September 6, 2019

One of the immutable rules of “journalism” in the Trump era is that everything President Trump says or does must be spun, questioned, mocked or have aspersions or suspicions cast upon it.  And even when they are caught getting the story wrong, it’s still somehow Trump’s fault (for instance, if he points out their lies and unprofessionalism, he’s “attacking the media.”) This is how the New York Times has managed to flush its reputation down the toilet, and yesterday, their White House correspondent Maggie Haberman gave us a shining example of it.

On Thursday afternoon, Trump tweeted, “Really Good Jobs Numbers!” Since the Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers for August weren’t set for release until Friday morning, Haberman immediately jumped on that, darkly tweeting, “Did potus get an advance look at numbers out…tomorrow? And try to spin them ahead of time, which is deeply questionable as an action by a president?”

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Many other reporters and citizens with no claim to being “journalists” responded that maybe Trump was referring to the ADP jobs report, which is always released the day before the BLS numbers, and which showed a better-than-predicted 195,000 new jobs in August. 

Try to guess Ms Haberman’s reaction, and if you think it was an apology or an admission that she’d jumped to conclusions, then you haven’t been paying attention for the past few years.  While admitting that “perhaps” that was what Trump meant, she blasted the people who corrected her for “providing (the White House) with (a) sense of justification even though it (was) a POTUS tweet causing the questions in first place” (not “questions,” but “innuendo,” and not plural, since she was the only one who did it.)  And of course, her wild leap to conclusions based on animus and ignorance was whose fault?  That’s right: Trump’s!

Haberman tweeted, “He could attempt to be clear in what he’s referring to and then it isn’t incumbent upon his aides/some reporters to have to do that post-fact.”

Or she could do her own job instead of acting like a combination DNC PR agent and attack dog.  Oh wait, I forgot: she works for the New York Times.  That is her job now.

Well, since the Times’ reporters can’t be bothered, I guess the job of reporting the news accurately once again falls to me. On Thursday, ADP and Moody’s Analytics released their jobs report, which estimates that private sector payrolls grew by 195,000 in August.  That’s 47,000 more than in July, 55,000 more than economists predicted, and a four-month high overall.  It’s also a good indication that the economy is healthier than all the liberals praying for a recession would have us believe.

I expect to see this in the New York Times under the headline “Trump Attempts to Take Credit for Obama Job Creation” or possibly, “Trump Economy Attacks Times’ Credibility.” Or more likely, it will be buried behind 40 or 50 anti-Trump stories so that Times readers never see it at all. 

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  • Mike Horst

    09/10/2019 05:22 PM

    Mike...As usual you are dead on and the left is dead wrong. You would think they would eventually get tired of being exposed for their ignorance and stupidity.

  • Rita Bruton

    09/07/2019 08:34 PM

    Truly sickening. I wonder if they know they will have to answer for all this to someone higher than Donald Trump. Much higher. I don't approve of many things Trump says or tweets but I voted for his policies, not the other. And, no matter what they say or print you can't deny truth that is right in front of you. Only making themselves appear more than dumb for being so untruthful.

  • Edna Earle Edgeworth

    09/07/2019 06:20 PM

    President Donald Trump can fix EVERY problem in the United States, build the wall and stop illegals from coming in, then move on to fixing all the problems in the rest of the world, stop hunger, violence, murders, terrorism. Still, the democratic loony toons would push for impeachment because he fixed everything and now they have nothing they can use to beat us over the head with to keep us in line.

  • rodney burke

    09/07/2019 04:47 PM

    dishonesty seems to be the order of the day with NYT. As you say somewhere else, "lighten UP! people" Just report the news is that so hard to do. I guess if people read FAR enough they will eventually get the real facts and not the nonsense.

  • Deborah Myers

    09/07/2019 12:53 PM

    This is so sad. Thank you for keeping us informed. So happy to see Sarah has joined FOX.

  • Carl Smith

    09/07/2019 12:46 AM

    If I were ever dumb enough to subscribe to the Propaganda Arm of the DNC I would be asking for a refund and spend my $$ for the Epoch Times. Next to your daily corrections for the media the Times is at least in depth analysis.

  • William L. Frederiksen

    09/06/2019 11:24 PM

    It is a CRYING shame that the people that own or run these news Media places do not have enough MORAL FORTITUDE to do what's right and FIRE or PUNISH these reporters for their LYING. I will not even look at a New York Times anymore as they print LIES, LIES. and more LIES...

  • Gale D Rumsey

    09/06/2019 06:48 PM

    I keep hearing that President Trump "needs to back off and keep his mouth shut" and quit saying those things that he says. I actually appreciate that he is taking on the liberal media and exposing them for the corrupt liars that they really are. None of the ones before him would do that they were too cowardly. That is why the media hate him because he fights back and they have no idea what to do with that. Keep fighting for America Mr. President. Millions stand behind you.

  • Jack E Harbaugh

    09/06/2019 06:39 PM

    Par for the course. At least the NY TIMES course.
    I never play that course.

  • Carroll Carter, Jr.

    09/06/2019 05:09 PM

    A large portion of the reporting media has been an arm of the DNC for many years now. Most of the people with whom I have contact, realize this and totally disregard most of what they aresaying. They, however, believe that if you tell the lie long enough that people will believe it no matter how little evidence there is to make it credible. We now have an upcoming generation that has been taught that we have no history other than that of a conquering, colonialist nation who deserves every tragedy that we experience. As reverend Wright might say: "The chickens have come home to roost". Until that educational spirit changes to one emphasizing the contributions we have made and the fact that we have contributed to world freedom without asking for territory, we will never get the pride and patriotism from our youth and the constant pursuit of anything other than constitutional dictates will continue.

  • Del Vanderbeek

    09/06/2019 04:59 PM

    Great story. The New York Times continues on with more fake news and lies.

  • Kay DeWitt

    09/06/2019 04:53 PM

    A thousand AMENS, Mike! I praise God that you have the discernment to see this reality for what it is! THIS KIND OF PURE HATRED FOR TRUMP that can see
    ...or does not WANT to see...anything positive about this man makes such a mockery of the kind of unconditional love our Lord has for him that it can be authored by no one except Satan himself!...And, to say it one more time, someone needs to write about how their HATRED for Trump is no different than the HATRED that is authoring our shootings! While the majority of his haters would not resort to taking out a gun and physically killing President Trump, yet their desire to destroy him every other way shares our shooters' same kind of EVIL spirit of murder!

  • George M. Hilyard

    09/06/2019 04:49 PM

    Why shouldn’t the President, any President, get a briefing about the numbers, good or bad, before the rest of us worker bees get told the numbers. Good grief everyone.

  • Linda Phillips

    09/06/2019 04:18 PM

    I don't know how you manage to make truth so humorous, but you do! Thank you.

  • Joe Wilkerson

    09/06/2019 03:50 PM

    This is typical of NYT. Let's just face it, Trump will never get credit for anything except the good things that are spun to give a bad reflection on him.

    This is just like the story in Ca. which says you cannot help a policeman when he is being attacked or having milk or water thrown on you when you are trying to save people. This is just a taste of what is going to happen after the rapture.

  • hank sims

    09/06/2019 03:39 PM

    I believe what I read on Facebook more than what I see on NBC, CBS, etal. I'd rather believe what I believe more than 'fake news'.

  • Virginia Walcott

    09/06/2019 03:32 PM

    Just imagine how their heads would explode if President Trump exposed the fraud-in-chief Obama for who he really is. If you have any doubt, watch Sheriff Arpaio's Fox 10 Phoenix news conference on December 15, 2016 ~> WOW: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Releases New Information on President Obama's Birth Certificate (FNN) 1.5+ Million views
    YT keeps taking it down. I wonder why.

  • Paticio amenabar

    09/06/2019 03:14 PM

    These people must be count liable for reporting their false bias political opinions as true stories.

  • Jennene Reagor

    09/06/2019 02:48 PM

    it will get even worse in the next 14 months....the swamp will be drained X22 report U-Tube

  • Denise Terry

    09/06/2019 02:25 PM

    These people are unbelievable! Being from the south, I'm sure you've heard the phrase "they are shooting themselves in the foot". I had to laugh out loud when I heard about the uproar of President Trump's weather map and the use of sharpies!? Thank you Mike for all you do to further the cause for rational, common sense politics and the conservative (doing the right thing) movement.

  • Ellen Klapperich

    09/06/2019 02:16 PM

    People are already saying Trump is taking credit for the Mighty O's job creation. I generally respond to these jackals with laughing and clown face emojis. I think it's sickening they want a recession!

  • Marilyn DeMarco

    09/06/2019 02:05 PM

    Thank you, for setting things straight and giving us all hope, and supporting our President, whom God put in place which is obvious to me. You are a bright light in my life. So appreciated.

  • Jim Norvell

    09/06/2019 01:32 PM

    When your analytical power is limited and your bias is unbounded, you can only react to the conclusions of others. It’s a lazy form of journalism that allows you to stay within your preconceived mindset and write pseudo analysis. No fact is too important and no opinion too limited to be left out. Haberman has been getting away with sucking off of other folks work since fraudulently getting a byline.

  • William Schlumpf

    09/06/2019 01:30 PM

    Today's NYT spin headline:
    "Hiring Slowed in August but Wage Gains Accelerated"

    August is a volatile month & historically subject to revision.
    Here's the undereported big news:
    The household survey reported a gain of 590,000 jobs, outstripping the workforce increase of ~ 570,000!

  • Ferlin Blood

    09/06/2019 01:26 PM

    Could you please make these commentaries more easy to share on Facebook? It is impossible to copy and paste this as it will post every single advertisement and if you take a picture of it then you can't get all of the article in one screenshot. You put out so much good information in the best commentary bar none but it is very difficult to share at times.