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May 8, 2024

No wonder the Democrats hate Florida Judge Aileen Cannon so much. Not only does she treat former President Trump as if he actually has Constitutional rights, she also believes there should be consequences for prosecutorial misconduct. I guess she hasn’t heard about the “Trump exception” to due process rights that prevails in places like New York and Washington, DC.

The Trump trial on allegedly mishandling classified documents was set to start on May 20th, but on Tuesday, Judge Cannon postponed it indefinitely. Her reason is that there are so many pretrial motions to adjudicate and questions like how to handle classified documents as evidence, that it would be impossible to “fully and fairly consider” all those issues in such a short time. She’s apparently operating under the misapprehension that faux “special counsel” Jack Smith cares a whit about fairness. She said this process should run through at least July 22nd, meaning there’s no way this case is going to trial before the election. Hard cheese, Jack.

And while Cannon didn’t mention it specifically, those pretrial motions will include Trump team complaints that Smith himself has admitted to mishandling the documents in question and not telling the court. That prompted this gentle response from Trump:


By Smith’s own definitions of criminal behavior, that’s tough to dispute. This also means that if Trump wins in November, this all goes away. For the restoration of faith in America’s justice system, let us hope and pray that Jack Smith and his other DNC Torquemadas also go away.

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