February 23, 2022


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  • Bible Verse of the Day - Proverbs 3:5-6
  • We know: Spygate was "A Hillary Clinton Enterprise"
  • Invasion
  • Poll: American Democrats approve of Canadian Martial Law
  • And much more...


Mike Huckabee


Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

Proverbs 3:5-6

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1. Special Day

Yesterday, was a special day as my daughter Sarah ?officially filed for Governor of Arkansas at the State Capitol underneath a photo of a previous Governor.

2. Invasion

After we finished yesterday’s newsletter, the Biden Administration finally decided that, yes, Russian troops being on Ukraine soil was indeed an “invasion,” even if they’d been in that part of Ukraine for eight years. To be fair, President Biden has proven with his handling of our border that he has serious problems with being able to recognize an invasion.

Biden gave a press conference in which, between his patented heaping helpings of word salad, he announced sanctions on Russia that probably should have been imposed quite a while back if he’d wanted Putin to take his threats seriously. I’m linking to this write-up of the briefing by Athena Morse at PJ Media because it’s one of the kinder descriptions of Biden’s performance that I’ve seen. The rest are worse than the reviews for the food at the Olympic quarantine hotels.

For all his threats and bluster, the most telling quote from Biden was “Who in the Lord’s name does Putin think gives him the right to declare new so-called countries in territory that belonged to his neighbors?” Reporters immediately noticed his use of the past tense “belonged” instead of “belong.” It was yet another way in which Biden is signaling that the die is cast, Putin is the one who cast it, and all Biden can do is react weakly to it.

How weakly? takes a look at the “sanctions” he’s imposing. They’re weaker than a vegan Chihuahua. (This story also has a full transcript of Biden’s remarks, including his terrifying warning to Putin, “Let me be clear: These are totally defensive moves on our part. We have no intention of fighting Russia.” Again, Joe, things you shouldn’t tell your adversary upfront and out loud.)

Meanwhile, the leaders of other nations have figured out not to wait around for Biden to do any serious leading. The President of Ukraine told his citizens who are in Russia to evacuate immediately, while others announced sanctions on Russia or offered military support. You can read more at this Fox News link that has continuously-updated news bulletins.

Try not to stare too long at the map showing all the different countries surrounding Ukraine and their various levels of military support. It might remind you of the last time we got involved in a war in Europe.

3. Canada Update

The media are focusing heavily on Ukraine, but as Greg Gutfeld pointed out, most Americans aren’t very concerned with Russia crossing Ukraine’s border, but they are wondering if we’ll have to close our border with Canada.

Monday, a majority of the Canadian Parliament’s House of Commons voted to embrace another 30 days of rights-crushing authoritarian dictatorship (which I’m sure will end in 30 days, just like the ironfisted pandemic response it’s ostensibly created to protect was going to end in two weeks.) The Senate still has to give it final approval. And while it’s doubtful they’ll vote to block PM Justin Trudeau’s outrageous power grab, there were hopeful signs in the grilling that Senators gave government spokesman Mark Gold about why Trudeau needs extraordinary, freedom-crushing powers to deal with truck blockades that have already been cleared? And why should he be given these powers based on alleged “intelligence” they’ve seen that they refuse to show to Parliament?

Let’s pray that Canada’s Senate has more intelligence than some of its other officials, who are proving too crazy even for the current liberal leaders. As Nick Arama at reports, these include Diane Dean, who was removed as chair of the Police Services Board after not only calling the protesting truckers racists and terrorists, but also suggesting they weren’t all Canadians, and the protest was part of an America-funded plot to take over Canada. (Hey, I love Canada, but it's too cold for me. If I want to own a dictatorship that crushes dissent and doesn't respect human rights, I'll plot to take over Cuba.)

Saying the Canadian equivalent of “Hold muh beer!,” Liberal Party MP Ya’ra Saks made worldwide news by not only claiming the truckers were waving Nazi and Confederate flags, but declaring that their slogan, “Honk Honk” is “an acronym for ‘Heil Hitler.’”

Not only is that a ridiculous, libelous lie, it doesn’t even make any sense. Does she even know what an acronym is?

From now on, when I hear the term, “the Canadian loonie,” I won’t think of their currency. I’ll think of her.

4. Poll: American Democrats approve of Canadian Martial Law

If you thought that the news from Canada was disturbing, brace yourself for something worse: a new Trafalgar Group poll found that nearly 66% of Democrat likely voters approve of Trudeau’s imposition of veritable martial law to crush the rights of peaceful pro-freedom protesters, and even to go after the financial accounts of people who simply donated a few bucks to support them weeks ago.

Fortunately, the poll also found that 87.3% of Republicans and 74.4% of Independents oppose Trudeau’s move, meaning a 55.3% majority of American likely voters don’t approve of the government acting like a dictator and arresting, harassing, crushing the rights and confiscating the property of government critics and people with “unacceptable views.” That’s cold comfort when 100% of Americans should be so repulsed by that idea that they’d be willing to lay down their lives to oppose it.

Believe it or not, it gets worse. In an American “Hold muh beer!” moment, Rep. Ruben Gallego of Arizona went his dictatorship-supporting fellow Democrats one better by tweeting of the American pro-freedom convoy heading for Washington, “Perfect time to impound and give their trucks to small trucking companies looking for business.”

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that a current Democrat Congress member wants to seize private property earned by an American citizen he disagrees with and redistribute it to someone he prefers. But in a better world, he would be immediately removed from Congress for violating his oath of office to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

In one tweet-sized ignorance nugget, Gallego implicitly called for doing away with the First Amendment rights to free speech, freedom of assembly and to petition the government for redress of grievances and the Fourth Amendment protection from unreasonable search and seizure. With his clearly expressed hostility to the Constitutional rights of American citizens, he showed himself worthy to hold his job.

And remember: these are the same people who just last year were telling us that “peaceful protesters” who shared their views should be allowed not only to shut down cities, block streets, take over downtown areas and barricade government buildings, but burn and loot stores and not even be charged with crimes. Now, they seek to confiscate private property that citizens need to earn their livelihood with zero due process, and for no other reason that they have expressed an INTENTION to come to Washington and peacefully protest Democrat policies.

This is why it’s said that if you scratch a leftist, you’ll find a totalitarian underneath. And why it’s said that if it weren’t for double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

5. We know: Spygate was "A Hillary Clinton Enterprise"

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine might be dominating the news, but whenever one story is taking all the attention, it’s important to ask oneself what other events might be going on behind the scenes. In fact, Hillary Clinton is surely asking herself that very question, as she can’t count on leaks from the special counsel’s office to tell her. Like the rest of us, she has to glean it from the deliberately detailed motions he files.

Recall that Durham was criticized by lawyers for Clinton attorney Michael Sussmann for putting so much detail in his “speaking indictment” against their client and the later motion about conflicts of interest. They created some unintentional humor by saying their client hadn’t lied to the FBI, but even if he did (!), the lie was immaterial so the charge should be dropped. They also asked that Durham’s entire section on “Factual Background” be struck from the record. (One wonders if that might be because Sussmann attorney Latham & Watkins LLP, in a huge conflict of interest, also represents some of the other people mentioned.) But Durham easily defended his inclusion of this section as material to the case.

The question remains, though: why would Durham put so much detail into his court documents at this time, weaving threads with people who haven’t yet been indicted? Former assistant director of intelligence for the FBI Kevin Brock, in an opinion piece for The Hill, speculates that after a year-and-a-half and just a few indictments against seemingly peripheral players, Durham might be seen as unproductive, and that this perception might give Attorney General Merrick Garland enough cover to shut down his investigation, as we all know he’s longing to do.

Brock, in a fine example of understatement, writes, “The Biden DOJ is not friendly to the goals of Mr. Durham.”

“If Durham were to be terminated,” Brock says, “the American people might not even push back much since no one had a clue whether his investigation was bearing meaningful fruit.” But now, the dots he’s connected to the Clinton campaign create quite a stunning picture. Besides providing us with some hope that there might actually be accountability in Washington DC, he also made it much harder for the President or the AG to dump him. Brock offers a brief history lesson on Nixon’s firing of Watergate independent prosecutor Archibald Cox, first accepting the resignations of both the attorney general and deputy attorney general for refusing to fire Cox. At the request of the White House, FBI agents came and sealed off Cox’s office, and those of the AG and deputy AG as well.

(In an interesting bit of trivia, by law the solicitor general acts as attorney general when the AG and deputy AG are absent, so Nixon told HIM to carry out the firing of Cox, and he did. That man was Robert Bork, who was later nominated to the Supreme Court by President Ronald Reagan. Bork’s approval process was the first really vicious one –- setting the tone for future disgraceful hearings such as Clarence Thomas’s and Brett Kavanaugh’s –- with Sen. Ted Kennedy twisting Bork’s opinions to say that “Robert Bork’s America” would be one of “back-alley abortions” and “segregated lunch counters.” Bork was rejected by the Senate, leading to the coining of the word “borked.” One of the senators voting against his confirmation was...yes, Sen. Joe Biden.)

I digress. Anyway, that series of firings, nicknamed the “Saturday Night Massacre,” did not end well for Nixon. Here’s the story as told by the Washington Post in 1973, back when it was a real news organization.

Still, that situation was different from today’s, as Nixon’s AG, Elliot Richardson, and his deputy AG, William Ruckelshaus, were refusing to follow Nixon’s order to fire Cox. Biden’s AG, Merrick Garland, and his deputy AG, Lisa Monaco, are both such political hacks that either of them would fire Durham in a New York minute and not even wait for Biden’s order, thus leaving Biden in the clear. So it’s been important while we wait for the investigation to conclude that they not find any justification to fire him. That seems to be why we’re finally starting to hear compelling hints about the progress he’s made.

And now we know he’s put together the outlines of, in Brock’s words (which suit me fine), “a corrupt conspiracy by operatives linked to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The exposed conspiracy allegedly made a contrived, fraudulent and shocking attempt to entice the FBI and CIA to use their powers against the rival Trump campaign and presidency.” It should be noted that this wasn’t just an “attempt,” as Durham will show the FBI and CIA actually were involved. (The CIA is "Agency - 2.")

When Durham included specifics about “Tech Executive – 1,” identified as Rodney Joffe of Neustar, he signaled that at least one person under investigation had “flipped” and given up some information. That’s because much of the “Factual Background” had to come to him either from Joffe or from someone he approached for help in putting together the fake Alfa Bank story.

Right now, Democrats are trying to say that Joffe wasn’t “really spying” because he had an actual contract –- as Lucy said to Charlie Brown, “a signed document” –- to maintain the servers he lifted information from. Joffe gave proprietary government data to a civilian third party. It’s STILL SPYING. Getting the contract is just the way in.

Brock makes the case that Durham must be allowed to continue his work, and says “there will be more squirming to come in powerful circles.”

Speaking of squirming, we said months ago that “journalists” at The New York Times and the Washington Post should have to give back the Pulitzer Prize they received for their coverage of the Russia Hoax. Now the editorial board at the New York Post concurs, in an epic commentary. The “collusion” was revealed as a hoax, they said, “Yet the damage had been done. The liberal media had ‘destabilized U.S. democracy’ more than Russia ever could, by feeding left-leaning Americans a constant, false narrative that their President was a sleeper agent.”

Something else to enjoy in light of the recent revelations about the Clinton campaign: from Byron York, here’s “A Guide to Clinton Dirty Tricks.” York, with his chronological approach, ties it all together well.

Finally, Margot Cleveland takes what Durham has told us so far that ties in Hillary and says there is more coming. “’Russia Russia Russia’ was a Hillary Clinton enterprise,” she says. We know this because the special counsel has subpoenaed the DNC, the Clinton campaign (same thing), Perkins Coie and, apparently, Fusion GPS. They’ve obtained tens of thousands of relevant documents and prepared reports on over 100 interviews, including one with “a former employee of the Clinton Campaign.”

As Cleveland points out, the media will continue trying to bury whatever comes out of this investigation. Durham knows, of course, the only “win” he (and we) will have is indictments that stick. These people need to pay for their deception and for what they put our country through.

6. I Just Wanted to Say:

Thank you for reading my newsletter. Now that you are finished, leave me a comment.  I read them!

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  • Gwen Seeley

    02/24/2022 03:43 PM

    I agree with all the above comments just expressed!!

  • Robin Rebhan

    02/24/2022 10:21 AM

    Mike, Thank you for all that you do to get the truth out to all of us everyday!

  • Philip Tinnes

    02/24/2022 08:35 AM

    "Indictments that stick" yes, and prayers to God for a revival in America.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    02/23/2022 09:42 PM

    Dr. Mikeal Hughes : sorry but is is the DEMOCRATS who supported and are acting like the Fascists Nazis AND Commies. Sorry. If you scratch a Republican you find an Anarchist. Trump 2024 !!!

  • carolyn caudry

    02/23/2022 09:21 PM

    I saw your recommendation for Substack, however Any type of subscription that requires money is unavailable for me. So, I hope you will continue the regular newsletters as I check them daily. Thank you.

  • John R. Murry

    02/23/2022 09:09 PM

    Hi governor,
    What is your take on the consequences of Justin Trudeau's freezing of the protester's bank accounts and confiscation of personal property? Will this destroy the confidence in financial institutions as a safe place to keep assets?
    I am no longer comfortable with my money in the bank!

    Take care,

    John Murry

  • Tom Corn

    02/23/2022 07:57 PM

    With the media burying the news on the Durham investigation the defense lawyers will not be able to use the defense that the media unduly influenced the jury members.

  • Glenn’s D O’Neal

    02/23/2022 07:30 PM

    I enjoyed reading your information and thanks for telling the truth about Hillary Clinton! There are so many people that don’t believe it, that I think that CNN and MSNBC should have to tell the truth everyday for a month!

  • Joseph Orsini

    02/23/2022 07:17 PM

    Why is there no discussion of the 1994 agreement between RUSSIA and UKRAINE on the exchange of nuclear weapons for Ukraine's independence?

  • Dennis Sweeney

    02/23/2022 07:00 PM

    Hi Mike:

    Hillary and her cadre of malcontents must be sweating profusely at the moment knowing the people Durham must have providing grand jury testimony.

    All most law-abiding Americans want is for justice to be served to those who put this country, President Trump & his family, and us Americans through for the past 5 years.

    It’s President Obama and his administration along with Hillary and her cronies who committed the greatest crime of American history and they all must pay for it and serve time in jail for the pain that they caused many Americans.

    That’s what it will take to restore the US along with proving how the 2020 election was actually stolen.