February 10, 2020

Dear Rush,

I’ve had a couple of days now to process your news, and have decided it would be a good thing to write to you. As a writer/researcher for Gov. Mike Huckabee, I thought I’d also post it on the Huckabee website (with his blessing) and share it with many others who have listened to you and loved you for years. Certainly a lot of your fans are the Gov’s fans, and vice versa.

President Trump’s triumphant State Of The Union Address has just ended, and I was so happy to see you sitting there with Melania, as were many millions of others who had tuned in. This was the most powerful, confident and upbeat SOTU speech I’ve ever watched, and actually being there in that room amidst all that unspoken seething drama must have been an amazing experience. The news that you would be receiving the Presidential Medal Of Freedom had come out earlier in the evening, but who knew that you would be sitting there in the box tonight, that the honor would apparently be a surprise to you, and that it would be bestowed on you right then, on the spot! I guess they must have somehow kept you away from news reports for just long enough.

How appropriate that you would be presented this honor. I had the tissues out, to be sure. Your life cannot be separated from the American history of the past few decades, as they are so closely interwoven. You’ve been instrumental in shaping the radio industry and modern politics, and in touching lives. I’ve been listening to you for a long time and have seen all those changes.

When my then-boyfriend-later-husband (Pat Reeder, who also writes for Gov. Huckabee) first turned on your show for me while we out driving around, I have to admit I groaned. You were in the middle of talking about feminism, and you happened to bring up one of your Undeniable Truths Of Life: that feminism existed to give unattractive women easier access to mainstream society. To me, that seemed more like a defense of feminism, though I couldn’t tell if you meant it that way. Unattractive women SHOULD have access to mainstream society, I reasoned, and if they don’t have it without feminism, then feminism is a good thing. But if you were going to be critical of feminism, did that mean you thought unattractive women should NOT have access? You see my quandry. So my introduction to you was not altogether positive.

But I kept listening and gradually learned that you had an amazing view of the political landscape. So much insight. As for feminism, I’ve always thought of myself as a feminist in the classical sense, believing I should just move forward in the world as it is, as a man would do, and live the life I want to pursue rather than be pressured into something that’s wrong for me. But I came to understand that you were talking mostly about the feminist MOVEMENT, and the feminist movement did betray me, with its laser-beam focus on “reproductive rights” (abortion on demand) and its insistence on having a lot of things both ways. (The inconsistency is even worse today, as can be seen when you juxtapose the “principles” of the #MeToo movement with J-Lo’s sexed-up “empowering” pole dance at the Super Bowl.)

Anyway, the point is, I haven’t always agreed with you, but most of the time, certainly on politics, you were spot-on. It was obvious that critics of your show either didn’t listen at all or didn’t listen enough to understand what you meant, to know when you were being tongue-in-cheek. So often, they didn’t get the joke. Leftists hardly ever get the joke.

Since my husband and I are comedy writers, we have especially appreciated the humor in your show. Looking back, it seems there used to be more of that than there has been in recent years. Maybe that’s just a reflection of the times we’re in right now. (Humor today is not for the faint of heart!) Still, over the years, the many fall-down-funny song parodies you featured inspired me to write more of them myself. Thank you so much for that!

I’m indebted to you in another way, Rush. About 15 years ago, I lost the hearing in my left ear after surgery for Meniere’s Disease. The vertigo attacks were gone, but I was deaf on that side, with loud tinnitus. As I am a singer, this has been extremely challenging to deal with. But when you became totally deaf in BOTH ears, you still managed to continue your career in RADIO, no less! I was stunned at your determination to keep at it and find a way not to give up the work that so many of us value and count on. If you could do that with total hearing loss, then maybe I could find ways to keep going with music, recording and even live performances. You have been such an inspiration to me in that way, and I did eventually find help. Thank you so much.

I also admire you for sticking to your guns when you were savaged, not just by leftists but by some conservatives, for supporting Trump in 2016. As President, he has proved his conservative critics wrong --- wow, he truly has governed as a conservative --- but you seemed to really understand his potential as a conservative leader before many others on the right did.

I hope you’ll be able to be at the Golden EIB Microphone most of the time during this crazy political year. When you need some time away, we’ll understand, wishing the very best for you and hoping you’ll be recovered from treatment and back soon. I think this year will pretty much determine the future of America, so please be here for us when you can, Rush.

You’ve always said you were “having more fun than any human being should be allowed to have.” How wonderful to lead such a rich life, doing exactly what you want, and create an amazing legacy while you’re at it.

Well, I guess that’s about all. I just wanted to say how much you mean to me and to so many, but in the process I realized that mere words don’t quite get there. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to meet you personally and shake your hand, so I’ll just imagine I’m shaking your hand now. (Pause for imaginary hand-shaking. Sorry, my hand is sweating a little.) Thanks for everything, Rush. Much love to you and yours.


Laura Ainsworth

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  • Gwen Orgeron

    02/21/2021 10:40 PM

    Loved this positive letter about Rush. He will be a huge loss to us Americans that are concerned about our freedom and constitution. God Bless Rush and God bless America!!!

  • loyda burgos

    02/21/2021 07:16 PM

    I admire him for ever

  • Tracy Blay Duzdevich

    02/21/2021 03:58 PM

    Beautiful letter you have written to Rush. God Bless you

  • ronald william edinger

    02/21/2021 03:14 PM

    a great man

  • Linda Olds

    02/20/2021 02:25 AM

    That's a wonderful letter to Rush. He will be missed greatly.
    You mention his determination to continue against the odds--anyone who's that successful has to have great determination.
    You also mention humor, and those on the left not understanding it. That's part of the great harm the left is doing. So much humor is discouraged or canceled these days because it may 'offend' someone.

  • Carol Laubach

    02/19/2021 01:51 PM

    So well said, Miss Ainsworth! Dear Rush was truly like a beloved family member to us for so many years. We are so thankful to God for placing him in our great country to help lead us in the very best way. What a magnificent, humble servant he was. He is missed and deeply respected and loved. No one can completely “fill his shoes”. We are eternally grateful for him . May God bless his family in the days ahead.

    Carol Laubach

  • Glenna Riddell

    02/19/2021 10:49 AM

    That’s a beautiful letter and exactly how millions of Rush listeners feel. Wednesdays News was something we have all expected but we’re not ready for. We are trying to wrap our head around the fact that we’ll never hear his voice again. We are sad. Very sad. God wanted him back.

  • shirley a. winn

    02/18/2021 05:45 PM

    Thank you, Laura, for a letter to Rush that we all wish we had written. You said it all.

  • H Ken Rigsbee

    02/18/2021 04:41 PM

    Thank you, Laura for your tribute to a great man.

  • Judy Pevonka

    02/18/2021 03:22 PM

    Thank you, Governor, for sharing. I think we're all in a state of fogginess over Rush's passing; even though we knew it was coming; I think, if we listen really closely, we will hear him from heaven. Whether we loved him or not, I know I will never forget him!


    02/18/2021 02:28 PM


  • Matthew J. Allen

    02/18/2021 02:23 PM

    Excellently written observations about Rush. I became a big fan of his when he first began his radio broadcast. Like you, I did not always agree with everything he said, but we were almost always together on political views.
    I was so happy when President Trump bestowed upon him the Presidential Medal Of Freedom, and Melaina was there to place it around Rush`s neck so graciously. How proud he was, as was President Trump and all of Rush`s fans.
    Thank you for writing this truth that put into words true Americans' feelings about Rush Limbaugh.

  • Jennie Zimmerman

    02/18/2021 01:47 PM

    thank you for this wonderful tribute to a truly wonderful human being

  • Vana Kappelle

    02/18/2021 01:42 PM

    Oh how missed you already are,
    See you in Paradise, God's Kingdom

  • Lynn Piers

    02/18/2021 12:49 PM

    Laura, I think millions feel the same way about Rush! A beautiful letter for a beautiful man that means so much to our nation.

    Thank you,
    Much respect,

    Lynn Piers

  • Phuoc T Pham

    02/18/2021 10:56 AM

    my eyes manage to tear up after I read this beautiful letter, thank you Laura!

  • Kay Brun

    02/18/2021 08:52 AM

    A very moving and touching tribute! As I read your letter, I felt like it was me writing to Rush, and that felt good. It feels good to know there are so many people out there that feel the same way I do about Rush, but then we really already knew that didn’t we!?!
    Thank you so much for writing to Rush in our (basically his entire fan base) behalf. We all wish we would have taken the opportunity to do the same, but at least you did, and I believe he knew you spoke for us all. Thank you!
    Kay Brun

  • Patricia Cromwell

    02/18/2021 08:27 AM

    This is a Beautiful Letter/Tribute to Rush Limbaugh. He will be missed terribly. Laura Ainsworth speaks for me and I am sure, many more. My heart is heavy for Rush's Family and all his loved ones. He's got it made. We have lost an American Hero. He has gained his Heavenly Home.

  • DIane B Jones

    02/18/2021 08:20 AM

    A warm tribute to a man who loved his God, his country, life . And devoted himself to making sure we the American people received the truth, Rush you did not fear the evil left media nor bow down to them! Thank you for always being there and you left a great legacy with us!! I will miss hearing you come into my house each day ! But on a lighter note my dog Charlie would lay down on his bed each day at the time you would broadcast and listen until it was over! On the days you were not on he would only stay on his bed long enough to realize it was not you and would immediately leave, it was amazing to watch him do that! Even my dog was smart enough to know the difference ! ??

  • Ruth Rempel

    02/18/2021 06:58 AM

    A touching tribute to a great man.

  • Sandra Martin

    02/18/2021 06:00 AM

    Loved reading this without skipping over any content. Rush was amazing. Watching him receive his medal kept me in tears. After retiring, I planned my day around his program. He is irreplaceable. ??

  • Leland Earl Whitehouse

    02/18/2021 03:37 AM

    The ugly hateful comments coming from Hollywood are sickening. Our love will be much stronger . I feel sorry for those that speak such filth against such a good man.

  • Glen Sankey

    02/18/2021 03:35 AM

    Thank you for such a lovely and heart felt letter to Mr. Limbaugh. I am saddened by his loss, and for his family, who must go on without him. But the truths he spoke, will be a memorial to the man he was, who stood for truth and righteousness amidst a world gone off the deep end, never appreciating a real American Hero! Thank you again. Respectfully Glen Sankey

  • Cheryl Walker

    02/18/2021 02:18 AM

    That was so kind and sweet!! Thank you for sharing it!

  • Laurel Berger

    02/17/2021 11:09 PM

    Thank you Laura Ainsworth. Beautiful letter to Rush whom we will all miss tremendously.