June 15, 2017

I’ve long argued that if there is ever going to be any meaningful peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, the Palestinian leadership first has to stop actively funding and supporting terrorism and anti-Semitism. That means ending the practice of teaching children to hate and kill Jews, stop giving terrorists state honors like naming streets after them, and stop offering support payments to terrorists and their next of kin, based on how many Israelis they’ve murdered. Yes, those are all standard operating procedures. I defy anyone to explain how Israel could possibly enter into a good faith peace deal with any authority that is still following those practices.

Well, Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas must have heard those arguments, because when he visited President Trump in Washington, he allegedly told the Administration that payoffs to terrorists would cease. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson even assured Senators that he’d pressed that issue with Abbas, who had assured him the PA had changed its policy.

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So to quote Dr. Phil, how’s that workin’ out? According to the Jerusalem Post, not only has there been no change in the PA’s policy of praising, inciting and paying terrorists to attack Israelis, but when Israel passed a new law allowing them to deduct the amount of those payments from tax revenues collected for the PA, the Palestinian leaders declared it “a declaration of war.”

For those struggling to understand why there is no lasting peace agreement between Israel and the PA, try to wrap your head around this: to the PA, paying terrorists to murder innocent Israel civilians isn’t a declaration of war. But withholding tax money that they use to pay terrorists to murder innocent Israeli civilians IS a declaration of war.


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  • Gloria Morley

    06/16/2017 12:49 PM


  • Dewayne Bain

    06/15/2017 11:27 PM

    Last paragraph says it all... Great article!