legitimate related facts is often very difficult in this time of loose talk and emotional upheaval.

    Thanks for keeping a cool head and yet taking a strong stand on some very important issues.