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April 23, 2021

If you listen to the mainstream media (which you shouldn’t, by the way), you’d think that “rightwing” websites and news channels are the source of all the “disinformation” in America. This from the people who gave us two years’ worth of fake “Russian collusion” hysteria and the Brian Sicknick was killed by a flying fire extinguisher story. But studies have shown that conservatives tend to be better informed on current events. Here’s another study that shows just how wildly the left has been misinformed about the current claim that racist police are gunning down unarmed black people constantly.

I’ve previously referred to this study by the Skeptic Research Center, but Kyle Becker at Trending Politics took a deep dive into the numbers, and they’re shocking. It found that the more liberal people claimed to be, the more they overestimated the number of police shootings of black suspects, to a staggering degree.

For instance, when asked to guess how many unarmed black males were killed by police in 2019, 31.43% of those who self-identified as very liberal guessed “about 1,000,” while 14.29% guessed “about 10,000.” The actual number was 27. Those who merely identified as “liberal” were a little closer, but not much.

When asked what proportion of suspects killed by police were black, liberals and “very liberals” guessed 56-60%. It was actually 24.9%, which is pretty much in line with the proportion of total arrests (26.6%.) The rest were 51% white, 19% Hispanic, 2% Asian and 2% Native American. Ninety-one percent of suspects shot were determined to have been armed with some sort of weapon.

Over the past six years, there were an average of 21 unarmed black males per year shot and killed by police, which out of a population of 20 million means about a one-in-a-million chance.

Just to be clear: any police shooting should be thoroughly investigated, especially any that involves the death of an unarmed suspect. All human life is precious (those of us on the pro-life side have been saying that for years), and there must be accountability for the loss of life where it’s warranted. If reforms in police training and procedures can help lower that number without making confrontations with suspects even more dangerous for cops, then everyone should agree that it’s a good idea (Republican Sen. Tim Scott already presented a police reform bill that Democrats refused to bring to a vote.)

But for the President of the United States to tell African-Americans that they must live in fear of their children being randomly shot by racist cops as they walk home from the grocery store is a politically-motivated lie that does nothing but frighten and mislead the public, polarize the nation and create racial divisions, suspicions and hatred that are tearing this country apart.

Where are all those social media “fact-checkers” who banned Trump for every joke or hyperbole but who allow Biden to spew such toxic disinformation?

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  • D L Chapman

    04/24/2021 07:48 PM

    Mike, you have explained it perfectly, but unfortunately , with all the MSM lies and leftist hyperbole the truth will be smothered under an avalanche of "feelings" and complete "falsehoods"!!

  • Richard Judycki jr

    04/23/2021 07:41 PM

    That is a very true story al though I wish that I could here some better. News