June 25, 2019

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  • Amelia Little

    06/25/2019 05:51 PM

    This would be a good charity project for good ol' bern--he's never going to be able to spend all his wealth---use his own money for this. Maybe he can call upon a few close friends--like feinstein and pelosi (I hear they are pretty flush with cash) to help him out. Maybe use the salaries of ocasio, warren, spartacus and whomever else want to cancel student debt. And there do seem to be some professors (tenured, of course) who draw some very, very large salaries, with few classes actually conducted each week. They probably have some excess money to throw in the pot.

  • Derrell Earl

    06/25/2019 11:18 AM

    Bernie wants to raise taxes on corporations to pay off Student Loans and for FREE COLLEGE for everyone... The problem is that the Low-information voters, do not understand that CORPORATIONS DO NOT PAY TAXES... CONSUMERS PAY TAXES.. Taxes are an expense that corporations pass through to consumers in the cost of goods and services... Corporate taxes are a money laundering scheme that the politicians and government have perpetrated on the American people to give them political cover... Raising taxes on CORPORATIONS, raises taxes on you, the American taxpayer..."Don't be so gullible McFly" (movie line)....