May 8, 2021

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  • "Huckabee" Preview
  • Arizona Election Audit Update
  • Let me wish you a Happy Mother's Day while I still can
  • Jobs report reveals the ugly truth about a Biden economy
  • Great suggestion: Revoke their tax breaks
  • A pointless investigation of President Trump has finally been dropped
  • A Reader Writes Back...


Mike Huckabee


And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:7

"Huckabee" Preview

By Mike Huckabee

Join me tonight for a special Mother’s Day weekend edition of “Huckabee” on TBN! I’ll put on an apron and try to help the Food Network’s “Retro Rad Chef,” Emily Ellyn, whip up a special brunch any mom will love. I’ll also welcome one of the Senate’s leading conservative voices, Sen. Josh Hawley. The best-selling authors of the “Godwinks” series will discuss their great new book about the miracles dogs bring into our lives. We’ll have some laughs with a Mother’s Day-themed edition of “In Case You Missed It.” And we’ll top it off with great music from Vince Martell of the legendary 1960s rock group, Vanilla Fudge.

It all gets rocking at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, and Sunday at 9 EST/8 CST, on TBN. To find out how you can watch TBN, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming, visit and click on “Channel Finder” on the top menu. You can stream previous episodes, highlights and online-only “Digital Exclusives,” including extended interviews, “In Case You Missed It” and “Facts of the Matter” segments, and extra performances by our great musical and comedy guests, all at You can also find past shows, highlights and digital exclusives on YouTube and my Facebook page.

Arizona Election Audit Update

By Mike Huckabee

I haven’t been covering all the twists and turns in the Maricopa County, Arizona, 2020 election audit, but just to bring you up to date in a nutshell: Democrats are throwing everything they’ve got including the kitchen sink at the audit to try to stop it, all while continuing to insist there’s “NOTHING TO SEE HERE!! SO STOP LOOKING!!” It’s not at all suspicious behavior.

They kept pressing legal challenges until they got the Senate Republicans to agree to stop checking the ballots for signature matches, on the claim that this might somehow intimidate voters and suppress the vote. I don’t understand what that means: the ballots were already cast six months ago, so they’re not going to be suppressed. Are they now arguing that not only are minorities incapable of obtaining an ID, they also can’t write their own names? They actually compared this to impossible Jim Crow-era “literacy tests,” as if those were in any way comparable to simply requiring someone to scratch a personal mark on a ballot envelope.

Dominion Voting Machines is defying a Senate subpoena and refusing to hand over the passwords to their machines, which seems to imply that they are the ones in charge of the county’s vote and not the county’s election officials.

The local officials are also refusing to hand over router information as ordered by a judge, claiming it would endanger law enforcement and threaten citizens’ privacy because the same routers used in the election also are used for police and many other agencies. So they argue that it would endanger people’s privacy and security to let the Senate’s auditors see routers that they let dozens of other agencies use routinely. Makes sense to me!

And since the local Democrat media and politicians, and all the imported lawyers and activists, haven’t been able to stop Arizona’s leaders from holding an open and transparent audit of the vote live-streamed in front of the world, now the Biden “Justice” Department is horning in to try to stop it, citing hypothetical violations of federal law. Hey, wait: I thought that even the suggestion that local election officials would ever violate federal law was treasonous and insurrectionist.

The writer of that linked article makes a very good point: at first, he thought this was a pointless exercise that wasn’t going to turn up anything. But now that he’s seen how desperate the Democrats are to prevent it from going forward, he’s really eager to learn what they might find. On the Internet, loud complaining about privacy that only draws more public attention and curiosity is known as “the Streisand effect.” How appropriate that it’s named after one of America’s most famous and outspoken Democrats.

PS – Here’s an update on the audit from Arizona’s GOP Chairwoman:

Let me wish you Happy Mother's Day while I still can

By Mike Huckabee

I want to wish all you moms out there a very happy Mother’s Day! Or as the Democrats would call it, “Birthing People and Pregnant Person’s Day!”

Oh, you think that’s a joke? Guess again.

The current Democrats not only want us to believe that men can declare themselves to be women and women can be men but still give birth, but Nancy Pelosi even banned “mother” and other “gender-specific” terms from Congress (just before talking about what a proud grandmother she was – does even Nancy Pelosi listen to Nancy Pelosi?)

If you think that’s bad, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spent the run-up to Mother’s Day weekend by declaring herself a “Planned Parenthood Baby” and lavishing praise on the organization that murders over 354,000 babies in the womb every year. If she really were a “Planned Parenthood Baby,” there’s a good chance she wouldn’t be here at all.

I’m old enough to remember when no politician would dare to disrespect Mom, apple pie or the American flag. Now, they ban the word “mom,” kneel at the sight of the flag and probably want to get rid of apple pie, too, on grounds that farming and baking cause global warming.

Jobs report reveals the ugly truth about a Biden economy

By Mike Huckabee

If you’re as old as I am, you might actually remember when “Saturday Night Live” was funny. If so, you might recall the classic sketch, “Theodoric of York: Medieval Barber” in which Steve Martin played the village’s barber/quack doctor who prescribed the same cure for all ills: “More bloodletting!”

I bring this up because I immediately thought of that when I heard President Biden’s response to Friday’s shockingly bad jobs report. On financial news channels, some reporters had to adjust their glasses and look twice to make sure they weren’t reading the numbers wrong. But no, it was the ugly truth: Economists were expecting a million people to be added to payrolls in April, and the media had trumpeted the upcoming “blockbuster” jobs figures. In reality, the number was only about one-fourth that (266,000), and unemployment actually went up, even with the pandemic easing and the Trump economy coming back to life.

How is that even possible when we’re seeing so many stories of employers who are begging people to apply for all the jobs they need filled? Aside from continuing shutdowns in some states, there are two major reasons:

1. Nobody wants to take lower-paid jobs because thanks to the expanded unemployment benefits, the government has made it more lucrative not to work than to work. Last month, there were over 7 million jobs open, but only 266,000 people took them. In the 1990's, even Bill Clinton finally agreed to stop incentivizing unemployment and move people from welfare to work, but compared to today’s Democrats, Clinton was Barry Goldwater.

The pandemic has also convinced a lot of people that they like working from home and don’t want to go back. Or they can’t take jobs because while businesses are opening again, many schools still aren’t, and they have no child care.

2. This is one you aren’t hearing about, but I believe that many companies are concerned about Biden’s calls for more government, more regulations and massive new taxes on corporations. His profligate spending is also bringing back inflation. They must know that all of those things will drive their costs through the roof while likely hurting the overall economy and reducing their income. So why would they want to risk a lot of hiring and expansion?

Sadly, this wasn’t at all shocking to me, nor to most people to the right of center.

I warned readers for the past year about what would happen if the Democrats took control of the White House and Congress, and now it is. I’m not psychic, I’ve just been around long enough to know that when you believe in policies that have never, ever worked anywhere, trying them again isn’t going to work.

So, what was President Biden’s reaction to this warning that his never-worked-before policies are not working now? As you might have guessed, he blamed Trump and business owners; denied that paying people more not to work than to work was discouraging them from working; insisted that the report was good news, that his policies are showing progress, and that things were moving the right direction; and said this shows we need to do a lot more of the same.

And now you know why I thought of Theodoric of York: “The economy is dangerously anemic!”

Biden’s prescription:

“More bloodletting!”

Great suggestion: Revoke their tax breaks

By Mike Huckabee

Red state legislatures are looking into ways to rein in radical leftist social media companies that are abusing their money and power to try to censor speech and rig elections. But Paula Bolyard at PJ Media has a suggestion for something they can do overnight that would inflict some serious damage on sites like Facebook: revoke the massive tax breaks states have given them.

To cite just one example, she points out that Georgia gave Facebook $355 million in subsidies to build data centers that store all that private information on US citizens in exchange for the promise of them creating jobs. In return, Mark Zuckerburg poured $350 million into a left wing vote turnout group that targeted Democrat areas and helped deliver Georgia to Biden while saddling the state with two radical leftist Senators.

In similar fashion, Utah is subsidizing Facebook to the tune of $150 million, and Texas, $148 million. If those states’ governments suspect they made a deal with the devil, then maybe it’s time to revoke those deals before Zuckerberg helps their states go to you-know-where.

A pointless investigation of President Trump has finally been dropped

By Mike Huckabee

Milton Friedman observed that there is nothing so permanent as a temporary government program. But one thing that lasts almost as long is a pointless investigation of Donald Trump.

Amazingly, one of those has finally been dropped, more than four years after the alleged infraction. Although to be clear, the Democrats on the FEC voted to continue it because, after all, the accuser, who has since spent time in prison for lying to Congress and other charges, still swears that he’s not lying about this. What more solid evidence do you need to keep a pointless investigation of a former President going for a few more decades?

A Reader Writes Back... 

I look forward to your newsletter everyday, it helps me stay informed about what’s going on in our country.

Keep doing what you’re doing!

P.S. Good luck to Sarah!

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Comments 1-19 of 19

  • Renee Kendrick

    05/12/2021 02:04 AM

    I can really see the people of this nation (especially members of the Catholic church) saying "Birthing-Person Teresa" or "The Birthing-Person Mary" in place of "Mother Teresa" or "The Mother Mary". The DIMS need to get over themselves.

    Did Pelosi ban Mama, Papa, Ma, and Pa from being used in Congress, too? Bet we Southerners could pull out a few Mom/Dad terms for our Republicans to use on the Congressional floors! Just to blow the DIMS' minds...what little they have left of them!

  • Karen Aubertine

    05/10/2021 10:35 AM

    Hi Mike,
    I Just love your integrity with the news, and I love your daily Bible verse! so encouraging.
    I have a quick question because I do trust you. I received a mailing the other day regarding the census and it says my response is required by law and sends me to this website. Is this a legitimate data collection site? I would appreciate your insight please.
    thank you

  • joe Reynolds

    05/09/2021 08:21 PM

    I remember unemployment in 1064/65 . One HAD to sign up every week at the courthouse, only a 2 hour window to sign as the rep was only there 2 hours one day a week. Two week waiting period for first check. This took place in the basement hallway where the rep had a small table and card file. You were asked if you had made ANY money that week, like sold eggs or fire wood, anything! If so that amount was deducted from your money. No file by mail or on line! And the amount you got was LESS than forty dollars for a single person. Yes you looked for a new job!

  • Joseph Healy

    05/09/2021 04:09 PM

    Gov. Huckabee:
    Could you address the reason that George Soros buys district attorney's who will keep criminals out of jail / prison? What is his reason for doing that? What does he hope to gain?

  • Ann Atwell

    05/09/2021 11:59 AM

    I am still amazed that the democrates can think of some of the most asinine ways to waste tax payer dollars. If my Mother were still alive I would still call her Mother instead of "birthing person". Instead of wasting taxpayer money on such foolishness they should be using the money to stop terrorist groups such as antifa, and BLM. On another note, I do not belong to any social media. I could never see the point. If everyone simply got off of social media, they would quickly go broke. People would be better off if they visited friends and relatives , had more family reunions . I believe the Amish , who don't have cell phones much less social media, have a better way of life. To them family is everything. What better way to have a social life than doing so in person.

  • john roy Clark

    05/09/2021 11:12 AM

    when is this democrat abuse of citizens going to stop? I expect and hope it becomes a civil war like we had in 1865 and it becomes my duty to go forth and kill as many democrats as I have bullets left. I cant believe we allowed Biden to be installed like a comode in the white house!

  • Stephen Russell

    05/09/2021 11:11 AM

    Pipeline cyberattack: More reasons to boost Infrastructure since Feb TX Freeze event alone
    Or not, we suffer

  • Neil Gottschalck

    05/09/2021 10:27 AM

    Mr. Mike
    Could you report on what is going on in the lumber market? I know the loggers aren't getting more for the timber they sell.

  • Peggy Ferguson

    05/09/2021 10:17 AM

    Thank you for taking the time to keep conservatives informed on America's topics of the day. I especially appreciate the provided links to articles. May God continue to bless your efforts.

  • George W. Trever

    05/09/2021 10:16 AM

    Dominion must be required to turn over the source code for their Voting Machines. The source code can then be inspected by software expert's to see how the machines can be set up to weight votes, the easiest way to cheat.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    05/09/2021 10:01 AM

    If black people are so stupid can't get an ID then what are they doing in
    The CIA FBI and Justice Department
    Military and police
    Medicine and science
    The Arts
    I mean after all any of that you don't need an ID ?

    Also the Arizona "Republicans " should have told the DOJ to shove it over voter signature verification .
    Under the law of this nation on any lawful document my signature doesn't match it's an invalid document .

    If I were black I would be insulted .
    Obviously the Democrats cannot get over they're Jim Crow attitude over blacks .

  • Stephen Russell

    05/09/2021 09:25 AM

    Tax breaks:
    Revoke tax breaks for ALL woke companies nationwide then see the reaction change overnight & or raise fines, fees.
    For all Red States

  • Stephen Russell

    05/09/2021 09:10 AM

    Seeking work:
    Issues with finding work:
    o Fake job postings
    o Mask wearing 8 hours+
    o PT hiring Boomers
    o other miscl.
    Id like to work PT but where, who & how
    NO retail or food service sorry
    No warehouse.
    Like to use my mind, thinker creative
    Have AA.
    Willing to be tested & trained
    For So CA area 91011

  • Jerry

    05/09/2021 07:43 AM

    I have commented that biden could not stop teleprompters from invading the nations homes how can one expect this misfit stop cyber attacks on our energy sectors. biden is no match for security issues for this country his IQ will not permit security to take place. The oil pipelines, the borders of this country are unprotected , human trafficking and drug trafficking is at an all time high. Also the attack on women it has got to the place where mothers are to be called birthers. The oath of the President hand might as well been taken on a used roll of bathroom tissue. biden is beyound a disgrace he is criminal. We have unelected people including biden running this country. To all that made this possible your fate is in the hands of the Guy that wrote the 10 commandments you know the thing, forgive them God they know not what they do; at this point He is so much better than I. I am out of forgiveness.

  • William Fuhrer

    05/08/2021 10:58 PM

    Faith and Trust has worked well throughout the years for the most part. To be guided by a higher source the United States has to support that LIFE IS SACRED. We need to guide citizens into following the TEN COMMANDMENTS. Citizens have to realize police and fire personnel are there to PROTECT and SERVE and that if respected police can get them safely to jail GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Anne Turner

    05/08/2021 09:07 PM

    If it were not for you, Governor, where would I find out what is happening and the truth about events? Many stories are simply not carried, or buried, if they do not support “wokeness”. For example, .I saw something on FOX News, they are better than most, about a Black guy beating up on a Jewish guy, just because he was Jewish resulting in injury requiring stitches. Apparently this is not an unusual occurrence but it’s not going anywhere in the liberal media as it shows that
    Black people can also be racist. Then there are the countless Black beating Black events as well as murders. These aren’t even reported. Obviously not even Black attacks destroying Black, Jewish and .Asian businesses ate generally reported unless part of a “mostly peaceful” demonstration. So keep up the good and honest work and keep us sane.

  • Floyd A Unger

    05/08/2021 08:58 PM

    Thank you

  • Michael

    05/08/2021 07:46 PM

    I read all of your newsletters and read all the comments of some of your other readers and value their input. I do get frustrated when I read comments about why is Biden doing this and why is he doing that, why did he shut down the pipelines, why is he allowing so many illegals across the border - because it is all INTENTIONAL! - every decision, etc nothing but intentional. We are experiencing Obama's third term- faster than Obama's two previous terms. Illegitimate China Joe, the illegitimate fraud of a rigged and stolen election, is ushering in Socialism/ Marxist agenda for our country, to accomplish the evil agenda of almost every Democrat, but mainly Obama, Rice and a few others. There is nothing good about a Democrat, nothing good about a liberal, nothing good about the MSM, etc. - nothing good, all working together to usher in their agenda to destroy the United States. The worthless SCOTUS, the worthless Republicans will do nothing and have done nothing (example: did nothing to address the stolen election) and will continue to talk the talk, but not walk the walk. It will be up to We the People to take our country back if the sleeping giant ( conservatives and patriot's) wake up and develop the intestinal fortitude to take a stand and fight back!

  • James Tomko

    05/08/2021 07:29 PM

    Thank You Governor Huckabee for news that’s not fake.