February 10, 2018

The budget agreement passed without an unrelated DACA agreement, which made Nancy Pelosi’s eight-hour filibuster to demand such a deal seem even more baffling than it already was. Even fellow Democrats can’t figure out why she wasted so much time and breath on a non-starter threat to shut down the government again, so soon after the Party did that exact thing and got nothing out of it but a public relations spanking. With so many secret, behind-the-scenes conspiracies being revealed in DC these days, I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that Nancy was secretly on the payroll of the RNC, to make their jobs easier when it’s time to produce campaign commercials.

When those commercials come, don’t be surprised if one of them points out that if Democrats take the House back, the new Speaker will be someone who talked for eight hours and threatened to shut down the government to protect illegal immigrants after openly mocking and opposing “Kate’s Law,” a law to protect US citizens from criminal illegal immigrants – a law named after Kate Steinle, who was killed by a multiple-deportee criminal illegal immigrant in Nancy Pelosi’s own district.

Funny how she could talk for eight straight hours and yet that never came up. But some people definitely noticed, like Laura Wilkerson, whose son was beaten, tortured and murdered by a criminal illegal alien, and who had a suggestion for Rep. Pelosi: stage a “Shut-up-a-thon.”

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