October 3, 2019

“Adam Schiff is basically the Jussie Smollett of Congress, on steroids.”

So said Donald Trump, Jr., on Wednesday’s HANNITY, and he nailed it. Overall, Wednesday was an especially contentious day in the news. Admittedly, it can sometimes be hard to take, but keep in mind, this is because a few (not enough) brave Republicans --- most notably the President himself --- are refusing to roll over. Obviously, the gloves are off.

First of all, we now know that California Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and also head of the impeachment inquiry, has lied repeatedly about the so-called “whistleblower” complaint against the President. Even The New York Times had a story on it, written in NYT style, but you can still tell from this that Schiff lied…

Schiff Got Early Account of Accusations as Whistle-Blower’s Concerns Grew

Leftists don’t seem to care if their people lie, as long as it’s in pursuit of their objectives. This isn’t the first time Schiff has lied, as he maintained for many months that he possessed evidence of Trump/Russia “collusion” in the 2016 election. He had nothing of the sort. And he lied big-time during a congressional hearing when he “parodied” (his later characterization) Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky, putting outrageously fake words in the President’s mouth that will no doubt live forever in both the permanent congressional record and the minds of everyone who saw them in media reports. That was the idea, of course.

According to ranking Intel Committee member Devin Nunes, Schiff briefed committee members “a little bit” about the complaint about three weeks ago, professing that “he doesn’t know exactly what this is but it must be really important.” But that’s a lie. We’ve learned that his staff knew about it ahead of time, although we still don’t know how far ahead. We know they directed the “whistleblower” to the IG, when Schiff has said if it weren’t for the IG, they wouldn’t know about it. Another lie. “He had multiple opportunities to tell us,” according to Nunes; indeed, Schiff has been asked about this multiple times but maintained he had just found out. It was a total con job, though most media will never call him on it.

Republican committee members figured out, though, looking at Schiff’s tweets before the briefing that he had to have known what was coming. Assuming the “whistleblower” would be coming to testify, they prepared the questions anyone would ask this person –- such as “Who did you talk to; when did you talk to them?” but haven't had the chance to ask. The complaint does not cite multiple sources or first-hand accounts, as the report of a serious intelligence officer would do. There’s only hearsay; in that respect, it’s more like the unverifiable Steele “dossier” than a real intelligence report.

Who can believe anything Schiff says after all this? The President said Wednesday that he suspects Schiff even had a hand in writing the complaint. This would certainly be consistent with what we’ve learned, and it’s time to look closely and see if his fingerprints are on it. Intuition says they are, but as we are not Democrats, we will have the evidence before we make the accusation.

But, anyway, THIS is the guy whom Nancy Pelosi personally put in charge of the impeachment inquiry. There are now calls for this political hack and proven liar to, at the very least, recuse himself from the inquiry. He certainly should not be in charge of it. How about having HIM sworn in to answer questions about this under oath? How about subjecting HIM to an ethics investigation?

Schiff might as well have been part of the anti-Trump conspiracy in 2016. In fact, maybe he was; as John Solomon reported back in February, he and Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS were seen at the same event in Aspen, Colorado.  As Sean Hannity pointed out Wednesday night, this was during the summer of 2018, a time when Simpson was an important witness into his committee’s investigation into now-debunked allegations of Trump/Russia “collusion.” As if that weren’t enough, Schiff’s staff met with Michael Cohen for over 10 hours before his obviously orchestrated testimony before the House Oversight Committee.

The gloves are indeed off at this point. President Trump, during his press conference Wednesday with the president of Finland, called Schiff “a fraud” and “a shifty, dishonest guy” and Joe and Hunter Biden “stone cold crooked.” He certainly did go off on a diatribe, which even Brit Hume has since characterized as an inappropriate, rambling, imprecisely-spoken “freak-out” that might not help people like him very much at a time when he needs them to. Trump got so worked up that he was quite rude to a reporter who had politely asked him an appropriate question. Point taken, though Trump is understandably prickly and does have to stand up for himself, especially since many Republicans are sitting back.

There’s been some question as to what the investigation into the Bidens had to do with the 2016 election. At this writing it doesn’t seem to have been answered specifically, either by Trump or his spokespeople. But I would think it doesn’t really matter, as to be in compliance with a treaty that had been signed by President Clinton and Ukraine, Trump had the responsibility to bring up any and all concerns about corruption. The Biden issue would certainly qualify. And Trump mentioned the Bidens only briefly, in passing; President Zelensky has said he did not feel “pushed” at all. It really was a big nothing that has been turned, with a big “push” from Schiff, into something unrecognizable.

As for the 2016 campaign, thanks to press reports –- in POLITICO, not just in conservative media –- going back to early 2017, we also know now that the Ukrainians were working to help the Clinton campaign, and after “betting on the wrong horse,” they had to try to repair their relationship with President-elect Trump. As I said Wednesday, Republican senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson are asking Attorney General Barr to look into that, and he should.

John Solomon had the story on May 2 of this year, saying in THE HILL that “the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington says a Democratic National Committee insider [this was Alexandra Chalupa] during the 2016 election solicited dirt on Donald Trump’s campaign chairman and even tried to enlist the country’s president to help.” Solomon's work from that time is even more significant now in light of what we know.

In closing, here’s a great report by Lee Smith in the NEW YORK POST about why the Democrats are suddenly pushing so hard for impeachment. It reiterates what we’ve said here about that, in such clear language that I’d say it’s a must-read.

Dems, media aim to squash Barr’s probe of Russia collusion hoax

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  • Granny Anne

    10/12/2019 01:59 PM

    Some want to criticize President Trump for using cuss words. Those are the only words the Left understands. I call Adam Shi_ what he really is. That word speaks to his behavior and political corruptness.

  • Judy Pevonka

    10/07/2019 10:51 AM

    I feel like the Republicans are being blocked on all sides. Why are the Dumbocrats getting away with all this? How is it possible that people can actually say that they wish the President of the United States were dead? Our enemies are watching all this and laughing because they aren't going to have to fight us because we're imploding from within. I have grave fears for my family and the future of my country. What can we do as ordinary citizens? I pray every day for solutions!

  • Janet Mills

    10/06/2019 09:12 PM

    As per Wikipedia, Robert Daniel Soros, son of George Soros, was married in 1992 to Schiff's sister Melissa Robin Schiff. Soros has his thumb print all over the Democratic Party and corruption in our Country's politics, and is known for his hatred of our Country. Maybe this is from where little Adam gets his ideas and talking points. I wonder why this has neve been disclosed by the "Main Stream Media"

  • Frederick Earl Westbrook

    10/05/2019 12:41 PM

    Starting on page 55 of Schweizer's, " Secret Empires" you learn that a man named Kolomoisky was head of Burisma when Hunter Biden was put on the Board of Directors by Kolomoisky. By page 58, you learn what a ruthless man Kolomoisky was. The US State Department, knowing all about Kolomoisky, on the U S Gov. ban list. Shortly after Hunter Biden was hired on the board of Burma, Kolomoisky was taken off the ban list. I wish someone would bring up that fact. This Fred

  • Pam Junkersfeld

    10/04/2019 04:08 PM

    Just sick over all that is going on in our precious country. Pres Trump is NOT being treated fairly. As a child growing up in Tex, all of my “clan” and generations back were deep deep Democrat. But they are now rolling over in their graves with that party. It is so CORRUPT and set on ruining our country. Praying daily for our Pres and country! Cleaning out the swamp. So much more to that than any of us ever imagined. God save us all!

  • madge p

    10/04/2019 03:33 PM

    Adam Schiff head of the Intelligence Committee...isn't that an oxy moron? He can't keep his stories straight. Harder to recall lies than the truth. He should be thrown out of Congress for all his transgressions.

  • Kay DeWitt

    10/04/2019 07:15 AM

    Because anger masks pain, our beloved President's "inappropriate" behavior is, in reality, being authored BY his pain because of the ceaseless attacks of the EVIL hatred spewed out at him! Which is WHY he needs to get himself a spiritual advisor who can help him understand how...when a Christian picks up the CROSS of CHRIST'S gospel....rather than the PURSE of the PROSPERITY gospel...he can say to his enemies, "I love you...because Jesus loves you...but I hate your sin against me...because Jesus hates your sin against me!"

  • Clay C Cole

    10/04/2019 01:53 AM

    Mike, You and Brit Hume are Wrong!!!! President Trump did not "freak out" and was not rude to
    It needs to STOP!!!!!! I like President Trump even more when he calls out LIARS like Adam Schiff!!!
    Sincerely, Clay Cole

  • Dawn Street

    10/04/2019 12:13 AM

    I have read some of the comments but not all (way past my bedtime) and I feel the need to remind everyone that the Ukraine, Russia, China, UK, Australia, etc. ad nauseum were all involved in the attempt to control the 2016 election. The crooked, evil, wicked former witch of the West Wing was determined to win the election by hook and crook. It is virtually impossible to get information in an investigation that crosses state lines here, much less information that crosses over international borders. Hence the need for the treaties and agreements that have recently been signed. Interpol is a joke and probably as corrupt as the CIA, the FBI and the NSA. I am so disappointed in our "intelligence agencies" and that is a huge oxymoron. And don't even get me started on the Congress, a gathering of baboons.

    God bless President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. I pray He keeps His Hands on them and protects them from the barbs and the tweets and the attacks from the left and for their wives and children as well. The Deep State is a bunch of murderous thugs hell bent on destroying our nation even if it means assassination (like JFK, RFK, MLK, and attempted on Ronald Reagan). How come we never had an attack on Bill Clinton or Barack HUSSEIN Obama?

  • Jerry Jakuszeski

    10/03/2019 11:57 PM

    For the life of me, I can't understand how Adam Schiff and his cohorts ( and the ringleader Nancy Pelosi) get away with this type of unethical and purely dishonest behavior, Are there no laws that prohibit lying in the halls of Congress? But then again, we are talking Washington politics. The only redeeming factor is that we, everyday American patriots, know what they are up to and we cannot be taken for fools. Their antics will only weaken their agenda. America will stand tall with Donald J. Trump!

  • Richard Geldhof

    10/03/2019 11:28 PM

    If anyone was being harassed as much as President Trump is targeted by Democrats without individual brains you must fight back or be a sniveling door mouse. I'm glad Trump slings back their mud. Have the courage to stand firm against those who persecute you. If you don't stand firm what good are you? Constant harassment by the media and lying Democrats spewing hatred for him is a strain. Any person will lose their temper. Have a backbone and keep up the fight President Trump against all those who persecute you. If Trump doesn't give up why should we Republicans. Wouldn't you strike back if you were being harassed constantly? Time to attack treasonous Democrats and let them know they can't attack a sitting elected President. They are supposed to support him and the people not their own misguided beliefs. The democrat house needs to be cleaned - too many swamp critters hiding in Schiffty's mud.

  • Carl Smith

    10/03/2019 09:01 PM

    The Problem is not We the People being Stupid , it's the media being overly confident in the outcome of the 2016 Election and like the mental midgets they are PROVING to be too Dumb to back up and admit "WE Got It Wrong" . Because so many have very short attention spans ( about 15 second) and the media has a 90+% BLOCK on ALL information flowing to the Public They are winning the Propaganda War. I wonder how they would [Report] if they were required to spend a year in Cuba, Yemen, Syria WITHOUT the protection of America's State Dept. I mean live , like I did, on your own . Recently I have become interested in my home state's Fight for Independence that resulted in TX becoming a Republic in 1836 and then comparing to the United States. It struck me that in the time since 1776 to 2019 ( with the exception of the civil war and WWII ) LESS THAN 2% of the eligible population ever took up arms in defense of Texas OR America! Being a Native Texan I have a passionate pledge of loyalty to TEXAS and for the life of me I cannot understand the lack of compassion by many for the Greatest Experiment in Self Governance ever conceived by man. Listening to the media and HollyWeird America is a cess pool. NOW I know that most of the creatures in DC are actually what Hillary described as the Deplorable's but the media as usual missed the target.

  • Betsy Maloney

    10/03/2019 08:37 PM

    STOP LYING!! You are twisting the truth, deflecting and adding another day of lies to your record. Doesn’t Jesus say not to lie? Have you no shame or guilt about your three years of pathological lying?? I am a Christian also and I find it appalling that you choose to LIE DAILY!!! Shame on you!

  • joseph orsini PhD

    10/03/2019 08:30 PM

    HOMELESSNESS is a big problem in CA and other states. Rarely is any CAUSE discussed, and when there is some mention, NEVER is the competition for low cost housing by illegal immigrants mentioned.

  • Mike

    10/03/2019 08:04 PM

    So we know Adam Schiffty can't tell the truth and wouldn't recognize the truth if it smacked him between his shifty little bugged out eyes. But, why hasn't there already been at least an ethics committee investigation into this snake and liar? Terrible precedents are being established that these snakes like Schiff, Comey, Breannan, Holder and almost all of the Obama administration are corrupt liars and nothing is done about it.
    Of course the Democrats and the liberal leftist worthless mainstream media want to discredit VP Pence and AG Barr. So once again- WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS. Most haven't stood up for their president (shameful) so will they not stand up for the VP or AG? Looking like they won't and if this country loses to a Democrat in the WH or loses the Senate to a majority of Demorats or doesn't unseat some of these losers in the House, this nation is doomed and part of the blame will go to the silent, spineless Republicans getting run over by the corrupt Democrats !!!

  • James Robert Huffman

    10/03/2019 06:57 PM

    Schiff is a disgrace!!!

  • Joyce Birch

    10/03/2019 06:53 PM

    I'm not ignoring this newsletter, but I think the President made a big, big, mistake today in asking other countries to do investigations. And, especially China. This doesn't sit well with me & doesn't look good at all for the President. I guess it's too late for him to walk this statement back. I really think that all this impeachment stuff is getting the best of him. They put him through hell & his family for almost 3 yrs. I do understand, but this upcoming election is going to be one of the worst campaigns ever. Doesn't he listen anyone?? I'm still in favor of the President. I also think that Guiliani is talking too much on TV.

  • Helen Corey

    10/03/2019 05:39 PM

    Term limits for Congress is only solution. If term limits on Senate existed we wouldn’t have Obamacare because MCCain wouldn’t have been in Senate. If term limits existed for House, we wouldn’t have Schiff calling his lies parody—after he got caught. The Presidency has term limits. So should Congress.

  • Paulette Taylor

    10/03/2019 05:37 PM

    Governor Huckabee:
    I can certainly understand why President Trump was abrupt and lost his temper. How many of us could take the daily insults and lies like he has since before he was inaugurated.

  • rodney burke

    10/03/2019 05:09 PM

    cschiff has been lying for 3 years, what's new and he's been caught lying how many times? and he is lying about the "whistleblower" as well, that is coming out to be a preplanned hit job. Which can only be interpreted as a coup. So when is this POC going to be kicked out of congress?

  • Christopher McIver

    10/03/2019 03:50 PM

    Here is an interesting idea for a guest star on your TV show. February is not that far away. Dr. Fraser is not a Southern Baptist like you, but she is an evangelical Christian with a mahvalous and breathtaking personality! I hope yo can get her on your show, and look forward with great anticipation.

    Marilyn Fraser, MD
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health

  • Linda Rhodes

    10/03/2019 03:28 PM

    Unfortunately someone did not do a very through job when Schiff was interviewed. But, then chameleons can change their colors. Chameleon is to nice for his character. He is more akin to a rat, a dirty rat, one that comes out of the gutter. We have to.hope that someone runs over him or he is made to pay for his crimes, along with a long list of other rats. like the clintons, comey, etc. etc.

  • Yvonne Carson

    10/03/2019 03:19 PM

    I am surprised Trump has not been more "prickly" considering the relentless 24/7 attacks he has endured for three years in office from the Left. And now to find how far back and how deeply this corruption against him is embedded in our government. Who wouldn't be angry and "prickly?!" I think Trump has been appropriate to the level of this coup against him, trying to throw him out of office since "day one." I just hope he holds up and this doesn't take more of a toll on him. These people are unbelievable, and we are all hurt by this, as citizens of America.

  • April Allison-Garlow

    10/03/2019 02:59 PM

    Daily I look at the different media outlet headlines,to find out what's not being covered, or just how blatantly biased the reporters can be. The downplaying, or failure to report, are as telling as the script writing they do for the DNC. I just chuckled when I saw that the Newseum is closing at the end of the year. How the mighty have fallen! Their hugh self aggrandizing monument to Journalism was a multimillion dollar boondoggle. Now just wait for the multitude of lawsuits against the press--they're coming!

  • Anita Ward

    10/03/2019 02:44 PM

    One way to know if Schiff is lying is if his lips are moving and his eyes are bugging out! Don't think he is capable of telling the truth.