Evening Edition - June 12

June 12, 2019 |

I’ve often been asked why I accepted Bill Maher’s invitations to come on his show, and why I’ve defended him on occasion when he was under fire.  While I agree with him on very little, I admire the fact that he is brave enough to say what he really thinks, and to invite me onto a forum to do the same.  That’s an increasingly rare trait these days.  

Also, like a stopped clock, he can be right a couple of times a day. Like what he just told CNN about political correctness, which he called a “cancer on progressivism” that Americans, from Trump supporters to liberals, are “choking on” and “hate” and think has “gone too far.”    




Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of the FCC’s repeal of “net neutrality,” which was accompanied by many dire “expert” predictions of skyrocketing costs, slow data, blocked access to information, or even the “end of the Internet,” if not the end of the world itself.  At this link (yes, those miraculously still work) is a pretty hilarious Twitter thread (yep, Twitter is still online, and free) that resurrects a number of those “The Skynet is falling!” posts from one year ago and mocks them mercilessly.  So apparently, the Internet is still doing exactly what it always has done.




Correction to my comments about Joe Biden’s new campaign slogan, “Make America America Again,” being plagiarized from sleazy indicted lawyer Michael Avenatti, who stole the idea from President Trump.  Turns out the phrase didn’t originate with Avenatti.  You could also make the case that it was plagiarized from Ted Kennedy, Anita Hill, Rick Santorum, novelist Joe Klein or a 1935 poem by Langston Hughes. 


But the important point is that it was not original to Joe Biden, so he is still batting a thousand.


This is one of the saddest stories you’ll read today, but it’s been hidden from the public since 2008, so it’s time for the public to know.  The giant fire that ravaged Universal Studios over 10 years ago, and that we were assured didn’t destroy anything irreplaceable, actually consumed a vault containing possibly hundreds of thousands of original master recordings of artists ranging from Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald to Aretha Franklin and Patsy Cline to Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly.  If this doesn't convince you to make backups of your precious photos and other data and store it in a separate location, nothing will. 




We could all use a laugh or two, so here’s something guaranteed to give you one (unless you’re a humorless socialist, then you will be royally ticked off over it – but then, they’re angry about everything, so who cares?)  It’s the latest video from my new favorite YouTube star, Mini-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  (By the way, I’m linking to her Twitter page so you can follow her before she gets banned for being too effective at ridiculing socialism.)


And in case you’re wondering who this hilarious 8-year-old political satirist is, here’s an article about the clever little girl behind the giant AOC glasses.


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  • Joan Chambers

    06/13/2019 06:54 PM

    I was angry when President Trump's comment about 'listening' was distorted.
    My comment to the local newspaper was -
    What kind of person would any one be if they didn't listen to what some one has to say. After hearing, they make a determination - how to respond. That makes a good parent.
    It goes to show you that the dems do not listen to what people are saying.
    Very sad for America.

  • Rebecca Holstine

    06/13/2019 12:02 AM

    When I hear Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden talk about helping the working men and women, I have to wonder how they would know anything about the working men and women. Neither have ever held a real job as far as I know. Both have spent their adult like living off the taxpayers' dime. They have never owned a business or signed a pay check. Now they are experts on what us working men and women want going on in our lives. I don't think so!

  • Paulette Taylor

    06/12/2019 08:06 PM

    Thank you for being the same voice and keeping your readers updated without having our heads explode. It's hard for me to digest FOIAs and the bitterness that goes back and forth. Sometimes I get so angry that I am grateful when God whispers in my ear, telling me to remember He's in control. That is my comfort, regardless how all of this plays out.

  • Martha Moehrke

    06/12/2019 07:42 PM

    Greetings Governor, First and foremost, I always appreciate your input on things whether on your TBN show or anywhere else, because you are one of a very few people out there who has wisdom and who can be trusted. My comment is more of a question than anything, and I need to ask why it is that people on the left consitantly state that their socialist policies are to benefit "The working men and women" of our country rather than the wealthy, corporate types. Since when are the rich, corporate folks not "working men and women"? My own husband, who is now with the Lord he loved and served, grew up in a small family of very meager means. He ( Don ) was a gifted student who was extremely sharp in math and science, and his teachers agreed early that he should be bound for Mass. Institute of technology one day where he did earn both a BS and MS degree. He was only able to go there with scholarships and with his mom and dad saving every extra penny they owned to help him to get to MIT. For the 48 years Don and I were married, I watched him and his parents work extremely hard in their fields of expertise. Don made it up the ladder far enough that he would surely have been what the left would dub an evil rich corporate type who deserves to be punished for his trouble rather than lauded for his accomplishments. Before he left us for Heaven, and he would hear the left predictably spout their "We must help the working men and women, not the evil rich corporate types", it would understandably tick him off royally. Could we blame him? It seems like we conservatives placidly sit by and continue to allow these unfair assessments to go unchallenged, and so people on the left go merrily on their way continuing to deceive people with their inaccurate, unfair remarks. President Trump is the best example of all where this is concerned! He is a wealthy corporate person, I'm sure we would agree, but he is also clearly a "Working man"! I hope and pray that myriads of conservatives will begin to challenge people on the left who make these very unfair, untrue comments.

  • Jean Linder

    06/12/2019 07:07 PM

    Regarding Biden's "plagiarism", he did give credit to Langston Hughes in his speech. Much as I usually agree with your views, I do want you to be fair.

  • Linda C. Furlong

    06/12/2019 07:05 PM

    Scott Baio spoke with Rush Limbaugh today & said he had also stated Make America America again on the first night of the 2016 Republican Convention.

  • Thomas Houser

    06/12/2019 06:18 PM

    I am so tired of the bigotry and bias of left. I canceled my pinterest account. It's past time we made a stand even if it hurts. I'm a conservative Christian who loves my country and is appalled at the antics of the house of representatives, and big business bullies. We are still the hope of the world but we are doing everything we can to be just like the rest. The people of the rest of the world are traveling from everywhere to get into our country. And our liberals are not understanding it's not because we are the same, it's because we are different.

  • Stephen Russell

    06/12/2019 06:12 PM

    Wonder how many celebs like Maher are in Hollywood who hold same views??
    Come forth, come OUT & Escape the Hollywood Grind Machine system

  • LeeM

    06/12/2019 04:37 PM

    Mike, please have someone answer this...Being that I am an old Viet Nam vet that held a TS with Crypto for almost 20 yrs. , I have always heard and been trained that the "highest command" always takes the highest priority if two commands made regs/policy (same as laws), that conflict with each other. I have always heard that federal law "over-rides" and is the law standard for any state that makes a conflicting law by the state that conflicts or violates federal law... especially states that receive any form of federal "assistance." I am totally bewildered and at a loss of why any state, county, city, organization, or state official elected or not is NOT subject to being charged as a federal law offender that knowingly and willfully violates the federal law? IF the federal law is not the primary directive, then what good is any federal law if the states can basically tell the fed to stick your law where the sunshine does not shine because we are going to do it OUR WAY, and SCREW YOUR FEDERAL LAW!