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October 6, 2022

Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre a simple question: “You’ve said the President is responsible for gas prices coming down. Is he responsible for them going up?” Her response: “So, it’s a lot more nuanced than that…There have been global challenges…There’s been (the) pandemic, and Putin’s war.” She rambled on from there.

Again, I have to say that a lot of people pile on Karine, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I feel sorry for her. Not even Einstein could do her job. While she doesn’t have to face the shark tank of hostility that my daughter Sarah did, at least Sarah had solid, factual answers to their stupid biased questions.

Poor Karine faces the simplest questions and has no answers at all, because there are none. Every day, she’s sent out completely unprepared and has to defend totally indefensible policies, like open borders letting in millions of illegal entrants or skyrocketing gas prices because Biden is deliberately trying to destroy our domestic energy industry. It’s said that if you have no facts on your side, all you can do is “baffle them with bull (BLEEP.)” Well, that’s what her reply was, and it was certainly baffling. So by that standard, she’s doing a pretty good job.

Related: Proving that it’s impossible for anyone to do Karine Jean-Pierre’s job of defending the indefensible, Fox News border reporter Bill Melugin asked a series of Democrat office holders if they agreed with the Biden White House’s (laughable) claim that the border is secure. He asked a simple question for which the answer (yes or no) takes no more than a second. Yet look at how many of them just didn’t have time to answer. They all had to get someplace else. Or to be more precise: anyplace else.

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  • Ed Thompson

    10/10/2022 10:01 AM

    From day one of Joe’s takeover of America, I tried to listen to the explanations given by his press secretary at briefings only to go away more frustrated about what his plans for America are. Problem is not really with the people who have to answer questions more than it’s about the lack of press conferences actually heal by the President himself. But when you constantly hear- “I will circle back “-? “ This is what he means”! I don’t have any faith in anything those people have to say about anything Joe Biden is doing. The double speak has gone off the rails with Joe and anyone trying to explain anything he is saying or doing. And when you need an interpreter to explain anything said by the Vice President, you know it’s time to get someone else in that position! English subtitles should never be needed when these people speak TO Americans! People we have a problem. VOTE!

  • Linda Orf Strebbing

    10/09/2022 08:42 PM

    Oh well, she applied for the job and when offered it, she accepted.

  • Donald K Rowland

    10/09/2022 08:38 PM

    I too feel sorry for her trying to answer legitimate questions with "demo-commie" supplied answers.
    It would be interesting to ask if we are developing a battery powered F-16 replacement ? or a wind powered Abram tank ? We already know how to build sail powered aircraft carriers don't we ?

  • Prodigal48

    10/09/2022 08:11 PM

    Hi Mike. I watched your program on Newsmax this morning. I try not to miss it. I noticed when you were involved in the trick with the magician guy that at one point you put your left hand down toward the floor and gave what many consider the be the, "devil's salute". I was pretty shocked, Although I am sure you did not mean it to be be referring to anything demonic, and you are one of my favorite people in the world, I would urge you not to do that. It may not really mean anything, but to be brutally looks pretty bad. Especially for a former pastor. We are to refrain from even the, "appearance of evil". Please take this in the loving context in which I mean it. God Bless.

  • Brenda Groters

    10/09/2022 08:08 PM

    Love the truthfulness and scriptures.

  • Keith Megilligan

    10/09/2022 04:27 PM

    Appreciate your sympathy for Karine, however, her responses to non-defensible positions are often condescending. At least you can honest, respectful (?) and straight forward. The Biden admin has demonstrated that it is non of these.

  • John Romer

    10/09/2022 03:04 PM

    Well, Mike all I can say is how do you defend the undefendable ??? ANSWER, You Can't.