November 5, 2020

At this writing, we’re no closer to an outcome on the election count than we were late last night. I think President Trump will prevail, as some of the Biden-Harris vote in states like Pennsylvania is obviously fraudulent and, hopefully, will be revealed as such. But it has been clear to me for a long time that if Trump doesn’t win re-election, it’s mainly because of the relentless negative treatment he’s received in the media.

Never mind the brilliant economic turnaround (before a highly contagious virus spread from China) that benefited all demographic groups and the stunning foreign policy successes. Never mind his handling of the logistical nightmare of providing ventilators and other supplies around the country, and the amazing fast-tracking of a vaccine. Never mind that he was honest with us and did everything he could to keep his promises. Never mind that he was transparent with a rabidly hostile press corps, making himself available to them frequently on the White House lawn and answering question after question, knowing they would always find ways to twist what he said or attribute the “wrong” motives to him.

No, all those remarkable things didn’t matter, because Donald Trump was a Russian agent, a traitor to his country who collaborated with Vladimir Putin to get himself into the White House. He was a white supremacist, a misogynist, an all-around monster who put children in cages and drummed up stories about the pure and innocent Bidens for political purposes and tried to get his family investigated without any evidence at all! His tie was too long, his face too tan, and he ate too many scoops of ice cream. We knew that whatever he did in any given situation --- one thing or its exact opposite --- he would be trashed.

This is the totally made-up Donald Trump that the media presented to America over four-plus years. They never let up. They even hired disgraced members of the intelligence community to go on the air and lie about him some more.

Even now, social media is working to “cancel” him. In breaking news this afternoon (after all votes have presumably been cast), Twitter is still censoring Donald Trump’s tweets.

In a strange twist of logic, legal expert Jonathan Turley, a Democrat who is not a fan of Trump, is acknowledging the media’s constant negative attacks on Trump but using it to argue the opposite of what I just laid out above: namely, that their constant barrage of attacks actually HELPED Trump. Say, what?

On Wednesday morning, he said on “FOX and Friends” that the unrelenting negative coverage actually did Trump some good because “a lot of voters were turned off by it.” He said that if Trump wins, this will be why.

Anti-Trumpers will be quick to cast blame in creative ways if Trump wins. Ex-ESPN host Jemele Hill, sensing the possibility of a Trump victory, has already blamed white people.

Unlike Hill, who is just a racist idiot saying stupid things, Turley is a noted legal scholar who often makes great points. But I’m not buying this one. The voters who were seriously turned off by negativity in the media were the Trump supporters, who avoided it the way Biden tries to avoid the virus. But a lot of the negativity was subtle –- a derogatory line inserted here or there in a column about entertainment, fashion, or human interest. It was like a spice, flavoring the commentary on just about everything. People in the middle, the ones who didn’t live on a steady diet of CNN and MSNBC, might not have seen much of the really hateful stuff but were constantly exposed to subtle digs at Trump. Dig, dig, dig. This was inescapable. It would be hard not conclude that he must be a bad guy.

The anti-Trump media also helped Biden immensely by minimizing or downright ignoring stories about alleged corruption, and also the ones about violence in “blue” cities and the failure of law enforcement there. Antifa arsonists are still being released without bail –- think CNN will dwell on this?

Suspects released without bail after Antifa-supporters nearly burn down occupied apartment complex

As for the most hateful and disgusting (and phony) anti-Trump coverage, Democrats and never-Trumpers ate it up with a spoon. It energized them. I believe this atmosphere of intense hate is what drove many of them to go to the polls and stand in long lines. (It also might have driven them to manufacture thousands of fake mail-in ballots, or lose real ones, in key districts.) These people weren’t voting for feeble old Joe Biden –- they were voting AGAINST TRUMP. So, no, I don’t agree with Turley’s assessment at all.

If Trump wins, it will be no thanks to the media but because he and his team were able to overcome the chaos and ballot fraud encouraged and facilitated by massive nationwide mail-in balloting. The way the vote count has been evolving in key states run by Democrats convinces me that Trump must have won the real total.

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  • mh robe

    11/08/2020 10:21 PM

    I just posted that long informational but wanted to ad since President Trump is not allowed to tweet not given media coverage its up to us to get the word out so send this information out to your friends and family by word to mouth we can get him some coverage until this gets corrected.
    It will take some time because they may have to count 30 states ballots to overcome the "glitch" where biden and harris had their ballot drops. They want us to think the election is over so we keep quiet biden proclaimed himself won even though all this other stuff is going. If we keep protesting and letting people know its not over they will have to look at this we are peace loving but we are not door mats and its better than the civil war we will have if they dont correct this. "Dont thread on me"

  • dorothy j roe

    11/05/2020 07:23 PM

    i am disappointed in my fellow americans who would let this happen, i voted for Trump because i believe he has americans best interest at heart. biden can not run this country soros,clintons,obama will be running it into the ground. i agree the msm had a lot to do with the hatred that is shown to the president. who are owned by the likes of soros. i have not listened to any msm except newsmax in months. i am still praying GOD will answer our prayers. thanks

  • LeAnne Jennings

    11/05/2020 05:20 PM

    Well written article! President Trump has done more for our country than any
    other President. He has dealt with hatred from his first day in office, yet he persisted - and so have those of us who agree with him.
    The idea that a man who obviously is dealing with some sort of dementia,
    is the best the Democrats have to offer is laughable! And now they cheat to try
    and get him in office! Shame on his family for allowing this! And now the issue
    with Hunter his son!!! He must NOT get this office!!!

  • Elaine staples

    11/05/2020 05:08 PM

    How can these people get away with this? What can be done?

  • Sheila Pokraka

    11/05/2020 02:05 PM

    The democrats have tried everything to get Trump ousted except to kill him so this is there next trip oust him , it's not over till the fat lady sings and God is on his side he will WIN and put the Slumdogs in jail

  • Shirley Angelini

    11/05/2020 01:48 PM

    Voter Fraud by the democrats is a disgrace to America. Trump should have won by a landslide. Dementia Biden was in his basement while
    Trump was at a rally. JUDGEMENT

  • Ray Carstens

    11/05/2020 01:21 PM

    Sad ....Trump came along to get the “United” back in our name...Trashy media and Trashy Politicians kept it from happening...wonder why...?..Iin the short run we lost...but without a doubt they are the big losers...

  • Debby Dickson

    11/05/2020 01:20 PM

    I want this point heard please. We are now a sad, untrusting country. Tampered proof ballots, watermarked, threaded ( like our 20.00 bills) with watermark barcodes for that registered ballots! So simple thinking. Costly. Probably, but not more than sending out people to validate ballots, time and money. We are the USA the voting system is crap! The times allowed tovote is crap! Leaves too much time to commit fraud! I know this is a state problem, but it should have strict guidelines when federal offices are eig voted on.

  • Deborah Sparkman

    11/05/2020 12:56 PM

    I know many conservative people who bought into the false narrative about President Trump. No matter what documents have been released showing that it was all a lie they continue to believe the stories.

  • MaryAnn Keese

    11/05/2020 12:47 PM

    Just a quick question that no one seems to answer. If all these suddenly appearing ballots for Biden are LEGITIMATE, why are we only seeing gains for the Democrats in the Presidential race? Would it not stand to reason they would gain the Senate and House as well? Just a thought...

  • Bill Jervis

    11/05/2020 12:32 PM

    Fraud is in the plus column. The American people are not stupid. Trump probably won't all states,but ballot loading has already been proven. No state should be called until all votes are counted. If Biden wins we know the Democrats have committed fraud. So, knowing that, it's sad that a fradulent election brought about a Socialist country. God help us all!

  • Jaye Lytle

    11/05/2020 12:25 PM

    So how can we get rid of the media?

  • Mike Gilliam

    11/05/2020 12:24 PM

    What is amazing these same TYPE or PATTERNED accusations were leveled against Jesus the Christ while on earth
    By the very ones who claimed to know God! Bible calls Satan/aka The Devil “ the accuser of the brethren”. THINK!

  • William F. Zachmann

    11/05/2020 12:10 PM

    Has there really been massive electoral fraud nationwide as some claim? Multi-state ballot stuffing? Or are these just empty unprovable claims? Is there any way clearly to prove or disprove such claims? How?