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June 30, 2023

As expected, the left is having an epic meltdown over the Supreme Court striking down race-based admissions policies at universities. From the women of “The View” to Elizabeth Warren to Michelle Obama, all decried the end of “affirmative action,” insisting that it was necessary to give opportunities to minorities, despite all of them having been successful without it – except for Sen. Warren, who exploited it by falsely claiming to be Native American. They insisted that we still need “affirmative action” to overcome the scurrilous effects of “systemic racism,” which is when an institution discriminates based solely on people's race – which is also the definition of “affirmative action.”’s Sister Toldjah compiled some of the best responses to the responses to the ruling,

Predictably, President Biden reacted by deriding the Supreme Court and vowing to find a way to have his agencies get around the ruling. He claimed that this is not a “normal court” and “we cannot allow this to be the last word.” Some leftwing pundits confidently predicted that colleges would find a different way to continue doing the same thing. I love it when the people who accuse Republicans of attacking “our democracy” by “shattering norms” react to every Supreme Court decision that they don’t like by attacking the legitimacy of the SCOTUS and vowing to defy their ruling and continue acting contrary to the Constitution.

Let me try to explain this in terms so simple that even Joe Biden can understand them: The Supreme Court IS the last word on whether something is Constitutional. They found that basing college admissions on people’s skin color instead of their qualifications violates the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of equal protection under the law. That means that no matter what you call it, or how you try to finagle it, or where you attempt to implement it, it’s still (say it with me) “UNCONSTITUTIONAL.” Or as Justice Thomas put it, “plainly and boldly unconstitutional.”

There were also many people pleased about the ruling. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, since a 2022 Pew survey found that 73% of Americans oppose considering race or ethnicity in college admissions, and only 7% think it should be a major factor. As for the left’s claim that the ruling enforces “white supremacy,” the opposition to race-based admissions standards includes 58% of Asian-Americans, 62% of blacks and 65% of Hispanics.

EEOC Commissioner Andrea Lucas predicted that the ruling would increase the already rising number of lawsuits challenging corporations’ “diversity, equity and inclusion” policies that clearly discriminate among job applicants and employees based on their race. Amen to that.

But the best response to the left’s meltdown over ending affirmative action came from Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears, responding to Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s heated dissent. It included a reminder that Jackson was herself a “diversity hire,” with Biden announcing that he would only appoint a black woman before even considering any candidates.

Lost in all this hyperventilating by the left is the simple question of “Why do we still need ‘affirmative action?’” When it first was created, we were told that we needed to temporarily discriminate in favor of blacks to balance out historic discrimination. But the Civil Rights Act has been around for nearly 60 years, and America’s had a two-term black President who left office over six years ago. How long was this “temporary” discrimination supposed to go on? According to Democrats, forever. Elizabeth Warren ranted that the ruling “reversed decades of settled law,” so apparently, she saw it as a permanent fixture.

But again, why? Why does the Democratic Party think that blacks need special help to get into college? Is it just the soft bigotry of low expectations? Or do they believe that black students are incapable of competing based on merit? If so, why? Is it just racism, or a tacit admission that black students are at a disadvantage because many of them grew up in historically Democrat-run cities, where they have to deal with substandard schools, crime, gangs and drugs that politicians who claim to care about black youth do nothing about?

This is a hot button issue for me. When I became Governor of Arkansas, I was only the third Republican to hold that office since 1874. I wanted to help improve the lives of all the people, so I reached out to black church and community leaders to see what we could do together to make their communities stronger and safer and their schools better. After so many decades of mostly Democrat rule, they were understandably suspicious of me, but they eventually realized I meant it, and we worked together to make real progress. I was proud that when I ran for reelection, I got a historically high share of the black vote. It’s because those voters knew I truly was trying to help them improve their communities and their children’s futures.

Why are the Democrats so fired up over the idea of doing away with “affirmative action” when they’ve allowed the problems that they claim create the need for it to fester for decades? For instance, why do they prioritize the wishes of teachers’ unions over the good of students, or fight like badgers to prevent black parents from having a choice to send their kids to better schools?

If you had a doctor who claimed he was really looking out for your health, but his only prescription was to keep you on crutches for decade after decade, wouldn’t you think it was time to change doctors?

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  • Jim Greer

    07/02/2023 03:44 PM

    With all the screeching from the Dems/left about eliminating affirmative action for college admissions, l have a question. Could you explain why if l get preference because l’m black that’s considered affirmative action?However if l get preference because l’m white it’s discrimination? Maybe all admissions and/or job applications, etc should NOT have a box for age, race, gender or any other area that could lead to bias for reason! Also any in person interview should be conducted from behind a curtain with the applicant using electronic voice distortion. That way the choice could be based solely on merit and qualifications.

  • Victoria Weber

    06/30/2023 02:44 PM

    Your dichotomy about this is on point, but I say it in a more raw language affirmative action is a racist tool! Many were and are still discriminated upon based on their skin color. My brother is a very good example NYU rejected my brothers application to college of medicine despite that his grades excelled, he was in the honor society. He wasn't black he is Asian, brown color, not Hispanic either! NYU I thought is like NY city a melting pot ! But I was wrong,you have to be black or Hispanic! His acceptance was in Ohio but he couldn't last for I couldn't maintain two households. I could only send him canned sardines for his substance. HE came home very frail and pale before I could find a job there in Ohio so he could have a moral support !!! Good riddance racist affirmative action !!! Thank you for bringing this up Governor Huckabee! God speed !