April 6, 2019

This weekend’s new episode of “Huckabee” has all the great variety show entertainment of “Ed Sullivan” plus education, inspiration and a host who’s able to smile!  On the serious side, I’ll talk about saving Western civilization with Ben Shapiro, and how to argue without killing each other with Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers, authors of “I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening.)” You’ll meet a Huck’s Hero who left a lucrative career to help impoverished youth in South Africa by teaching them a skill you’ll never guess.  Janine Turner will fill us in on her new Lifetime movie about Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn, and her program to teach kids about the Constitution (classic country and the Constitution: two things today’s youth desperately need to know more about.)  And did I mention variety?  How about some hilarious-but-true news “In Case You Missed It,” the astounding acrobatics of “America’s Got Talent’s” Cristin Sandu, and a song by the Music City Connection that I promise will give you goosebumps.

It’s a “really big shoe,” and it’s all coming your way tonight at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, and repeated at the same times on Sunday, only on TBN. To find your local TBN channel and stream previous episodes online, visit


President Trump visited the border Friday, and declared that “our country is full.”  I’m sure the Mayor of New York would’ve argued that it’s not, but he was too busy trying to pass a stiff toll to stop so many people from flooding in and clogging up the streets for miles.


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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is absolutely shredding his liberal competition these days.  Last week, his show alone pulled over a million more viewers than all the prime time shows on CNN put together (Remember when the “social justice” mob was going to shame his advertisers into canceling and drive him off the air?  That worked out swell.)  This video of the opening segment of his show last night will give you a good idea of why he’d doing so well: he dares to say what needs to be said in a time when few risk it – other than me, of course.  I’ve been saying exactly what I think and letting the triggered trolls make fools of themselves in my Twitter feed comments for years now.

Be sure to stay with it to the end to watch a parade of Democratic hopefuls groveling before Al Sharpton and vowing to sign a racial reparations payment bill.  Then read my other comment today about Al Sharpton with its link to blogger Jeff Dunetz’s rundown of Sharpton’s appalling history that these would-be Presidents are willing to overlook and tacitly embrace for votes.


Democrats have spent nearly three years trying to convince us that Donald Trump is a cynical racist who divides Americans to advance himself politically and economically.  And this week, while Trump was appointing Herman Cain to the Federal Reserve Board, nearly every Democratic Presidential hopeful you’ve heard of and a dozen or so you haven’t (plus AOC, of course) were lining up to kiss the…ring of the Rev. Al Sharpton.


I was going to do a lot of research to list some of the highlights of Al Sharpton’s long, shameful history of race-baiting, hate-mongering, anti-Semitism, inciting violence and making false charges.  But luckily, blogger Jeff Dunetz already did a sterling job of that, allowing me to enjoy a little more weekend time.  This is a must-read if you want to know who really has sway over today’s Democratic Party leaders as they frantically work to disenfranchise voters in red states by attacking the Electoral College.  Imagine a Republican saying or doing any one of these things and ever being able to show his face in public again. Read it and recoil…


One thing he forgot to mention: some of these same Democratic “leaders” who came to prostrate themselves before Al Sharpton recently refused to attend the AIPAC policy conference, held by a centrist PAC that supports Israel.  Remember what they chose to boycott and what they rushed to embrace the next time they deny that the radical left that’s taking over the Party is not anti-Semitic. 




President Trump announced that once again, he will skip the “boring and negative” White House Press Correspondents’ Dinner and hold a “very positive” rally somewhere else.  Just as well: I hear that this year’s dinner entrée for the White House reporters will be crow.




Good way to explain to millennials what all that “free stuff” they’re being promised by “Democratic” socialists is really like: by comparing “Medicare For All” to a budget “all-inclusive” resort where you might stay for Spring Break.


Sure, there’s a free lunch…if you get there really early and don’t mind waiting an hour for food that might be barely edible.  You don’t get to order what you want, of course; you have to take what the managers decide to give you.  However, there is a way to get slightly better service: constantly fork over tips to bribe everyone you have to deal with.  Wow, this analogy to socialism is even more accurate than I expected!





Good news for Wikipedia: They now have a video they can post to illustrate President George W. Bush’s quote, “the soft bigotry of low expectations.”  Although AOC says she was just “fired up.”




There’s a new book out containing never-before-seen photos from inside the top secret US military base known as “Area 51.”  Could this book finally explain the disc-shaped flying object that allegedly crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 and started the UFO panic?





Meet the new face (and hair-do) of late-stage Trump Derangement Syndrome.




Not since the days of the Soviet “evil empire” has there been a rigid, repressive, bullying political mentality so ripe for mockery, and so many people (including professional comedians) terrified to make fun of it.  When rare comics like Chris Rock or Tracy Morgan (warning: some rough content)…


…dare to make jokes disrespectful of the prevailing leftist media orthodoxy, people are as likely to gasp in shock as to laugh, even though that’s what comedians are supposed to do.  But most are so terrified that they’ll make a joke that might be taken the “wrong” way (or some joke from 20 years ago will come back to haunt them) that they kowtow to the mob and virtue-signal as frantically as Jerry Lewis trying to hail a cab. 


At the link is a very interesting article by writer Toby Young, who lost five jobs due to a social media outrage mob angry over some dumb jokes he made on Twitter.  He draws an interesting analogy between that and a 1967 novel by a dissident Czech author about a student whose life is destroyed after he writes a joke on a postcard (the midcentury version of social media) that the authorities read and decide is hostile to socialism (yep, this does sound scarily familiar.)


Young rightly compares the novel’s message about the Soviets to today’s humorless PC thought crime enforcers: that “inappropriate” jokes are funny because they are a form of dissent from the totalitarian mindset. 


These days, we have late night “comedians” who tell us that President Trump is a would-be Hitler or Stalin, yet they betray their disingenuousness by doing vicious jokes about him every night with no fear of reprisals.  However, these brave jesters quiver with fear at telling a non-PC joke that might get them targeted by the Woke Police.  They wonder why so many people pack Trump rallies?  For some, it might be because it’s just about the only place you can go anymore to hear someone hilariously mock the morons on the left and their wack-a-doodle ideas and not care if they throw a hissy fit in response.    


Years ago, I read a book by conservative satirist P.J. O’Rourke in which he recounted his travels through the then-USSR and its satellites.  What he discovered was that while the people were cowed into publicly voicing their love for communism as strongly as a Brown University undergrad, as soon as they realized he was an American, they all wanted to take him aside privately and tell him a joke.  The jokes all shared the same premises: how rotten everything was and how corrupt and incompetent the idiots and bullies running the government were.  The people could be scared into not saying the truth publicly, but they couldn’t be cowed into not ridiculing their leaders behind closed doors.    


This is why totalitarians, whether in the old Soviet Union or on America’s college campuses and social media networks, try so hard to eradicate humor.  They can frighten people into pretending to respect them, but they know what we really think of them, and they’re desperate to keep us from saying it out loud.  Their spiritual leader, Saul Alinsky, taught that ridicule is the most potent weapon, and they’re terrified of it being turned on them because they know there’s just so much about them worthy of ridicule. 


So to our brave and outspoken comedians, I issue this challenge: stop fearing this mob of keyboard bullies.  Rip them to shreds with jokes.  They deserve it, and it’s your job.  You’d be doing America an immense public service.  Besides, if you all started doing it at once, they couldn’t take you all down.  Do it in a funny enough way, and millions of people will laugh along and cheer you.  Doing something brave and different might even make you a star.  It would at least make you funnier than Samantha Bee or Jimmy Kimmel, and these days, that’s a bar so low a worm couldn’t limbo under it.    




This is very instructive, but why stop here?  Let’s see all the tax forms of all the people who are demanding to see President Trump’s tax forms.


Incidentally, if the Democrats keep up their track record of their attacks on Trump blowing up in their faces, it’s possible that their demand to see Trump’s tax forms might end up in the IRS regulation they’re citing being overturned for everyone.



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  • Laura A. Zent Davis

    04/09/2019 07:53 AM

    Thanks Governor Huckabee for keeping us updated. My husband and I always read anything you say as we trust you! Your daughter is doing a great job! God bless you, Jim and Laura Davis

    Glad you have a new show!!

  • Leta Fyke

    04/08/2019 12:00 PM

    Hey, Mike, love your info and also your TV program! No money to contribute, but I'm out here!

  • Roger Waters

    04/07/2019 09:05 PM

    I think ALL Sen. and Reps. should have to publish their tax returns every year. Sure seems like a lot of them get rich after getting elected. Nice to see where their wealth comes from and where they donate.

  • Jerry Korba

    04/07/2019 05:14 PM

    To have Al Sharpton with 2 seconds of of light is shameful and just lame I watched a set of morons make me ill it took about a minute as those candidates acted like Hilary Clinton wannabes. It is a disgrace to let other countries see just how ignorant people in the United States are after watching Sharpton Jackson Farrachkan Maxie Watters Schiff Nadler Durban Cummings Flake Fienstein Booker Harris just to name a few, expose to the world how unimportant they are. They call for a new deal they call for Racism they call for higher taxes, Communist, Socialist, Dictators all know that is a formula to destroy America and yet our media makes sure it gets into all the homes with TV cable or radio. More Americans are finding out what these misfits are selling most of the world already knows. They sit back and let CBS NBC ABC CNN MSNBC The TImes, Post do the killing of America; one thing all these networks have; they been proven wrong already many times so the rest of you out there don't get your hopes to high these loser networks will do what they do best LOSE. Only fools watch them.

  • Amelia Little

    04/07/2019 02:54 PM

    I read an article where President Trump had already turned over tax returns up to a couple of years ago--I think it was something going on during the campaign. Don't think they would find anything different since that release. And, I know he's not (overtly) running for President, but how about demanding the tax returns along with the amount of taxes al sharpton (who seems to be running the democrat wanna-be candidates) hasn't paid?

    It's odd, stupid, funny in a non-funny way that a black man (or a female or a gender-misidentity person) is put in a high position--and they excoriate that person. They say Herman Cain isn't qualified for the Federal Reserve Board, either not acknowledging his past positions and accomplishments, or, perhaps al sharpton doesn't think a black man could possibly have done anything, have any intelligence. I call racism in their assessment of Herman Cain. I guess he was so jealous of the first black mayor of NYC taking some of the spotlight off him that he just had to do something about it. Can't have anyone taking his camera time!!! I'm surprised he didn't tear down jesse jackson and eric holder--or even obams. Well, their agendas match his, so I guess their taking some of his spotlight was okay.

    I'm sure we will hear how (GASP) a President would skip the correspondent's circus. Why, they have always roasted the sitting President, President Trump just can't take it!!! I say---bravo!!! Why sit through even a minute of way beyond roasting by absolutely biased "correspondents" and what they mistakenly take for entertainers? Sit among the buffoons who never report on any positive accomplishments, who only badger him during a press conference--with idiotic meaningless questions, I might add, who only speak disparagingly about not only him, but his family including a 10 y/o child (well, 13 now.) These bozos can't take ANY criticism from President Trump or his family or his Press Secretary or conservative opinon hosts without crying and whining and blasting them some more before they run to find a safe space (their "newsrooms" at cnn, msnbc, etc etc etc) And, did they say anything about the winning teams of various sports who declined a White House visit that has been traditional for decades? That's been a tradition--but it's okay for them to break tradition. MAGA 2020

  • Robert Wray

    04/07/2019 08:12 AM

    Please consider commenting / reporting on the recent trend to ban Chick-fil-A from airports and public owned properties based on whom they have made donations to. Thanks. Keep up the good work. Robert

  • Carolyn Grapes

    04/07/2019 07:47 AM

    God BLESS you, Mike Huckabee.........and your family, especially Sarah who is some Wonder Woman.... and the President are exactly what this country needs! We know Christian, and no doubt Jewish PRAYERS sustain them. I'm 82, retired with PAIN as my Hippie Generation sister and almost ready to retire children, son retired Army/daughters teachers.....are caught up in the worshiping HRC/BHO craziness...........and it is indeed mind-blowing to see that anyone could be so blind as to believe in them when their self-serving......? EVIL (is there any other word for it?) is so apparent?? I continue to believe that good overcomes evil, and that people like you will break through and that America will get back on track to once again weed out the likes of today's L O N G-time Congress members. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • Deborah McCallum

    04/07/2019 01:13 AM

    On the subject of millenials' demands for free college. It's time to present a thoughtful response.
    To qualify for each 2 yrs of free college, one must complete, following successful high school completion...2 years of military service; or 2 years of apprentice work with a service business, learning a trade in plumbing, electrical, HVAC, auto mechanics, carpentry or similar; or volunteer with a human service organization in a poverty declared area of the US mainland.

  • Jen

    04/07/2019 12:10 AM

    I saw your YouTube video talking with Ben Shapiro. At least you mentioned how he felt about the President;) He smiled when you said it. I have watched a lot of his videos, including the other three men that work for him on YT. One is named Matt. Interesting that all of them are very conservative and none ever mention the President. Think they’ve been given orders. Even some of the commenters have mentioned that they wish Ben would come around to Trump. I have a problem with that. We don’t get perfect people in life. Best wishes, Mr. Huckabee.

  • Jen

    04/07/2019 12:09 AM

    I saw your YouTube video talking with Ben Shapiro. At least you mentioned how he felt about the President;) He smiled when you said it. I have watched a lot of his videos, including the other three men that work for him on YT. One is named Matt. Interesting that all of them are very conservative and none ever mention the President. Think they’ve been given orders. Even some of the commenters have mentioned that they wish Ben would come around to Trump. I have a problem with that. We don’t get perfect people in life. Best wishes, Mr. Huckabee.

  • Gladys Hizer

    04/07/2019 12:02 AM

    I watched your show tonight as usual on Saturday night and wished I had someone to share it with. I agree with your introductory comments about Joe Biden and my thoughts have always been that what you don't see is what your need to be afraid of and not what you see. I feel sorry for his wife and family the same way I feel for the attacks on Trump's families and yours which are far worse. My usual attendance at church is Saturday evening and the gospel was about the woman who was caught in adultery. I never like this because she certainly didn't do this alone but no one was without sin and couldn't throw stones. I wish everyone would think about their own sins and watch out that their halos don't slide down and choke them.

  • Jo Gonzalez

    04/06/2019 11:46 PM

    Maybe, seeing "Off-Shore" Accounts might be a lot more interesting.............mmmmmmmmmm...........Paul Ryan's name comes to mind.

  • Victoria Walls

    04/06/2019 11:15 PM

    As a woman who has experienced the touchy feely from an older man, Biden is creepy and makes my skin crawl even my husband sees it as being wrong not to mention his nude behavior around his female secret service detail.

  • Cecil Davis

    04/06/2019 10:52 PM

    Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your articles.

  • Montie Escue

    04/06/2019 07:54 PM

    Huck Check our Herohunt. .org

    A non profit for veterans. You will find it interesting. Might want to have one of the leaders on your show