October 4, 2019

News about Trump and the attempts to undermine him is blasting like water from a fire hose. But we won’t let you drown; here are the highlights for today:

First, for those of you who (like me) have always suspected Rod Rosenstein was doing much more behind the scenes to facilitate the Mueller investigation, there’s new evidence that our suspicions were on target. Judicial Watch has obtained Justice Department documents that include an email from Rosenstein to Robert Mueller advising him that “the boss and his staff do not know about our communications.” On May 16, 2017, the day before Mueller’s appointment, he emailed former deputy Attorney General Mark Filip to say, “I am with Mueller. He shares my views. Duty calls. Sometimes the moment chooses us.” He also kept in touch with a number of strongly anti-Trump media contacts. There’s much more...this press release from Judicial Watch is a must-read:

DOJ Docs Show Rosenstein Advising Mueller ‘the Boss’ Doesn’t Know About Their Communications - Judicial Watch - Judicial Watch

Next, Trump’s former special envoy to Ukraine, Kurt Volker, was supposed to be the Democrats’ star witness in the “impeachment inquiry” –- I use quotation marks because, without a floor vote, it isn’t official –- of President Trump, shedding all kinds of light on the alleged efforts of Trump and Rudy Giuliani to go after Joe and Hunter Biden.

The hearing on Thursday was interminable –- nine-and-a-half hours –- apparently because Democrats just weren’t getting what they needed from their witness. This was a closed-door session, but some who were present are saying that Volker’s testimony devastated the Democrats’ conspiracy theories concerning Ukraine. Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan said Thursday evening to Sean Hannity, “...I hope every American gets to read what took place in that room today, ‘cause when they do, they’ll see there’s no quid pro quo. They will see exactly...[what] was going on between these two countries, and they’ll see what a good ambassador, what a good diplomat Kurt Volker was...”

Unfortunately, the person who gets to decide about releasing the transcript is the chairman of the committee, who is...(heavy sigh) Adam Schiff. According to Jordan, Schiff had stringent rules for questioning Volker, such as limits on members’ ability to ask questions and even the staff they could have involved, and also a refusal to let State Department lawyers be present.

Even so, I think we’ll have more of the facts soon. (Pay no attention to anonymous leaks to the fake news.) President Trump wants to be as transparent as possible, so who is guilty of “obstruction” here? Right now, it looks like Schiff to me. In the meantime, here’s Catherine Herridge’s report:

Congressional interview with ex-Ukraine envoy blows hole in Democrats' 'quid pro quo' claim against Trump: GOP lawmaker

In addition, the State Department IG has presented evidence of “collusion” between Ukraine and the Democratic National Committee. And Rudy Giuliani has also assembled a stunning timeline for the events linking Hunter Biden and Burisma Holdings, which Sean Hannity outlined Thursday night. Rudy’s got it all documented. A couple of items stand out to me:

May 2015 –- Hunter Biden (by now on the board of Burisma and getting $50,000 a month, though he has no qualifications) meets for breakfast with Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken regarding concerns about serious corruption within Burisma. By then Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin had opened a criminal investigation of Burisma, and Hunter had been identified as a person of interest.

October 2015 --- Hillary Clinton allegedly tells then-VP Joe Biden she won’t go after Hunter if Joe runs for President, but SHE CAN’T CONTROL WHAT HER STAFF WILL DO.

After that, we get into Joe Biden’s pressuring of then-President Poroshenko to dismiss Shokin and the “shakedown” we know took place concerning a $1 billion loan guarantee. But the alleged conversation with Hillary is particularly interesting, as it has always seemed to me that the main reason Biden chose not to run in 2016 wasn’t grief over his son Beau’s death –- as raw as that surely was –- but actually because he didn’t dare run against the Clinton Machine. (Hey, I know what that’s like, and you don’t do it unless you’re really up to it.) This business with Hunter would surely be why he felt vulnerable.

Of course, he would have been ready to step in if Hillary had been indicted in July of 2016, but that was when then-FBI Director James Comey stood up and with a straight face said that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring a case against her. Hillary got to stay in, and that kept Joe out.

Moving on, to “impeachment”: Since there was no floor vote, California Rep. Kevin McCarthy wrote a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi to ask about the so-called impeachment inquiry. “Do you intend to grant co-equal subpoena power to both the Chair and Ranking Member at the committee level?” he asked. (In an actual inquiry, that would be the case.) “Do you intend to require that all subpoenas be subject to a vote of the full committee at the request of either the Chair or Ranking Member?” (Ditto.) “Do you intend to provide the President’s counsel the right to attend all hearings and depositions?...Do you intend to provide the President’s counsel the right to present evidence...[and] to object to the admittance of evidence?...Do you intend to prove the President’s counsel the right to recommend a witness list?...and more.

All of these would be required during a real impeachment inquiry. Pelosi does NOT want the President to have these rights. She especially doesn’t want Trump to be able to present evidence. Just from looking at the documentation Giuliani has in his possession, can you imagine an “impeachment” hearing getting into that stuff? Not gonna happen.

In fact, President Trump is sending Pelosi a letter essentially daring her to go ahead with her impeachment. He’s calling her bluff, and it’s delightful to see. He won’t cooperate unless it’s the real deal, requiring a House vote. According to Mark Levin, the Senate shouldn’t cooperate, either, as long as Pelosi isn’t following the rules, and should just vote to dismiss the whole thing. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell can use the “nuclear option” to dismiss it with a simply majority.

Trump to send Pelosi a letter 'daring' her to hold impeachment inquiry vote


Meanwhile, the real evidence coming in is supportive of Trump. Of course, we now know the so-called “whistleblower” (reportedly a rogue CIA agent) went to Schiff first –- Schiff lied repeatedly about that –- and Schiff’s office reportedly told him to seek legal counsel and go to the IG. Why on earth would a whistleblower go first to a political officeholder? Why would he get such partisan lawyers? (We’ve talked about Whistleblower Aid, which was formed to take down the Trump administration.) And why would the complaint be not in the form a real whistleblower would offer but more like, as Mark Levin calls it, “a second impeachment document”?

There’s so much more, and it’s all coming out, though most media will ignore it or excuse it as long as they can. The fire hose will keep blasting. We’re all gonna get wet, but that’s okay. And if this phone call with Michael Goodwin is any indication, the President is more optimistic than ever…

Goodwin: Trump talks impeachment, Dems and de Blasio in interview

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  • Oscar Williams

    12/21/2019 03:05 PM

    Thanks, Mike! I'll write my Senior Senator, Richard Shelby, today! God Bless America! K.A.G!

  • Patsy Prothro

    10/14/2019 11:16 AM

    The dems are using these tactics to push their criminal activities under the rug to go after our President! after

  • Patsy Prothro

    10/13/2019 07:06 PM

    Excellent review! Keep the I formation coming! The news media is so bias it shows! Sick of them!

  • Vernon Thompson

    10/13/2019 10:42 AM

    Speaking of suspects. Do you think it is highly probable that the miserable,worthless, low-life, lying scumbag, Adam Schiff organized and staged the whole whistleblower caper???????
    He needs to be removed from Congress!!!!!

  • Terry Ptacek

    10/13/2019 01:55 AM

    Mike I'm afraid you are missing a very important point. Americans don't know why President Trump is refusing to cooperate, and all the media are saying that it's him just saying he doesn't have to do it, He is more powerful then them, and going on to imply that he knows he is guilty and therefore won't cooperate, so they are becoming more convinced that he is a bad president, guilty of these charges, and should be impeached. At this point, it doesn't matter if the Senate votes no, because America will believe he is guilty, and he can't possibly win the election. Furthermore, the republicans that are trying to support him will all be painted by the same guilty brush, of trying to help him cover-up his wrong-doing. Isn't there at least a way for the president or somebody on a national news station besides Fox, because the only people that watch fox are those that already share the conservative beliefs, can explain why what the Democrats are doing is wrong, and why President Trump is right to refuse, and why all Pelosi has to do if she really wants him to participate is do it legally. I would use the example of if your enemies accused you of wrongdoing, and demanded that you come and testify in a room controlled by them, where you could not have a lawyer, you could not speak out on your own-you could only answer their questions, they could question the people testifying against you, but you or your lawyer could not, would you be willing to give up all your rights to go testify or have your staff testify there, or have your information sent there to be interpreted by your enemies as they wanted, or would you say-no I will not. Charge me with a crime, let me go to court where I have my rights, such as having my lawyer there, and my lawyer gets to question anyone that my enemies bring up to testify-ie a real trial where you have a chance to prove you are innocent. Well, there are rules for impeachment also, and those rules are to protect the President from being treated unfairly, ie to preserve the Presidents rights, and all the President is requiring is that it be done legally, so that both sides of the story get presented fairly,even though they will disagree-just like in a real court case-and then the public can decide who is right and who is wrong. I see this continuing to slide downhill until the Democrats are handed the next election on a silver platter.

  • John Q Public

    10/12/2019 09:21 PM

    I don’t believe for a second, that “the Boss doesn’t know...”. I think this was a less than clever attempt (sort of like the Susan Rice ‘memorandum for the record’ on the day of the inauguration?), to provide plausible deniability to the then occupant? Of the Oval Office!

    This stink, planning, and execution go all the way directly to and through the Manchurian candidate that was the occupant of that oval office for eight long, painful, and fruitless years!

  • Jerry

    10/12/2019 05:24 PM

    I hope the nest of rats are left out in the open Pelosi Schiff Rosenstein and the rest needs to be exposed a lot of rats are heading to the D-con trough extra strength the more they talk the more rats are going to be exposed it would be great for a huge nest of rats scrabbling but have no where to go except hopefully to jail. These people are worse than the pot smoking inmates lets trade a simple pot smoker for each one of these rats they are the ones that truly need to be in jail make room, a lot of rats are on their way MAGA jail a rat!

  • Wanda Robbins

    10/12/2019 03:15 PM

    My sentiments exactly. Hoping there is accountability for his part in this Russian Hoax,,

  • Bruce Chtistebsen

    10/12/2019 02:56 PM

    Every person involved in these scams against President Trump even before he took Office should loose everything they have plus all the bennies.
    They should be arrested and Charged with High Treason against A Dully Elected President and everyone of them should pay the Maximum Price for their Crimes starting with the Odumbo’s then the Clintons Cartel then sit back and watch as the dominos begins to fall one after the other, then to Prison for most but the ring leaders will and should face bring Executed according to our High Treason Law.

  • Jeanne Weller

    10/12/2019 02:33 PM

    We surely need to combine our forces and PRAY for our President! I have woke up in the night and sent up prayers for his strength, wisdom, discernment (in what he says and tweets) and SAFETY for he and his family. Is he perfect? No, but then there was only one perfect person on the earth, Jesus. Please .. .PRAY...

  • Gerry Couch

    10/12/2019 02:02 PM

    Great information, thank God for Judicial Watch!

    How can we get this information to general public, newspaper ads in Lical Papers?

  • Mike Horst

    10/12/2019 01:39 PM

    Mike...just did the survey of who I would support if Warren were the Democrat Nominee for POTUS against Trump from your site. These are all verified votes and it shows that 78% would vote for Trump. So what does this mean? I think it means that FOX news polls, Real Clear Politics etc. are without question inaccurate and bias. There are a lot of Trump supporters out there that are going to shock the liberals again on 11-3-2020. Then they will Cry foul again, there will be hysteria in the streets by liberals whiners saying that somehow Trump and his supporters have committed election fraud. God knocked down the walls of Jericho with nothing more than a shout by the Israelite's and he can do it again. Can't impeach God!..How do you like those apples?

  • rodney burke

    10/12/2019 12:36 PM

    um-m I can finally say it to someone who will listen. Rosenstein LOOKS like a crook. I thought that from the outset, thanks for voicing it for the rest of us. I don't and never did trust him. that guy is out for himself like Comey. Oh! how many "prosecutors" did james comey ask about the case against Hilary? None, not even the unreasonable ones. What a crock! I'm sure of some who would have taken the case in a heart beat.McCarthy, rudi, Mark Levin , Joe Degenova and his wife OR Greg Garrett. Almost makes me want to throw the more witnesses the communists call, the more holes get punched in their theory. It's almost a joy to watch.

  • Joseph Trokey

    10/12/2019 12:26 PM

    I just wonder if anything will be done. Seems like we hear these stories and we know D.C. is filled with liars and cheats but nothing ever happens to them, they just go on going like the energizer bunny. I just have to be patient, I guess, and wait for God to handle it, as He says He will.

  • Suzanne Utts

    10/12/2019 12:17 PM

    The gates of GITMO will open wide to let these people in.

  • Joe Broadway

    10/12/2019 11:10 AM

    All this is part of the coup that started when Mr. Trump became president and they are slinging mud against the wall hoping something sticks. The Republicans are in on it. They have to go alone with it for a positive perception of the Americian people. HAS ANYONE BEEN ARRESTED?? No and no one will be.

  • Derold Davis

    10/12/2019 10:58 AM

    With all the Crap going on with Trump impeachment BS, his Mpls Rally, Ohmar, Klobuchar, Ellison and Stolen elections, I hear NO Reporting ANYWHERE about the 26000 Illegal Votes that WERE COUNTED in the 2016 elections. MN SOS Simon has been sued for covering all this up and has lost every one so far, on the docket for MN Supreme Court in Nov. Please get this in the news, Fox sure as hell won't.

  • Hal Rattray

    10/12/2019 10:37 AM

    This all reads like a Robert Ludlum novel. If we could just skip to the last chapter. It WILL make for a great movie someday.

  • Sandra Malone

    10/12/2019 10:06 AM

    Adam Schiff reminds me of the wizard in the movie "Wizard of Oz." He wasn't a real wizard just a man behind the curtain controlling the bells and whistles.

  • Kevin J Cook

    10/12/2019 09:34 AM

    Why can’t the red republicans hi jack the hearing and add this information? When are the Republican in the senate going to start hearing s?

  • Charles Rezner

    10/12/2019 09:30 AM

    It was apparent very early on Rosenstein was not supervising and giving direction to Mueller and hence had to be part of the Democrat Witch Hunt.

  • carol popp

    10/07/2019 12:48 PM

    More crooked democrat nonsense that is costing millions of dollars to go nowhere. The PResident has committed no crimes.

  • Sammi Lehmann

    10/07/2019 12:23 PM

    In my experience, subpoenas could be issued only after a court filing was made and there was a docket #... if that’s so, how can congress subpoena Trump’s tax records? With no court case, this clearly is a witch-hunt...your thoughts...?

  • Carol

    10/05/2019 05:06 PM

    This is why Obama told Biden not to run.

  • Mike Horst

    10/05/2019 01:04 PM

    Well...Saturday Morning...What do we hear but that NOW there is a "potential" second "whistleblower" on Trump Ukraine call? Fe Fi Fo Fum I smell a Fake News Media and Democrat lie again! This is another Kavanaugh style lie and smear job. It is the same old liberal Democrat play book...different day. They didn't fabricate enough lies to get Trump so lets throw in another lie or three or four. More being better. Those of you Democrats reading this...You Are Busted! We've already read your game plan! Ha!