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August 16, 2023



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That was quick! Meadows and Eastman respond in Georgia case.

Tristan Justice at THE FEDERALIST offers a run-down of the “conspiratorial” acts offered by the Fulton County DA in this beyond-crazy indictment.  Fulton County DA Fani Willis is using her interpretation of “conspiracy” laws to charge as felonies acts that would normally be...well, normal.  In charging both Trump and his associates, she has criminalized such typical activities as…

requesting phone numbers

encouraging voters to watch TV election coverage

encouraging voters to call their members of Congress

reserving a room at the Georgia Capitol for alternate presidential electors

calling on state leaders to ensure signature verification

encouraging an “indicted co-conspirator” to attend a House committee meeting on election fraud

encourage a special legislative session of a state assembly

place two phone calls to the president tempore of the Georgia State Senate

These actions typically would not be seen as anything but innocent, but all DA Willis has to do is allege a “criminal conspiracy” --- which rests on assumptions she can’t possibly know, such as Trump’s state of mind --- and everything Trump and his associates did is automatically seen as being done in furtherance of that conspiracy.  EVERYTHING.

That’s not gonna fly.  Mark Meadows has already filed a motion that could work in favor of all the “co-conspirators” accused of furthering the “conspiracy.”  His motion calls for moving the charges out of Georgia and into a federal court.

“The conduct giving rise to the charges in the indictment all occurred during his tenure and as part of his service as Chief of Staff,” the motion reads, going on to say that federal law calls for prompt removal of a criminal prosecution commenced in a state court when the defendant was acting “under color of [his] office.”  It’s set up that way because federalism doesn’t work if the states can use state laws against federal officials for things they do as feds.  Apparently, this is an important point of constitutional law for first-year law students.  Either this state prosecutor doesn’t care about that or we should be wondering how she graduated law school.

Former law school dean and professor John Eastman, who presumably is familiar with the above legal point, has responded as well.  Eastman says his activities were constitutionally protected, and that the charges against him were an assault on the practice of law: “Lawyers everywhere should be sleepless over this latest stunt to criminalize their advocacy.  This is a legal cluster-bomb that leaves unexploded ordinance for lawyers to navigate in perpetuity.”

It was Rudy Giuliani who was indicted for encouraging voters to call their members of Congress.  Ironically, his “incriminating” tweet said, “We must have free and fair elections in GA & this is our only path to ensuring every legal vote is counted @realDonald Trump.”  How DARE he call for every legal vote to be counted!

Former federal prosecutor Brett Tolman described this case as “a Frankenstein that Mary Shelley would’ve been repulsed by.”

“It needs to be torn apart and the creator needs to be run out of office,” he said.  These indictments are using a RICO statute that is aimed at criminal organizations, making this “the bastardization of a statute that we put into place to try to root out very complex corrupt organizations.”  Willis is using it “for political reasons,” Tolman said.  “It’s a shame that somebody with a legal degree is trying to analyze a lawful election challenge under the lens of criminal law.”  Highly recommended...

Be sure and read Jonathan Turley’s take on this case.  “The scope of the alleged conspiracy is massive,” he said.  “Indeed, every call, speech and tweet appears a criminal step in the conspiracy.  District Attorney Fani Willis appears to have elected to charge everything and everyone and let God sort them out.”  The chilling effect of this is dangerous, he believes.  “It is important for campaigns to seek judicial review without fear of prosecution.”

But Trump has not been chilled.  He says to stay tuned, because this coming Monday, he’ll be presenting incontrovertible evidence of voter fraud in 2020 that will result in his “complete exoneration.”  We shall see.

Problems from 2020 that easily could have affected the outcome have already been brought up but went nowhere.  In fact, Athena Thorne for PJ MEDIA recently wrote a piece called “Here’s Why Legal Challenges to the 2020 Election Didn’t Go Anywhere,” citing the corrupt collapse of America’s legal system and “state DAs who literally campaigned on promises to ‘get Trump.’” It’s a subscriber-only story, but the main points are things you certainly remember: that every attempt to investigate or introduce alleged evidence of vote fraud was greeted with hostility from the media, legal roadblocks by Democrat officials, attempts to disbar any attorneys who took up the cases, terrified judges refusing to look at it due to “lack of standing,” and the looming threat of violence by leftist rioters against everyone from judges and courts to entire cities if the election didn’t go their way.

If you are a subscriber, keep in mind as you read this --- especially the part of about conservative attorneys being targeted --- that it was written BEFORE the Georgia indictments of Trump and his associates were handed down.

The mystery of the “fictitious” indictment posted too early

When Fulton County DA Fani Willis was asked Monday night about the indictment that was briefly posted to their website, she blew off the question and essentially blamed the clerk.  On Tuesday, the clerk issued a long statement claiming she was “practicing” with a “sample” document.  But that doesn’t tell us how a so-called “sample” document was identical to the one the grand jury signed off on much later in the evening.  Are you buying this?

You don’t have to be Columbo to realize that their cover story raises more questions than it answers.

Thank you

Thanks to Jeffrey Kurtis at Today’s Country magazine for this wonderful write-up of his experience attending the live taping of last week’s episode of “Huckabee” on TBN. It’s a great behind-the-scenes peek at what goes into creating the show you watch every week (you DO watch every week, right?)

Remember, if you want to have this kind of fun yourself, you can reserve free tickets to a live taping by going to Y’all come!


Are more indictments coming?

Having completely trashed historic precedent, twisted the law and the Constitution and destroyed our precious “norms” in a rabid frenzy to “get Trump,” you didn’t think the Democrats would stop at only FOUR sets of outrageous indictments, did you? Now, there’s talk of a FIFTH threat of indictments, and you’ll never guess where it’s coming from. Brace yourself because the sheer gall of this one might make your brain reel:

Arizona Gov, Katie Hobbs is pressing for indictments in Arizona against Trump for daring to question the 2020 election. Yes, I said “Katie Hobbs.” The Governor probably most suspected by her constituents of having been installed in office thanks to vote fraud. The one whose election is still being challenged. The one who refused to step aside from her job of running the election that she was competing in. She wants to file charges against Trump for “potential election interference in the 2020 election,”

Say, here’s a thought: how about having a real investigation, free of government roadblocks and biased court rulings, of the 2022 election of Katie Hobbs?

And speaking of endless investigations, I tried to warn Democrats that they were opening a Pandora’s box and didn’t realize what was going to come screaming out of it and devour them. Of course, they were ravaged by Trump Derangement Syndrome and didn’t listen. They’ve now established a “new norm” that Republicans can use against them, and it’s already causing ghosts of their carefully-buried past to rise from the graveyard.

With the political indictments of Trump, calls are rising from the right to indict Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Joe Biden for their parts in creating the expensive, divisive, and some might even say treasonous Russian Collusion hoax.

And that’s just the beginning. Why should Hillary still be allowed to skate on destroying all that evidence of mishandling of classified documents if Trump is going to be indicted for far less? And that’s just the start: when it comes to Democrats who’ve been allowed to skate on their malfeasance, it’s an embarrassment of riches, If national Republican office holders are too reticent to engage in this political warfare, there are plenty of state and local GOP attorneys general and county prosecutors in deep red areas who can start filing indictment after indictment after indictment. Considering that the Democratic Party has been described as “America’s most successful criminal enterprise,” they shouldn’t lack for material.

Do I want to see this kind of politicized legal warfare? Of course not. Nobody in his right mind does. Thinking people knew how dangerous it would be and warned against it, but that didn’t stop the Democrats from starting it. It’s sad to think that giving the Dems a taste of their own quack medicine might be the only way to close the Pandora’s box they broke open.


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NYT says no

The New York Times is taking steps to prohibit its content from being used to train Artificial Intelligence models. Good. It would be bad enough having robot overlords without having them think like the New York Times editorial board! I also question whether you can create anything with intelligence by feeding it the New York Times.

Once again, the Babylon Bee predicted this very thing:

A slip-up

The White House made a slip-up Tuesday that seemingly confirms President Biden doesn’t write his own Twitter posts, as if anyone actually thought he could figure out how to do that. It happened when a post that was obviously meant to come from the President was sent out over press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s account. Well, what the heck, she does his talking for him anyway.

Being overlooked is what the message said, in part: “Investing in America means investing in all of America.” I take exception to that. I’ve been around Democrats long enough to know that “Investing in America” means “Taking money away from people who earned it and giving it to people who’ll vote for me.”


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"Investing in America"

President Biden was in Milwaukee Tuesday to tout his “Investing in America” plan (i.e., running up a huge tab on our grandkids’ credit card), and the audience was lucky enough to be treated both to one of his favorite classic anecdotes-that-never-actually-happened and a brand new one.

The old “greatest hit” was the story about the Amtrak conductor telling him how many miles he’d traveled by train (that conductor had died before the conversation ever could have occurred.) The new one was that he was in Pittsburgh last year and watched the Fern Hollow Bridge collapse. He said, “I watched that bridge collapse. I got there and saw it collapse, with over 200 feet off the ground over a valley. It collapsed. Thank God school was out.”

Thank God, the only part of that that’s true is that school was out. He was on the way to Pittsburgh, and it collapsed before he got there. He did view the wreckage, as we all are now.

This got buried

With all the Trump news, this story that happened Friday got buried, but it deserves more notice. You would think the media would give it more coverage, considering it’s about shocking infringement on freedom of the press by the government, but a surprising number of media outlets seem to be okay with that these days. The story is remarkably similar to the story of Ashley Biden’s diary, which was given to Project Veritas. They returned it without revealing anything in it, yet the FBI raided the homes of James O’Keefe and other PV reporters and seized dozens of their private devices.

In this case, the Marion County, Kansas, Record newspaper got a tip that a local restaurant owner had convictions for DUI and driving without a license that could have prevented her from getting a liquor license. They didn’t know the source of the tip so they wrote nothing and turned it over to the police. But the restaurant owner made it public by complaining in front of the city council, so the paper wrote an article telling their side of the story.

Next thing the paper knew, the police department raided the office and home of owner/publisher Eric Meyer, photographing and seizing a number of digital devices. They had a warrant to seize devices used to “participate in the identity theft” of the restaurant owner. Meyer says his 98-year-old mother, who co-owned the paper, died the next day, and he blames the stress of the police raid.

Many people were already calling it an outrageous assault by government on the rights of the press. But then the story took another twist when Meyer revealed that paper had been investigating allegations of sexual misconduct and other accusations against the police chief, but had yet to publish anything. He said, “I may be paranoid that this has anything to do with it, but when people come and seize your computer, you tend to be a little paranoid.”

The paper’s attorney calls it an “illegal search” and is demanding that authorities not review any information on any devices or material they confiscated. This is a developing story, and I’m very interested to see how it develops.

Get on it, Congress:  impeachment inquiries for Biden, Garland and Wray

The House needs to launch impeachment inquiries immediately for Joe Biden, Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray.

That’s according to legal analyst Margot Cleveland, who says it’s about time the Legislative Branch “flexes its impeachment muscle” to uncover the truth.  In her new column, she makes the case that Garland appointing David Weiss special counsel for the Hunter Biden case “not only contradicts any earlier claims that there was no need for such an appointment, but it also contradicts nearly everything we’ve been told about the investigation and the DOJ’s role.”

If Weiss really had been the ultimate decision-maker, he wouldn’t have needed the appointment.  Cleveland explains that even without this new change in status, Weiss could have gotten approval from Garland to bring cases in DC and/or California, and he had even said he “was assured that [he] would be granted this authority if it proved necessary.”  So that can’t be the reason.

No, Garland’s sudden appointment of Weiss as special counsel confirms that there was a conflict of interest all along.  So, why didn’t he do it in the first place?  “It is clear Garland failed to fulfill his duties as attorney general by refusing to grant Weiss that status years ago,” Cleveland says.

It’s simple:  either Weiss was in charge of the investigation, or he was not.  “Naming Weiss special counsel confirms everything we’ve been told before now was a farce.”  Weiss “gave Garland cover, allowed the DOJ to apparently interfere in the investigation, entered a sweetheart deal with Hunter Biden, and removed the IRS whistleblowers from the investigation,” and this “renders him incapable of serving as an independent special counsel.”

The irony is that “while Garland touted the appointment of a special counsel as providing Americans confidence in the integrity of the investigation into Hunter Biden, putting Weiss in that role contradicted every assurance of independence he gave.”

Recall that according to the whistleblowers, there were others in the office who impeded their work in numerous ways.  The culmination of that was Weiss’s FIRING of the whistleblowers and Gary Shapley’s entire team of experts who had been working on the case for five years.  These were experts who specialized in international money laundering and tax evasion cases.

It’s shocking to think that the very person who did that --- if that was even his decision and not from higher up --- is the one who is in charge of the “independent” investigation now.  And his team is now lacking those experts.  “...Even if Weiss plans to move forward with a real investigation,” Cleveland writes, “the complexity of the Biden family corruption investigation is likely far beyond his and his local team’s skill set.”

She also notes that even with Weiss’s upgrade, “the bottom line is that Weiss still reports to Garland, and Garland’s boss is Joe Biden.”  And at this point, as we enter serious campaign season, department regulations prohibit Weiss from investigating a presidential candidate “without permission.”  On the chance Weiss even asks for that, do you think in your wildest dreams that Garland will grant it?  So Weiss is “independent” to follow the facts where they lead...until they lead to the Big Guy.  Then he’ll have to back off.

Complaining, Cleveland says, “won’t move the needle” on this situation, and neither will the “current investigative trajectory.”  Because of the clear conflict of interest, the Executive Branch --- even under the title of special counsel --- cannot properly investigate Joe Biden.  For that reason, and since the scandal goes beyond the Biden family to encompass the DOJ and FBI’s obstruction of the investigation, impeachment inquiries are the way to go.

New suggestions of financial ties between Hunter and his father were reported by FOX NEWS on Tuesday, and more members of Congress, such as Greg Steube of Florida and Tim Burchett of Tennessee, called for action.

Here’s a curious segment of newly-revealed timeline:  Did you know that Hunter’s attorneys began negotiating their “sweetheart” plea deal with the DOJ right after the first IRS whistleblower announced he was coming forward?  That was in May of this year.  It appears Hunter’s attorneys were scrambling to put their case to bed --- with immunity for Hunter in perpetuity --- before that testimony came along and blew everything up.  Thanks to Judge Maryanne Noreika for not being a “rubber stamp.”


RELATED:  Concerning another judge...we’ve learned that Tanya S. Chutkan, the judge presiding over Trump’s J6 case being prosecuted by special counsel Jack Smith, previously worked at Boies Schiller Flexner, a big Democrat powerhouse firm that employed Hunter and even represented Burisma Holdings while Hunter was on their board.  They were both there between 2010 and 2014.  Even had to rate this claim “True.”

Judge Chutkan was reportedly chosen at random from a pool of about 20 judges, but if that’s the case, Jack Smith certainly hit the jackpot.  As reported by THE NATIONAL PULSE, Boies Schiller Flexner even worked for Fusion GPS.  You cannot get more steeped in politics than this firm was and is.  When Fusion GPS tried to block revealing the source of payments for the Steele “dossier” (the DNC and Hillary’s campaign, haha), Chutkan recused herself from that case over concerns about impartiality.  If impartiality was a concern then, why isn’t it now?  In her words and her sentencing, she’s shown she is clearly not impartial.  She should be removed from this case.




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  • Stephen K Lentz

    08/17/2023 08:30 AM

    "The House needs to launch impeachment inquiries immediately for Joe Biden, Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray."

    THIS is why you rinos never get ANYTHING done and the jackasses know it and are NEVER afraid of rinos!!! ALL you ever do is spew the same old rhetoric from your pie holes to feed your huge arrogant obnoxious narcissistic egos BUT YOU NEVER DO ANYTHING TO BACK UP THE CONSTANT BS!!!! YOU RINOS ARE THE PROBLEM!!! So just how much cash do the jackasses stuff into your pockets to spew the BS but never back up ANY of your "evidence"??????? And how much cash does faux news stuff into your pockets for you 5 minutes of fame spew the same old rhetoric???? I say it again - YOU RINOS ARE THE PROBLEM for ALLOWING the jackasses to run rough shod over our political and justice systems which are as corrupt as a 3rd world country!!!

  • George Reynolds

    08/16/2023 08:49 PM

    Here is more information on Biden's visit to the already-collapsed bridge, which, by the way, was not "over 200 feet high", but was "about 100 feet high".

    — KDKA (@KDKA) January 30, 2022
    The day the bridge collapsed, Biden was set to be in Pittsburgh to tout the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Before going to deliver those planned remarks, Biden visited the site of the bridge collapse, speaking with first responders and elected officials at the scene.

    During the short visit at the site of the collapse, Biden said he hadn't known that Pittsburgh had more bridges than any city in the world, and vowed to "fix them all."


    08/16/2023 04:45 PM

    This entire investigation would make a great mystery /crime movie. The actors would play themselves.

  • Stephen Russell

    08/16/2023 04:41 PM

    What is GOP waiting for on impeaching Biden, Wray. AG, Myorakas??
    Whats wrong

  • ken moore

    08/16/2023 03:33 PM

    with the goverment in a dictatorship mode eliminate funding for irs doj & fbi and procutors that try to derail republican front runner canidates that could challenge joe biden is trying to use all sections of the goverment to reduce thier chjance to challenge ole joe
    i will buy wood and rope for hanging hunter and joe in the rose garden

  • Sharon Faulkner

    08/16/2023 12:48 PM

    THE HILL says Trump made this statement. Check with him first ok? It's probably false.