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July 11, 2022



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Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,

Hebrews 12:1 KJV

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Jan. 6 committee really is "McCarthyism on steroids"

After our week of semi-vacation, I can’t think of a better way to bring you up to speed on the January 6 committee than with this monologue from Sunday’s LIFE, LIBERTY & LEVIN. 

Watch from the beginning, but he gets into specifics about ongoing problems with the committee at about the 2:30 mark.

As Levin points out, every last member of the committee voted to impeach President Trump; it’s even been called “the third impeachment.” At least five members “openly, publicly in the press, stated their purpose is to pressure the United States Department of Justice, under the attorney general appointed by Biden, and the U.S. attorney’s office, the U.S. attorney appointed by Biden, to indict former President Trump to ensure that he never gets close to the Oval Office again, that he can’t take over the Republican Party, that he can’t run for office again. That is a clearly unconstitutional process for the House of Representatives to be involved in.”

We’ve covered the various ways in which this committee is in flagrant disregard of the Constitution, but Levin goes on to list a number of them. He calls their Hollywood production, in which they read from scripts helpfully displayed on teleprompters, “a choreographed Stalinist show trial,” and it is.

They’re fishing –- netting secretly obtained emails, texts and phone records. (Since they do this secretly, targets can’t challenge it in court.) They're after the Republican National Committee, “scores of private and non-profit organizations,” Republican state officials, election attorneys (aside: not Marc Elias, of course), and conservative media and organizations.

Levin cites the numerous violations of attorney-client privilege and other issues of confidentiality. “This is a core fundamental principle in our system of justice,” he says. He also notes the committee is working with left-wing groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, which even bragged about it to POLITICO. Here’s more on that…

You know the SPLC from its insistence on labeling Christian and conservative organizations “hate groups” in order to censor them. They’re reportedly funneling information to the January 6 committee. “Our work has helped to document coordination between Trump, his allies and two extremist groups we’ve tracked for years,” SPLC Senior Policy Counsel on Hate and Extremism (yes, that’s his job title) Michael Lieberman told POLITICO.

In his monologue, Levin also mentions that testimony given behind closed doors remains secret. They cherry-pick what we see. One thing they don’t talk about is the 20,000 National Guard troops that Trump authorized ahead of the rally and that House Speaker Pelosi and Washington DC mayor Bowser refused.

Something new: Former Defense Department Chief of Staff Kash Patel, on Levin’s radio show, told the story of Trump authorizing the DoD, in NOVEMBER 2020, to prepare for the transition to a Biden administration. Does that sound like the behavior of an insurrectionist to you?

“You can challenge an election while at the same time allowing the government to go forward with a likely or possible transition,” Levin says. That appears to be exactly what Trump did. But never mind –-- Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland and his ‘Justice’ Department are coordinating with Pelosi’s committee, “attempting to criminalize challenges to the 2020 election, in ways we’ve never seen before in American history.”

This will do grave damage to our political system, Levin says. It’s constitutional for a candidate or his surrogates to challenge the vote in states --- through litigation (Al Gore) and in state legislatures. This has legal precedent. There was also a case (Hawaii, as we’ve reported) where two sets of electors were sent to Congress, just in case.

“It’s not a crime for a candidate to ask or to lobby state legislators to take a look at what’s taken place or to change the outcome,” Levin says. “You may not like it; you may not think it’s politically wise; you may not think it’s ethical. It’s certainly not illegal, and it’s certainly not criminal.”

He condemns the behavior of the U.S. attorney –- “with the approval of the attorney general, no doubt” –- who’s searching the homes and confiscating the electronic devices of attorneys. There’s federal grand jury hearing testimony about information taken from attorneys, he notes with disgust. “The effort to use...criminal statutes that have never been used in this way to try to manufacture a coup effort, or to try to claim some kind of obstruction or interference with the a horrific, unconscionable abuse of power by people who really are not interested in the Constitution.”

Levin also reminds us of something else reported here: that in Washington DC, 92 percent of the vote in 2020 went to Joe Biden. “Well, who do you think makes up the grand juries?” he asks (rhetorically). In grand jury proceedings, there’s no opposition. (Ha, in that respect, it’s just like the January 6 committee.) One can’t receive a fair trial. Can you say ‘change of venue’?

“This whole thing is rigged,” Levin says. “It’s a disgrace...” He suggested that they hold it in Utah or Idaho.

So, when reporters talk about “what we’ve learned,” here’s what we’ve learned: “...that we have a rogue committee, a rogue U.S. attorney, a rogue attorney general, where information is being censored, where contrary witnesses are not permitted to publicly testify because it destroys the narrative, and with the whole system set up to destroy the Republican Party generally, MAGA specifically, and Donald Trump overall.”

“That violates separation of power by this committee, and the abuse of these criminal statutes should not stand.”

After reading this, you won’t be surprised at POLITICO’s report that of the eight Jan. 6 defendants who’ve faced jurors so far, “all of them have been convicted of every charge to date...” No kidding.

I’ll link to POLITICO, but don’t bother unless you can stomach a report that has nothing to say about Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony except that it was “vivid.” Personally, I wouldn’t waste my time.

As a palate-cleanser after POLITICO, committee member Zoe Lofgren openly wondered why the ‘Justice’ Department hasn’t subpoenaed Hutchinson. Does the clueless Rep. Lofgren not realize how disastrous Hutchinson’s testimony was? Cue the laugh track...

“We’re not an arm of the Department of Justice,” she said on “Meet the Press.” “We’re a legislative committee. They have subpoena power. They could subpoena Ms. Hutchinson. I’m surprised they had not done so...What are they doing over there? They have a much greater opportunity to enforce their subpoenas than our legislative committee does.”

Finally, Margot Cleveland has an exclusive, MUST-READ piece about a letter concerning the January 6 committee written by a lawyer for 1st Amendment Praetorian, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting free speech rights, and subpoenas they apparently shared with her. She says it’s proof the committee is “McCarthyism on steroids.”

1st Amendment Praetorian has been targeted along with groups such as the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, and attorney Leslie McAdoo Gordon has plenty to say about it. Good for her and the organization she represents for not backing down! As Gordon says, “Every American should be outraged at the attack on our fellow citizens’ First Amendment rights of free association, speech and assembly.”


Hunter Biden in the news again

Saturday, hackers at the wild and wooly website 4Chan claimed to have obtained about 450 gigabytes of data from Hunter Biden’s cell phone and iCloud account and began releasing bits of it. Needless to say, much of it is sex, drug and porn-related depravity that I’m not going to describe here. I think by this point, we all know enough about Hunter’s well-documented character. We also know that the media will do their best to smother any more revelations.

For instance, one of the leaked videos allegedly shows Hunter weighing some crack, prompting Donald Trump Jr. to question how the media would react if that were a video of him. It makes me question the Biden family's judgement that Hunter thinks he’s much smarter than Jill Biden, and Joe thinks Hunter is the smartest person he knows, yet he makes videos of himself weighing crack and stores them on his phone and/or iCloud account.

If you want to delve further into the bottomless pit of slime that is the life of our President’s progeny, Bonchie at has more, and some commentary and links.

The current big question is “Who is Hunter referring to in text messages when he talks about ‘Pedo Pete?’” Bonchie has some conjecture on that, too. And this is only the first bit of leakage. It’s going to be a loooong summer.

The costs of inflation

One of the reasons I think voters are so angry is that they’re not only paying so much more for everything, but they’re being told that the rate of inflation over the past year is 8.6%. That’s bad enough, the highest in 40 years, but it’s also not what most people are experiencing, and they feel lied to.

Is gas 8.6% higher than it was a year ago? How about your food bill? Do you like chicken wings? They’re up 38% since last year. Everyone has caught on to the scam that is the government formula for figuring inflation and how it deliberately understates what’s really coming out of our pockets.

Here are a couple of examples of the real costs of inflation that the Democrats hope you somehow won’t notice:

Even Costco is having to raise its food court prices, with its chicken bake now $3.99, up a full dollar since June (for the math-challenged, that’s more than 8.6%.)

The good news: they’re holding the line on their famous hot dog and soda for $1.50 deal, but I can’t imagine they’re making money on it. Certainly, most restaurants are suffering from skyrocketing prices. Surveys show that many Americans are being forced to cut back on restaurant visits, and this isn’t going to help:

Fox News reports that restaurants are struggling with higher costs of everything from utilities to food prices to labor to credit card fees. Over the past year, wholesale food prices have increased 15%, while restaurants have raised menu prices only about 7% on average. To make up the difference, some have started adding extra fees to the bill. If you look closely at your check, you might spot a 3% “inflation fee” or a 4% “kitchen appreciation fee.” This keeps the menu prices down, but do they really think customers aren’t going to notice it?

Obviously not, since a recent survey found that 72% of restaurant owners fear they’ll have to go out of business if inflation doesn’t come down soon. Our Washington “leaders” might accuse them of “wishing a recession into existence,” but I think that, as with the government’s calculation of the inflation rate, business owners are just more in touch with reality than they are.

And speaking of being “untethered from reality,” that’s precisely how gas station owners are describing President Biden after he blamed them (and Putin, of course!) for high gas prices.

Wait, stop the presses! President Biden has found someone new to blame for high prices! It’s no longer just Big Oil or Putin. Now, it’s the fault of Republicans for not going along with his latest policies to bring down the high prices caused by his previous policies.


A Tale of Two Standards

Jill Biden (inaccurately) tweeted that “women have had the right to make decisions about our own bodies…stolen from us.” A retired three-star general replied, “Glad to see you finally know what a woman is.” For that pointedly humorous (and I think, quite reasonable) response, he has been suspended from his job as an expert mentor and advisor to active duty officers pending an “inquiry.” I hope that the “inquiry” confirms that we do, indeed, have a First Amendment.

Naturally, a lot of us are waiting to see what the official response will be to the female soldier who made a splash on Twitter with a video of her railing against the Dobbs decision and demanding, “How am I supposed to swear to support and defend the Constitution and a country that treats its women like second-class citizens?”

Sorry, but that seems to me to be a much more strident public political statement than the general's, and one that calls into question her loyalty to her country. And she’s still an active duty soldier. Will there be an “inquiry” or a suspension? Will she be given a pass because she’s expressing the “correct” viewpoint? Or will she be discharged so she can go work at MSNBC?

Dumbest Tweet of 2022

It’s only July, but I think we might already have a winner for the “Dumbest Tweet of 2022,” and that’s against some really stiff competition. It was from a self-proclaimed “Marxist-humanist” who tweeted, “Yeah, Anne Frank had white privilege. Bad things happen to people with white privilege also, but don’t tell the whites that.” (For the record, the “privileged” Miss Frank and was hiding in a concealed room at 13 to keep from being murdered by the Nazis, who captured her family and sent them to concentration camps, where Anne died at 15. So did all the rest of her family except her father, who published her diary.)

That stunning idiocy drew the condemnation it deserved and was quickly deleted. In fact, I would have just ignored it as another example of the brain drool that passes for discourse on Twitter, if it weren’t for the fact that it sparked some great responses that apply to a wide spectrum of current “critical race theory,” “white privilege,” “identity politics,” twisted history nonsense.

The best, obviously much-needed, history lesson came from writer Ashton Pittman:  "If you think 'Anne Frank had white privilege,' you don't know what 'white' means. Race isn't real. It's made up. What makes you 'white' is relative to your society's ideas. In Nazi Germany, she wasn't 'white:' the Nazis saw her as part of a 'Jewish race' & murdered her for it. If Anne Frank could've been transported into 21st century America, we'd consider her 'white.' But in Nazi Germany, she wasn't 'white;' she was Jewish and considered part of a separate race. That's why anti-Semitism is a form of racism even though most Jews appear 'white.'"

Exactly, but acknowledging that would open the door to judging historical figures in the context of their times rather than by ever-changing modern standards, which would destroy much of the “woke” left’s arguments.

Surprisingly, some good comments also came from the left. Liberal singer Clay Aiken tweeted, "I think it's time to shut the internet down. Completely." It was even a bridge too far for Nikole Hannah-Jones, creator of the bogus “1619 Project,” who replied, “Anne Frank did not have white privileged (sic) in Nazi Germany. Literally wasn't considered part of the white race."

But one of the most insightful replies came from Matt Walsh: "According to the Left's doctrine of white privilege, yes Anne Frank had it. If that makes the concept of 'white privilege' sound insane, well right exactly."

And that’s a great point. Set aside for a moment the offensive absurdity of claiming Anne Frank had white privilege and consider how easy it was under the current level of discourse for this moron to make such a claim. That alone should show you what a hollow, meaningless, intellectually bankrupt linguistic sledgehammer that accusation is.

And before anyone tries to claim that applying it to Anne Frank was a unique example of some anonymous nut on Twitter just going way too far, consider the last line of the linked article:

“In 2020, Time magazine claimed that disability rights advocate Hellen Keller was ‘just another privileged white person.’"

For those who’ve never seen “The Miracle Worker,” here’s the Wikipedia bio of Helen Keller and all the amazing things she accomplished, despite having been blind and deaf from the age of 19 months.



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Comments 1-6 of 6

  • Tom Corn

    07/11/2022 08:55 PM

    Here's an idea. WHEN the GOP takes over the House after the election, have the Speaker, or whoever is most appropriate, file impeachment charger against every member of the January 6 committee that is still in office. The charge would be acting in opposition to the rules of the House. Then after they are booted out of office, have them individually charged with violations to the Constitution. Get the whole bunch locked up. That might be a warning to the rest of the far left whackos that we a tired of their running roughshod over the rest of the country.

  • Jerry

    07/11/2022 07:01 PM

    To revisit the Nazis murderous role of Human Beings is like having to endure the crucifixion of my greatest friend Jesus Christ. The events the Left's leadership is in step with the Nazis idea of getting rid of American Human Beings. Whether it Abortion drug killing pills allowed into our country or letting gangs on our streets just murder injure Human Beings or putting our elderly in homes where the covid could take their lives these policies are the trademark of Democrats the Big Guy joe biden has said the buck stops with him so far he is not stopping anything full speed ahead with Human Beings of all sorts finding their way to the Morgue what is the equalizer only one action shut down the biden Regime today and rid the regime of all the nasty people in it.

  • Janice James

    07/11/2022 03:36 PM

    Sorry, but I can't buy the 8% inflation idea. Sat down and did the math--not the fuzzy kind--and found that gas prices where I live are up 180%. Once again, someone with the help of the media, is lying to us.

  • Anne Turner

    07/11/2022 01:35 PM

    When talking about the mobs haranguing Supreme Court Justices, has anyone heard of the “brown shirts” of Nazi Germany? That’s how things get out of hand, folks. When a group gets away with something, they push a little harder, then add a little more and pretty soon you have death and destruction. For heavens sake, we have had an attempted assassination of a Supreme Court Justice!!! Doesn’t anybody give a hoot? Frankly, if were him, I would barbecue on my deck. Too bad he can’t take his wife on a date without being anxious. What will it take to wake people up, an actual completed assassination? Look at .Japan, a now pretty peaceful country. From all reports this was a pretty good man. Every religion that .i know of, except extremist Muslims, prohibits murder. Contend the Muslim extremists are only using Islam and are not truly people of the Book.

    If women want unfettered abortion then they need to pressure their state governments. If conservatives want to prevent abortion they need to support those with unwanted pregnancies.

    If we don’t want to be Constitutional, then let’s just tear it up. Let’s just get rid of all vestiges of considerate living, doing what it is we want to do at the moment, to heck with anyone else. We are now at the point where assassination, robbery, looting, arson, lying, murder, using the streets as a potty, libel, defamation, unfettered sexual activity, etc. are no longer shocking.

    There is no doubt in my mind that if the current DOJ indicted .Trump for anything, in DC he would be convicted and sentenced to the longest possible time in prison and it wouldn’t be a white collar prison. Of course it would be overturned by SCOTUS.

    GOP get you act together. What a bunch of mealLy mouthed politicians. Start making some noise.

    Prediction, with three months of GOP taking control of Congress Kamala would be President. Sure, she’d be a disaster but what do we have now? jOE BIDEN has ever advancing DEMENTIA. Get it folks!

  • Judy Radley

    07/11/2022 01:29 PM

    All this hatred being spewed by the liberals against their opposition, should be considered hateism, promoting hatred for ideals that are opposite their own. I remember being told when I was young that a bully is someone who looks to pick on anyone else because they are bullied themselves at home or within their own family. I think that the liberals are bullies because their lives are so miserable because they lack any sense of morals or conscience, that they bully anyone who seems to have it together and succeed in spite of the challenges that they face in life every day, and we still move forward and don't let challenges stop us, we just find another way around it, to conquer the challenge and win at what our ultimate goal is, without having to hurt others needlessly, or illegally in our perseverance to obtain our goals. We don't let bullies stop us, we just ignore them and carry on. Liberals cannot understand that you can obtain your goals without hurting or damaging your opposition by illegal, corrupt, name-calling, bullying, etc. As they have always been bullied themselves by the same people that stop them from obtaining their goals. Liberals like Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Obama, Clinton, Soros, etc., their lives away from what they project to the press, must be so miserable and depraved that their only option is to bully everyone and anyone who seems to have a better life than their own. They suffer from the lack of morality, conscience, and having to answer to someone more powerful than they think they are, namely God, as most are non-believers and if they are believers, they don't follow the same guidance God has given us. They take on the role of being a god themselves and don't even acknowledge that that in itself is evil and corrupt. They worship money and power over God. Causing themselves more anguish and suffering by their own choices and not by following God's word that states, a humble, poor, person has more right to enter the gates of Heaven, than a rich man/woman (translated as king in the scripture), has to enter Heaven. Like the passage, 'It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a king to get into Heaven'. It doesn't literally mean an animal can pass through an eye of a needle, but that the possibility of a person who holds riches and power as more important above God, will only have their riches and power (relatively) for a short time before they are dead and then their riches and power die along with them, and God will not save them unless they repent and ask for God's forgiveness. But then it is only God who will decide if they are genuine in their bidding. We cannot know what God will do, God is the ultimate power over all things, and to try and know what God will do, is not our decision. We just have to keep the Faith that God directs all hearts and minds, and we should only be concerned with our own conduct that God knows we will choose.

  • James D Hartsock

    07/11/2022 12:49 PM

    Hasn’t anyone considered the fact that with inflation as it is, all of the money the government gave out to help “it’s citizens” is not only gone but everyone is in the hole!