December 5, 2019

The terrible reviews of Wednesday’s House “impeachment” hearing are rolling out all over, with even an analyst at admitting it was an unconvincing failure (FYI: “The trial was a pig circus, he never had a chance” is a Bob Dylan lyric, not a commentary on the Schiff/Nadler hearings.) 

Ann Althouse is a law professor, not a media figure, so her pan of the proceedings is especially interesting and carries real weight.

But for pure entertainment value, you can never beat Kurt Schlichter.

There are two other reactions to the hearing worth noting. One, surprisingly, was a perfectly appropriate reaction that actually came from chairman Jerrold Nadler, who at one point represented all of America when he appeared to fall asleep:

And this has to be the Line of the Day, the best and most succinct description of this entire “impeachment” fiasco that I’ve heard anywhere. Glenn Reynolds (a real law professor) of the Instapundit blog spotted it on Facebook and quoted it without attribution:

“It’s like Watergate, but with morons.” 


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  • Don Chenault

    12/06/2019 06:46 AM

    the news(no longer news) media is going down along with the politicians . i am tired of constant coverage of this SWAMP..yesterday we have "don't mess with me" nancy and "iq test" joe. then we have the fox news legal pundits pontificate on what every one said and what it really meant...ENOUGH ALREADY... great time to start watching the nature channel or cartoon channel