December 16, 2019

Thanks so much for all the reader responses to “The Lighter Side Of Impeachment.” I’ll answer a few, even a couple that were not complimentary.


From None Of Your Business:

You’re such a sorry POS. You got catfished and now you’re trying to save face. I doubt you’ll publish this but we know. You’re a loser. You couldn’t even run Arkansas.


From the Gov:

Dear None (I assume that is your real name, as we post using real names here): All I can say is WTF, as in “Well, that’s fine.” My understanding of the term “catfished” is closer to what happened to those Democrats who took my obvious joke seriously and then went out of their minds on Twitter. They are the ones who got “catfished.” As for Arkansas, they did keep re-electing me governor until term limits kicked in, so you’d have to ask the voters there. Also, None, you can see that not only did we post your comment but even singled it out for a reply. Oh, and thank you for calling me a POS, which I understand means “Plenty Of Smarts.”


From Lee:

Well, hey—at least the idiots are reading your messages. Those who can read. You never know. Someday something might sink in.


From the Gov:

You wouldn't happen to be referring to “None,” above, would you? After all, there are “None” so blind as those who will not see. Thanks for writing.


From Jerry:

Good going, Mike. You should have a good joke for these half-witted dummies every day. I get a little charge watching them go off the deep end...Please, Mike, tell them another joke! I like it when the monkeys dance and holler.


From the Gov:

Prediction: In the coming year, the humorless “progressive movement” will be hit with a huge comedy backlash. Political correctness will get its much-deserved take-down. And it’s about time, because I don’t know how we’d get through this craziness without making fun of it.


From Gary:

On the subject of a third presidential term, how could Hillary Clinton be eligible to run for President after serving 2 terms as Co-President?


From the Gov:

LOL. That’s a great question, Gary. It’s right up there with, “How could Hillary Clinton delete over 30,000 subpoenaed emails and not face obstruction of justice charges?”


From Theresa:

God, you're dumb.


From the Gov:

Teresa, I hear that a lot. You might be right, but I would imagine since you don’t know me, you’re in no position to evaluate my intelligence. I do know that I finished my 4 year college degree in just over 2 years, graduating Magna Cum Laude. I’m at least smart enough to make a pretty good living building a large international audience that includes people like you. The fact that you follow someone you think is “dumb” and give your time to me is frankly a compliment and a mystery. I’m not sure what it says about a person who helps enrich and empower me despite your thinking that my bulbs are not fully lit, but thanks for your attention.


Finally, I have to love this from Toni:

Well, today’s column is a great read, from every angle. A true report on the stupidity of the “impeachment” drama, mixed with a healthy dose of humor. You do have a way with reporting facts in a palatable way, i.e., spoonful of sugar. The tweeted retorts to your column would be comical if the imbeciles were joking. Because they are serious, who can respect ANY of those nut jobs?

Thank you for watching their clown show and letting us know IF anything of substance is worth watching.


From the Gov:

You’d think at such an important time in history, more of it would be worth watching. But so much of it is not. Some days that spoon looks pretty small and I wish I had a whole big Sam’s Club-sized box of sugar. Thanks, Toni --- your description of what I do is exactly as I hope it is received.

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  • Deborah Pierce

    12/17/2019 08:19 AM

    Just wanted to say I love this. Keep up the good work.

  • Dan Gabor (All of my business)

    12/16/2019 08:42 PM

    Dear Sarah's Dad,
    I hail from communist Illinois. You know, the state that has 400 years of pension debt that it will default upon and cost the people of the USA outside Illinois to bailout? I agree with your position on many of the country's events and have been an admirer of yours for some time now. Your thoughts on the political crisis in the Land of Lincoln. Your candor and humor is appreciated.