March 20, 2018

This story is so clueless, it could only come from the intellectuals at NPR. It’s a shocking report that illegal immigration activists who speak out at public rallies about being in the US illegally are being “retaliated” against by ICE and deported. ICE denies being evil free speech haters who target people for exercising their Constitutional rights to advocate or criticize them for the simple reason that illegal aliens have no Constitutional right to be here at all. A spokesman for ICE explained, "All those in violation of the immigration laws may be subject to arrest, detention and...removal from the United States." When illegal immigrants self-identify in public, it just makes their job easier.

Thanks to the last Administration’s and certain liberal-run states’ and cities’ lax enforcement of long-standing immigration laws, activists now seem to believe they can openly identify themselves as illegal, even on TV, and face no repercussions. They argue that they’ve broken no laws (except that being in the US illegally is – surprise! – breaking the law. The law ICE enforces, or is supposed to.) Even more shocking, these poor souls now fear that to avoid deportation, they might have to shut up and lay low about being in the US illegally. Can you imagine?!

There’s an old blues lyrics that goes, “I been down so long, it feels like up to me.” Well, our immigration enforcement policies have been insane for so long, sanity now feels like craziness to some people. If you’re having trouble grasping the new policy, imagine what would happen if you stood in front of a government building in Mexico City, proudly declared that you were in Mexico illegally, then demanded more rights and government benefits. Yeah, that’s what would happen pretty much everywhere else. It hasn’t happened as much here recently…but now, it is again. It’s not that ICE has gone insane. It’s just that the temporary insanity is finally blowing over.


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  • Colette Wagner

    03/22/2018 01:21 PM

    Finally! It’s about time. I wondered why these ILLEGAL immigrants felt it was safe to protest and expect rights in a country that they are criminals just by being here. If NPR think that calling them “undocumented “ makes them any less a criminal they are very wrong. The U.N. needs to shut up because they don’t embrace illegals in their countries either

  • Ann Rouse

    03/20/2018 09:48 PM

    I see a Big party shift in KY and Wv. These were two Trump states. The change is due to how the Governor’s are treating teachers in regards to their pensions. Look it up. KY Governor called teachers some awful names on a radio show and more. Lots of teachers and their families vote and are turning to the Democrats who are really using this to get voted.

  • Lucy Matthews-Owen

    03/20/2018 09:23 PM

    You are awesome! I enjoy reading all of your emails and Thank you for your time and effort! Tell your Daughter to hang in there. She is doing a great job and that is what is driving the Libs mad! Lol We love her! Thanks again for all that you do!

  • K McKee

    03/20/2018 01:09 PM

    My sentiments exactly! So refreshing to see ICE doing their job.
    I hope the US govt will take strong ACTION soon against so called "sanctuary" cities. They need to be "example" cities of what happens to law breaking govt officials who Do NOT support the oaths they took to uphold our constitution.