Did I Miss Something About Paul Ryan?

May 12, 2016 |

Did I miss something during the GOP primary? Did Paul Ryan get elected to a national position while I wasn’t looking? Sure, he is the Speaker and I have respect for the position and for Paul Ryan personally. But he was elected by the people in one out of 435 Congressional districts. When he says he will see if Donald Trump will come toward HIS positions on policy before endorsing and supporting him, I wonder if he realizes that the reason Trump is the nominee is because Republicans are really mad at the Washington insiders that Ryan represents.

This is no time for hubris from members of Congress whose approval rating is 12 percent. It's time for humility, contrition and repentance for squandering the majority and continuing to fund Planned Parenthood; approve the Iran deal; push for Syrian refugee relocation; raise the debt ceiling; allow moves forward for Obamacare, open immigration, and cuts in Social Security; and lead the charge to give Obama a trade deal that the majority of Republicans hate.

Instead of asking Donald Trump to accept the policies that Republicans reject, maybe Trump should ask Congressional Republicans to do some math on the votes and realize that Trump has received more votes at this point in the process than McCain in 2008 or Romney in 2012. Trump surely wants to have the support of the elected Republicans, but it’s the elected Republicans who should want the support of the party’s nominee, who when he wins and sends Hillary packing, will be the head of the Republican Party.

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  • Anthony feoli

    05/21/2016 08:42 PM

    Yes Mr Huckabee you are correct . While I might not agree with everything trump says , I'm on board with most . We need a change from the norm , a fresh and different way of doing things . That's what scares the donor class , they want business as usual . We as a country can't afford it ! In 7 years Obama has put us in the toilet . If Hillary gets to be president she will flush it ! We all must get behind the nominee! Vote Trump ! Mike you would be a great Vice President !

  • Wiley Brooks

    05/20/2016 05:11 PM

    I think there is a multitude of Conservative Americans guilty of wishful thinking and grasping at straws. I am fearful that Trump will destroy the conservative movement and progress that began with Barry Goldwater in the 1950’s. If Trump is elected, they will come to be extremely disappointed and betrayed. Trump’s history clearly indicates he is not a conservative. He waffles and changes positions daily. He has won the Republican nomination by lying, insults and name calling which indicates serious character flaws. I truly hope I will be proven wrong. Like millions of other conservatives, I will hold my nose and vote for Trump because he is the lesser of two evils.

  • Susan Perez

    05/19/2016 10:10 PM

    Thank you! I always appreciate your candid point of your which usually makes a lot of sens to me.

  • Warren Kendrick

    05/14/2016 03:53 PM

    Donald Trump made it through the rain and he endured the slings and arrows of millions of petty people and their self-interests to become the Republican nominee designate. Don't forget that when the me-toos, toadies, wannabees and also-rans show up, none of who endured a thing.

  • Donna lollis

    05/14/2016 02:02 PM

    You are right again! They have all messed up ! Trump is the man to fix all their mistakes ! They should all be grateful ! They could not do it !

  • carolyn edwards

    05/14/2016 01:57 PM

    Completely agree. I remember Paul Ryan being on the losing ticket with Romney. So who does he think he is. The Republican establishment would rather keep their status quo in Hillary than changes with Trump which is why millions are supporting him. If the "party" does not get behind Trump, there will be a backlash against republican candidates running for offices across much of our nation.

  • Marjorie Briggs

    05/14/2016 09:21 AM

    Mike I've been wondering that same thing. And I have to say that as much as I like Mitt Romney, I'm a little disappointed at his behavior as well. This is the time to unite as a party. The people have spoken.

  • Vernon Kauffman

    05/14/2016 08:27 AM

    Very well said! We need men and women of integrity, humility and who listen to the Spirit and principles of God. Without morality, democracy will fail. Blessings to you Mike. Keep walking in the spirit of truth.

  • Brian R Briggs, MD, MPH

    05/13/2016 10:02 PM

    Very well stated.

  • Charles Ross

    05/13/2016 09:47 PM

    People on the right need get on board and build a wall of support with one goal and that is to beat the left, Trump can be a good President if he brings the right ones with him and is willing too work as a team for the good of America. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • Rolland Smith

    05/13/2016 06:37 PM

    Mike, You said it right.. Like you took the words from my mouth,, Remember,"we need the house" we gave it to you.. "We need the senate" .we gave it to you.. But what did you do? nothing any good "democrate" would do.. Sided with the O on all his issues.. Just kept giving him the pen to sign with !!! Now you want Trump to buckle under to you??? Bull !!! You better listen to him and "WAKE UP!!!!!!!"

  • Gina Mitauer

    05/13/2016 05:14 PM

    Anyone who doesn't support Trump at this point, is still hanging on to media sound bytes... Trump has truly evolved as a candidate and has spoken detailed in his/ our plans for America and the American people! Only 44% of men and 31% of women follow politics intently.... I am part of that 31%... Are you ? American people need to do their own research, instead of relying on liberal news to get information on Trump! I only trust Fox News, as I can get on the Internet and verify what they report is the truth! I watch all interviews, rallies, press conferences, read articles... Trumps Costa Mesa Ca. Rally is a must watch, along with his Foreign Policy speech, there is also a press conference from July or August 2015 of families whose loved ones were murdered by illegals standing with Mr Trump! These all can be found on you tube! Trump is one of a kind and genuinely a good person... He was on Oprah 28 years ago and said the same things back then as he says today.... Also on you tube! Those who are in doubt about Trump need to ask themselves if they truly love this country or not! I trust Donald Trump! Wait for the presidential debates, I think you will be impressed! Make informed decisions people not hasty ones! Trump is nothing near what the liberal media wants to paint him to be.... I urge you to watch these videos and see for yourself! The videos the liberal media never showed you! Research takes time, so take the time and think for yourself! Otherwise you are a sheep!

  • Belinda Wooley

    05/13/2016 03:03 PM

    You are so right Mr. Huckabee.

  • J.R. Pettus

    05/13/2016 01:49 PM

    You are correct Ryan represents all that is wrong with Washington. Obama made the whole Republican majority blink. The best thing that has happened in Obama's years in the White House was the sequester. Spending across the board has to be cut, including military, but it cannot be cut on the backs of the working poor or veterans. I am a former Republican now angry fiscal conservative Independent for Trump. But if Trump cow tows to much the establishment, which is all about fund raising, he will be in trouble come Fall. Trump brags about how much he spent per voter, he should be able to cut military spending and get a stronger military. But you are right, Ryan is acting like a spoiled hurt child and should be Cantored in November. Ignore Ryan and the Waiting for Godot Republicans

  • J.R. Pettus

    05/13/2016 01:21 PM

    You are correct Ryan represents all that is wrong with Washington. Obama made the whole Republican majority blink. The best thing that has happened in Obama's years in the White House was the sequester. Spending across the board has to be cut, including military, but it cannot be cut on the backs of the working poor or veterans. I am a former Republican now angry fiscal conservative Independent for Trump. But if Trump cow tows to much the establishment, which is all about fund raising, he will be in trouble come Fall. Trump brags about how much he spent per voter, he should be able to cut military spending and get a stronger military. But you are right, Ryan is acting like a spoiled hurt child and should be Cantored in November. Ignore Ryan and the Waiting for Godot Republicans

  • Cathy Peterson

    05/13/2016 12:41 PM

    The Establishment needs to treat Trump like they would have if Jeb had won the nomination! We the People of this country have spoken and won't put up with anything less!

  • Amy

    05/13/2016 10:33 AM

    With all due respect, Mr. Huckabee, Speaker Ryan is absolutely right. Donald Trump is nothing short of a madman who seems to enjoy using inflammatory speech and divisive ideas to get as much attention as possible. This is coming from a voter who has always voted Republican and who, while I will not vote for Hillary, considers it irresponsible to give my vote to a man who has proven outrageous in terms of how he treats the leaders of other nations, how he grossly generalizes and sidelines minorities, and has yet to clarify many of the positions that he claims to have. I'm sorry, but I have no idea how you are supporting a man like this, and I would applaud Mr. Ryan if he refuses to fall into the "he's the best we have against Hillary and therefore he's the right guy" argument.

  • Monique Fernandez

    05/13/2016 10:13 AM

    You are so right. Thank you so much for supporting the people. Both parties let us down till we didn't know which party to vote for and considering not voting anymore, but, Mr Trump came out of no where, at first I thought no way, but, I have learn so much more from listen to him.
    So once again thank you! Monique Fernandez.
    For the record my husband is from Hi and I'm from Belgium and I have been here for 57 years legally.

  • Gwen Boyd

    05/13/2016 10:09 AM

    Governor Huckabee, you are correct. Paul Ryan is living under a rock and in love with himself. The voters in Wisconsin need to send him home along with McCain, Graham and others. They are the problems with Washington. They can't seem to understand that the people of America have finally found someone they believe can/will represent THEIR agenda and interest! They despise do nothing double talk politicians and that certainly includes me and my friends.

  • James Smith

    05/13/2016 09:41 AM

    What I don't understand is why are the republicans refusing to accept the man that "We the people" have declared that we want as President. Ryan has allowed his position to cloud his mind. He ran for president and lost because he didn't have the nerve to buck Obama. I believe that he is hoping that the republicans will vote him in to run against Hillary, therefore making sure that the democrats will be in charge another four years. Thank you, and God bless.

  • Carol Oswald

    05/13/2016 09:40 AM

    I THINK Trump's response is based on trying to act 'presidential' and not be so 'forthright'. I am sure that once he's in office, he'll DEAL with the 'all powerful EGO's ' of congressmen like Ryan. Oh and I'm aware that Ryan is up for re-election .... hmmm, and I KNOW there's a REPUBLICAN Wisconsin businessman WHO wants Ryan's congressional position ---- so it could be a whole new ballgame if Ryan is defeated and there's a new kid appointed Speaker!!!! We can only hope!!

  • Joyce shelor

    05/13/2016 09:35 AM

    My thoughts too. I don't understand what their problem is, but I'm not voting for Trump according to whether they like him or not. I do see that if they don't embrace him soon, their party may never recover. America is liking Trumps agenda, not the GOP's. We want America back!!!

  • Kenneth Jay

    05/13/2016 09:30 AM

    I think you are right Mike to a certain point. I think as a Republican we must back the Republican views but not the ideas of those running as Republicans. That is what makes us all different from the Democrats. My worry is if elected, Donald Trump will not follow the Republican agenda and in a year, if not less, you will NOT be able to find one person on social media that will admit to voting for him. A repeat of what happen with our current president. As individuals we are allowed to choose as we please, but don't ask us to follow the leader as he heads in the direction of the slaughter house.

  • Scottie Earls

    05/13/2016 09:20 AM

    I certainly agree Mike, and I think Paul Ryan may have a short lived speakership if he doesn't shape up really fast.

  • Dr. Jackie Whitehead

    05/13/2016 09:03 AM

    You have hit the nail on its head! I don't even recognize the country we have become due to the last 8 years. The moral majority and constitutionalist are treated badly... And policical correctness has gone wild! My rights have been trampled on...The United States has allowed so much illegal integration that we are no longer a melting pot... We are a pot melted down! Immigrants come here because the didn't like where they are from...only to try and make us like where they came from. Instead of accepting America the way we ARE... They want us to change to suit them. They don't have thoses rights! If they don't like us...they should go back where they came from. Send them back!!!! I agree with Trump that we must fix our country and quit sending money to other countries until we fix ours!!!! No new immigrants and send them back until we see what they can to help our country... Not burden our country!

  • Matthew Clegg

    05/13/2016 08:56 AM

    Thank you Gov!! I am tired of all the hurt feelings in the Republican Party. No matter if it is Romney, Ryan, the Bush family or Cruz, the people had their say and enough is enough.

    They need to get behind Trump '16 and make it unstoppable! I voted for Trump because I want change!

  • Richard Green

    05/13/2016 08:36 AM

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. Few are willing to. Including my Senator Chuck Schumer. I am a former member of the NYSE. Also, a former red-headed step child employee of Goldman Sachs. I was at the heart of the economy for nearly 20 years. The reverse in the financial "magnetic" poles since my departure is frightening. The Fed overstepping and acting negligently most prominent in my opinion. I truly believe it is not so much wages being low, as we know we all should aspire to earn a higher wage, It is out there for those who peruse it. The cost of goods is more of an issue than the aforementioned.Then of course the other issues that challenge our great nation. I do not want to roam far off topic in regard to Paul Ryan and his reluctance. It is clear that the GOP has failed for many decades. The Donkeys are no better. Those embedded in our government continue that status quo that is eroding the republic. I have been looking for a job for a long time and was thinking of a write -in candidacy against Chuck Schumer. Any advice for a common man with such ambition?

    Thank Mike .

    Best Regards,
    Richard K. Green

  • Louise Fox

    05/13/2016 08:13 AM

    I agree with you 100%. We have been shouting to kick Ryan out of congress since he helped Obama get everything he wanted in the budget. He is a traitor to the American people. We hope and pray Trump will include in his administration people with morals and common sense like you and Ben Carson.

  • Doug Youngs

    05/13/2016 08:12 AM

    What makes you think you're right? Where do you get the idea that being a Republican represents the American people? Barely half of registered voters are Republican and what you are preaching is the exclusion of half the people as far as representation. Your ideas make me sick, and I'm pretty sure that supporting a candidate who preaches hate and the denial of Constitutional and civil rights of millions of people will not get Trump elected. You ran as a Republican preaching the same basic message. If this country falls into the hands of a bunch of Nazis like Trump this country is over.

  • Joe Woods

    05/13/2016 07:46 AM

    Hello Mike, Will you please give reason(s) why and how you feel Donald Trump can and/or will defeat Hillary Clinton..? Personally, I do not visualize that occurring. She keeps handing him his head in national polls. Thank you sir...

  • Shirley Ferryman

    05/13/2016 07:45 AM

    I so agree! I will be leaving GOP after Trump gets in .
    God is in control. They need to see this and bend the knee.
    You are a good man Mike. Hope all congress loose in the fall.

  • Nancy Corte

    05/13/2016 07:42 AM

    Well said ! right on! GO TRUMP and Huckabee for VP!!

  • Jason zielonka

    05/13/2016 07:35 AM

    Mike, i couldn't agree more. While I like Paul Ryan personally and respect him as leader of the House Republicans (and 3rd in line to the Presidency), he also represents the Republican Establishment and has failed to listen to "We the People" who sent him and his colleagues to Washington with a clear agenda, re Obamacare, immigration, the budget, Iran, etc.

    Trumps views may not be unanimously accepted but they do represent the majority of Republicans speaking with a national voice. Man up, GOP, and get in line, or we'll send you packing in November. You need to come to Trump (and us), not vice versa.

  • Rosemary Boerenko

    05/13/2016 07:30 AM

    I whole heartily agree with your comment. I am in my seventies and have always followed politics. The American people are disgusted with the way the government has been working the last 8 years. We do want change and we are angry. If Donald Trump is getting that many votes and thousands are coming out to see him, then the Republican Party should get behind him and support him. I pray that he can make changes so that I can rest assured that my kids and grandkids can have a good life in this country and be proud of their country and be allowed to practice the religion they chose.

  • Jeanne schneider

    05/13/2016 07:24 AM

    Thank you governor for speaking out against the arrogant self serving losers who have sold America out

  • David Cackler

    05/13/2016 07:10 AM

    Governor, I happen to believe that a voter should vote for the person not necessarily the party. In the case of Donald Trump, I can not nor will I vote for him, he is nothing more than another Barrack Obama. He is pompous, arrogant, egotistical, narcissistic. Hillary is a pathological liar so she is out as far as I am concerned. I have stated several times I have every intention of writing in a name for this election cycle. I am shocked to hear you putting PARTY above personal convictions. I have a real hard time believing that out of a Nation of 319 million people, these two are the best we can come with. Its time for the people to start to think for themselves and stop the "main-stream media" from telling us how to vote.

  • Kathleen

    05/13/2016 07:10 AM

    Paul Ryan has to wake from the spell of Mitt and come around to work together with the People's choice to revive the party. Donald is the master of getting this far, as bold and crass as he may have been to get there, he has done it.

  • Mike Steele

    05/13/2016 07:07 AM

    This is just a pitiful attempt by Mr. Ryan and the DC elites to remain significant. The people of this nation are voting for and supporting Trump in spite of the lack of support from Speaker Ryan and those like him. They feel threatened because in spite of every attempt they have made, Mr. Trump is winning! Talk about arrogance! Imagine how arrogant you must be to have a man who has gotten more votes than either of the previous two Republican nominees and still not willing to support him, now that's true arrogance. Thank you Mr. Huckabee for always being a voice of reason in an insane world.

  • ADG

    05/13/2016 06:25 AM

    Awesome logical and honest analysis. Common sense is so refreshing!

    Thank you!

  • Ronald Trail

    05/13/2016 06:23 AM

    You are on the money sir. It is not a good thing for trump to back down to the elites, if he wants the top office he better keep his promises. I would have asked Ryan to step down.

  • Sharon.castellano

    05/13/2016 06:14 AM

    You are so spot on on your assessment . I respect everything you have said and believe it with my heart and soul!! Paul Ryan should respect the Voters who have spoken. He is obviously part of the problem in Washington that needs to be changed!! Thank you for speaking for Trump supporters we are conservative and we have spoken!!

  • Sam Kemp

    05/13/2016 05:48 AM

    Speaker Ryan eptomizes the 'inside the beltway' arrogance that the American people are sick and tired of!

  • Dee Garner

    05/13/2016 01:52 AM

    He is obviously supporting the LEFT'S agenda and believes his corrupt Washington cronies will reward him for his grand standing. I am so tired of the "In Crowd" in Washington that has hi-jacked our government and rules over us like a dictatorship hidden by elections of dishonest self serving men and women. If we don't figure out a way to stop this monopoly of power by these corrupt individuals we are doomed to pass on a pile of crap to future generations.

  • Gerry Helfrick

    05/13/2016 01:47 AM

    I am constantly amazed at Mr. Ryan's and others in D.C. that think Mr. Trump needs to "change" his way of thinking to their thought processes. Don't any of them realize that "We the People" no longer will put up with the B.S. coming out of that esteemed body of government that has let us all down for the last time as you mentioned above. No, I am not totally in agreement with everything Trump has said, but he is the winner of the process that "they" put in place to elect our next candidate. I was initially for you with Mr. Carson a close second. May God bless us all with Mr. Trump being elected if America is ever going to be returned to a place that we can be proud to raise our grandchildren.


    05/13/2016 01:34 AM


  • Roger Mowery

    05/13/2016 01:08 AM

    Totally agree with you Sir. I sure would like to see a Trump/Huckabee 2016 ticket!!!

  • Ginny Wilson

    05/13/2016 12:55 AM

    I've been wondering the same thing! It's like he's out campaigning and kissing babies. Something seems kinda fishy to me!??

  • Paul Dolbow

    05/13/2016 12:46 AM

    Paul Ryan is an empty suit, attempting to obtain some degree of fame, notoriety, and false celebrity.

    Paul Ryan is not to be trusted. He and the empty bags of Capitol Hill excrement are attempting to have Donald Trump perform the fall in line dance.

    To each of you anti-Trump Capitol Hill bags of excrement, we the voters have spoken. You empty bags of excrement need to dance for your constituents and fall in line with our views. You had damn well better stop attempting to pedal the program's we are rejecting.

    You Paul Ryan and his allies are on notice, your love, your support, your attempts to elevate the status of non citizen foreigners, be they immigrants or refugees while you denigrate and marginalize natural born U.S. citizens and your choice to support Soros's Open Society Foundations and the open borders New World Order will not be tolerated or accepted by the voters.

    We reject you as proponents of free trade.

    We reject Paul Ryan and his list of core principles.

    Also, as a reminder you are not our leaders, you are not the leadership, you are at best our employees and more equivalent to our 1099 subcontract labor.


  • Cheryl Fynboe

    05/13/2016 12:34 AM

    Mike, I supported you in both your bids for president. I believe that your knee jerk reaction would line up with God's Word. Please tell me how I can in good conscience vote for Trump. Please!

  • O'Brien Bennett

    05/13/2016 12:23 AM

    Those "policies that Republicans reject" are key tenants of conservatism. I find it impossible to accept a candidate who will not fight for the right of a child to live, who praises Planned Parenthood, who boasts on how much he will continue to expand on the executive overreach embraced by the current administration, who cannot formulate an argument more advanced than mostly false ad hominem attacks, whose foreign policy plan will continue to undermine our status as a global leader, and who lacks the humility and wisdom to even ask God for forgiveness. Governor Huckabee, I have tremendous respect for you. I donated money that I could not afford to give to your campaign because I believe this nation needs a Godly man to return us to the foundation that made us great. Presidents and politicians cannot "Make America Great Again" because it wasn't them that made us great in the first place. I agree with the criticisms of the so called "establishment" and "elites". I'm well aware of the problems we face and how out of touch the Washington machine is with us. I understand the corruption and the purchasing of politicians. I'm as frustrated and angry as anyone. We are at a point where we literally need divine intervention in our leadership. That is why I think it unwise to send a man who won't even ask The Lord for forgiveness, much less help. You know this. You have more insight than I do. Why are you supporting this apparent charlatan?