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May 6, 2023

Thursday was the National Day of Prayer, established as the first Thursday in May by a law signed by President Eisenhower in 1952, a law I fear would never pass Congress today. There were events all across America, and Fox News Digital asked faith leaders nationwide for their comments on the importance of prayer. You can read that article here:

The National Day of Prayer Task Force created a live stream video that you can now watch anytime on their Facebook page:

President Biden issued a proclamation for the National Day of Prayer. It drew criticism for seeming to imply that miracles were accomplished through collective actions rather than by God. But at least it did mention God twice, which is an improvement over Biden’s 2021 proclamation, which managed to proclaim a day of prayer without mentioning God at all.

I don’t ask people what they pray for or about, because that’s personal and I think the important thing is that people just open their hearts to God and pray. But a new survey found that 61% of Americans said that they do pray. Nearly half of these respondents said praying makes them feel less anxious or depressed, and a third said it makes them feel like better versions of themselves.

Thirty-nine percent of respondents said they practice meditation, which was classified as a “spiritual practice” (if focusing on yourself without God can be called that.) The report found that “Millennials and members of Gen Z were more likely than older adults to meditate or engage in other mindfulness practices.” Personally, I would strongly advise them to pray. For inspiration, they should read the Bible. If they need more incentive to pray, they should look at the national debt that’s being left to them.  

Another interesting finding is that despite a rising number of American saying they have no specific religious affiliation (and some governments practically waging war on churches to force them to close), during the COVID lockdowns, 53% of people who prayed said they prayed more and many sustained that greater level of prayer after the pandemic ended.

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