Evening Edition - April 2

April 2, 2020 |


The COVID-19 (Chinese) virus numbers are getting grimmer by the day. Wednesday, the total death toll in the US topped 5,000, and for the first time, more than 1,000 deaths were recorded in a single day. We are quickly closing in on double the death toll from the 9/11 attack, and it will only get worse. Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Nevada and Pennsylvania all added or expanded their stay-at-home orders. Let’s all continue observing safety guidelines, and pray that the efforts being taken to prevent its spread start showing results quickly.

Here’s video of President Trump’s daily briefing for Wednesday, April 1. Aside from warning Americans to brace for more “horrific” days to come, Trump made news on two other fronts. First, he announced a major offensive against Mexican drug cartels, to insure they don’t attempt to exploit the current crisis.

Second, he made it clear, as much as diplomatic niceties would allow, that we can’t trust disease data released by China. With obvious sarcastic understatement, Trump said the infection and death numbers being reported by Beijing “seem to be a little on the light side,” later adding, “As far as the numbers, I’m not an accountant from China.

It’s obvious he doesn’t want to get into a fight with China right now (particularly when we’ve foolishly allowed so much of our medicine manufacturing to move there), but the subtext is clear: nobody in their right mind believes the communist Chinese government’s propaganda, the lowball numbers they’re putting out, or the nonsense about the disease being contained.

Of course, when I refer to people in their right minds, I’m not talking about politicians and reporters in the grip of Trump Derangement Syndrome, who have been parroting the most absurd Chinese talking points as long as they make Trump look bad.

As Andrew Stiles at the Washington Free Beacon notes, a lot of these people not only cited the transparently bogus numbers from China to bash Trump, they did it in a way that made it appear they were gloating and celebrating the suffering and deaths of their fellow Americans as long as it promoted their political agenda. Stiles writes that looking back on their recent snarky tweets makes them look like idiots in retrospect, but I beg to differ: they looked like idiots the very second they pressed “Send.”

Now that we have passed the first of the month (rent due!) with no end yet in sight, I sense that Americans have reached their fed-up point with people trying to use this crisis to play political gotcha games.

There’s an old saying associated with many leaders, particularly Gen. George S. Patton: “Lead, follow or get out of the way!” We have a lot of people in the public eye now who think they should be leading this effort, yet everything they’ve done up to now, from pushing open borders and globalization, to passing endless regulations, to trying to hamstring and distract the President to urging people to ignore warnings and go to public events, have all done nothing but make matters worse. Even now, in the midst of one of the worst crises the nation has ever faced, some of them are so small-minded and tunnel-visioned, they still cling to their pathetic dreams of impeaching Trump again.

Meanwhile, even as Trump and his team move mountains to try to help the nation, they refuse to follow. The bureaucrats have hampered urgently-needed action, and the press has constantly sniped at and harassed Trump, contradicted what he says and blocked viewers from hearing it.

So having proved that they can’t lead, and they can’t follow, and with the death toll mounting, I sense that most people are ready to scream at them to pack up their TDS and “Get out of the way!”

Here’s David Marcus at the Federalist, expressing it eloquently…

And for those who prefer their opinion pieces delivered by flamethrower, here is the always blunt but never unamusing Kurt Schlicter…


There’s no update yet on legendary songwriter John Prine, who was reported to be in critical care on a respirator with the COVID-19 coronavirus. But the disease has now claimed the lives of two other highly-respected musicians.

Jazz pianist and teacher Ellis Marsalis Jr. has died in New Orleans at 85 after being hospitalized with symptoms of the disease, although it has yet to be confirmed. Marsalis was not only a legendary New Orleans jazz man in his own right, he was the teacher and mentor to generations of star players, such as Harry Connick Jr. and Irvin Mayfield, as well as his famous sons, Branford, Wynton, Delfeayo and Jason Marsalis. To show how much he helped advance the art of jazz, his sons now play with symphony orchestras. But he once recalled that during his youth studying classical piano at Dillard University, "you could get expelled for playing jazz. The dean would get a report that we were over there ruining pianos playing jazz on them.”

And the deadliness of the virus is not limited to the elderly, the sick or those with poor health care. The rock music world was shocked Wednesday at news that singer/songwriter Adam Schlesinger had died of COVID-19 complications at 52. Schlesinger was one of the rare talents who nearly earned “EGOT” status: Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony. He was an Emmy winner for his music for the TV show “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend;” a Grammy winner with his ‘90s pop/rock band Fountains of Wayne; Tony nominee for his score for the musical “Cry-Baby;” and Oscar nominee for the early Beatles-style theme song of Tom Hanks’ 1997 directorial debut, “That Thing You Do.”

Our prayers for their families and condolences to their many fans.


I wrote yesterday about guarding against letting government officials use the coronavirus lockdown to start infringing on Americans’ Constitutional rights. You’ve heard the saying that if you scratch a socialist, you’ll find a totalitarian underneath. Some of these politicians, particularly in deep blue states, are going far beyond their power in trying to dictate public behavior in ways that has nothing to do with public safety.

A good example comes to us from Vermont, the same political culture that gave the Senate its only open socialist, Bernie Sanders. State officials there have decreed that it’s not bad enough that people are locked up in their homes, only allowed to venture out to big box stores for supplies. But they’re buying too many “non-essential” items, so that has to stop. Sure, the items are just sitting there on the shelf, but don’t you DARE buy them!

Take a look at some of what they consider “non-essential” to families cooped up at home. Home and garden supplies, arts and crafts, books, movies, consumer electronics, paint, furniture, clothes, toys, beauty products (which includes soap and hand sanitizer, by the way) and more. So you’re supposed to keep your kids at home, but you can’t garden, bathe, read, watch movies, replace the clothes they’ve outgrown, buy an extra chair or two, or do anything else, apparently, except sit on the floor naked staring at the walls.

I get that some people in Vermont like socialism. Well, this should give them an idea of what life is like under it. The only difference is that rather than being empty, the stores will actually have all the things you need, you’re just not allowed to buy them.

If Vermont citizens put up with this, then they should get a new state slogan. “Freedom and Unity” seems to be at least half wrong.


I mentioned yesterday that CNN’s Chris Cuomo has contracted the coronavirus and is reporting remotely from self-quarantine in his basement at home. All politics aside, as it should be at this time (take note, CNN), I hope you’ll join me in saying a prayer for his swift and complete recovery (and say thanks for some very good news: his wife and children tested negative.) In fact, he is doing Americans a great service now, just by describing firsthand what it’s like.

Cuomo says that he’s never experienced anything like it, with the chills, fever, body aches and tremors that accompany it. He says he was shivering so severely Tuesday night that he chipped his tooth.

If he can convince CNN viewers that this is not just a bad flu – indeed, that there really is a threat in the land even more serious than Donald Trump being President, so that people will listen to what Trump’s trying to tell them and take the government guidelines very seriously – then Cuomo will have done more to help America than anyone else I’ve seen on CNN in a long time.


If you listen to the media (and why would you anymore?), you would think that President Trump is just running around flailing aimlessly, with no plans or preparations for such an emergency. But in fact, as this in-depth article from the Daily Signal explains, we’re seeing the results of a massive reform effort that’s been going on since Trump was elected.

Many of the things that are helping, like being able to consult a doctor over the Internet, are results of reforms Trump has made. All would be helpful in dealing with the coronavirus, and if they’re not fully in place yet, it’s because the government has been blocking and slow-walking them, often for no discernible reason.

The problem isn’t that what Trump has done is wrong. The authors note that we’re much better off than we would have been under the previous Administration. The real problem is that the pandemic arrived before Trump was able to get government out of the way of his reforms so they’d be ready when we needed them.

We’re lucky that Trump was making these reforms, and when this is over, we should demand that they be made more quickly. In the meantime, if Trump seems to be in constant motion, it’s not because he’s lost to know what to do. It’s because he has to constantly keep swinging a machete at red tape and removing government roadblocks to common-sense reforms.

1. U.S. # CONFIRMED CASES (As of 2:15 PM): 234,462   DEATHS: 5,607  RECOVERIES: 8,849

TESTS GIVEN:  1,179,587

2.  CDC RECOMMENDATIONS: How to protect yourself  |  What to do if you are sick

3.  POLITICAL FALLOUT:  Cancel the Democrat and Republican conventions?  Maybe.  

4.  MEDIA BIAS:  Hume: TDS Media can't be trusted.

5.  CHINA LIES:  The Australian Media isn't buying them.

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Comments 1-25 of 97

  • Glenn Bolton

    04/05/2020 08:55 PM

    Was wondering what's being done to reduce our dependence on China for manufacturing pharmaceutical drugs

  • Daniel Brinson

    04/04/2020 08:50 PM

    From what I have gleaned, C-19 has not killed anyone, but has caused them to contract pneumonia which in turn caused the death. One year ago, these would have been normal pneumonia deaths. Democrats needed an experiment to see how much control we will tolerate. The global financial, industrial, and commercial oligarchy needed an excuse for Trump to borrow and dispense $trillions to trickle up the distribution system into their coffers. C-19 may be newly discovered, but like HIV/AIDS, it is NOT NEW. Nothing can spread worldwide in months unless it is deliberately distributed. I am confident that it has been here all of my 80+ years and probably longer. We took no STUPID precautions in previous years and I see no need for any now. Turn the media off and lets get back to business as usual.

  • Glenda Lagerstedt

    04/03/2020 03:19 PM

    Keep telling it!!! Continue to make the facts known. I am from Vermont and very ashamed of Bernie Sanders and of how Vermont has swung to the left over the years. Love my state, and my prayer is that we will all wake up before it is too late. We need more Mike Huckabee's and far fewer Bernie Sander's.

  • Debra Schmidt

    04/03/2020 01:26 PM

    We just heard that people in Ventnor, a small town near Atlantic City, can't walk on the boardwalk or beach. This is a small town, no stores on the boardwalk , and few people this time of year. The beach is huge. There are steep fines. Each day more rules are announced all over. This seems to be an over reach and not necessary. It is disheartening. Gee, I wonder what else we won't be allowed to do today. Yesterday my husband did a funeral of less than 10 people. The funeral home said they were fined this week for one funeral that were a little over 10. Outside events should definitely be less of an issue too. I see so many freedoms being overlooked. And here is another concern, why are we being ruled by the CDC and Fauci right now and governors? Where are our representatives and why is no one questioning the rules to be sure they are constitutional. I understand the first few days of an emergency, but this is becoming a long haul and thus these agencies, governors, mayors, should have to explain to their town councils, congress, etc. And with meds now to help if you get sick, why are the leaders so against hope? They ignore these medicines. Oh, they have side effects. Yes, so does advil and zantac. We live with those risks. Have you heard that the death rate across the US is lower than ever? In the midst of this! That should be news. Are we really at higher risk now than at any other virus season? How many of these reported COVID deaths are really unknown, or another flu or due to other conditions? I wouldn't put it past the liberal governors to instruct their docs to count every and all possible deaths as COVID whenever possible. No one is looking at the risk to our country of not surviving. Why isn't our leadership showing concern for our economy? They need to lead with balance, and that includes weighing every risk, not just the virus. There are equally great losses coming if not here already if house arrest continues. I have supported Trump for 3 years, but he is losing my trust by only allowing Fauci to call the shots. Thanks for allowing me to share my concerns.

  • William Stewart

    04/03/2020 01:22 PM

    I appreciate you sending me you daily interesting commentary, it's Christian, and not many are. It's real Arkansas talk. Keep it up, God will have to be the one who rewards you!

  • Gail Denham

    04/03/2020 01:10 PM

    I thank the Lord we don't live in Vermont - talk about dumb! - but even so, we have a very blue governor and state congress - they keep trying - oh my do they try.
    thanks for sharing some of the details of those who have the virus. it helps to know.

  • Christine Simon

    04/03/2020 12:38 PM

    I think all of this is a dry run for the socialists to see if they can manipulate government and control the masses. Trump is trying to do everything he can to protect our people, but the leftists and the media are in glee over what is happening. It’s a scary time!

  • George Reynolds

    04/03/2020 12:29 PM

    Those people (like Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi...and the media) who are now blaming President Trump for not reacting fast enough are great Monday morning quarterbacks. "He should've passed, instead of running the ball." They expect Trump to be a mind reader and a prophet, knowing what will happen in the next weeks or months. IMHO, he at first believed the words of Xi, the Chinese leader, that China had the situation under control. I don't know how Trump could have reacted any sooner, unless he was able to supernaturally see the future.

    He is also being excoriated for his words of encouragement and hopefulness, when he said he didn't think it would be so bad, or when he hoped we would be over the worst by Easter. Again, he is not a prophet, and he can only hope for the best, and try to encourage the rest of us. Which is the opposite of what the media have been doing, with their scare tactics and their cutting off the President's informative coronavirus press conferences.

  • Peggy L. Murphy

    04/03/2020 12:07 PM

    Guess what? I tried to order Bounty paper towels from Amazon—it said it could be purchased from manufacturers/shipped from Wuhan, China!!
    Are you kidding me????????!!!!!!!

  • Johnette Snyder

    04/03/2020 10:47 AM

    Why are we buying ventilators & face masks from China? I don't think we should trust them.

  • Dorothea Marland

    04/03/2020 09:58 AM

    Thanks for the common sense commentary on current events facts, not emotions. We’ve become such an emotional society I fear for the future. God bless you!

  • Roy Roman

    04/03/2020 09:57 AM


    Thank you for a fresh daily report on Covid-19 and Politics. May the Lord put a hedge of protection around You & Yours as you serve Him.

    Best regards,

    Roy Roman

  • Linda Meyer

    04/03/2020 09:05 AM

    I pray God keeps you and President Trump safe and healthy. Thank you for all you do.

  • Ed Johnson

    04/03/2020 06:16 AM

    We need a great spiritual revival in this land and it can start now.
    II Chronicles 7: 14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    Thanks, Ed Johnson

  • Linda Olds

    04/03/2020 02:13 AM

    I enjoyed one of the men said during President Trump's talk on April 2nd. I forgot his name, but he was explaining to the idiot media how supplies get from one place to another. He said that he requests things in "Trump time", which pretty much means that the things get to their destinations REALLY fast--faster than you could ever expect. It's great to hear someone praising Trump. He REALLY deserves it, and rarely gets it.

  • Robert E Wellston

    04/03/2020 02:08 AM

    I found the two articles on the media extremely well written and informative. Thank you for that. I hope that come November the Democrat in the House get wiped except Adam Schiff. I want him investigated by the House Intelligence Commitee chaired by Devin Nunes and when he is done with Schiff, he (Schiff) should be expel from the Congress and tried for treason.
    I hope that the need for manufacturing in the United States is abundantly clear as we have to go to China for our medicines. Somebody should be tried for that dumb move, but then again there probably isn't a court room big enough for all the defendants.

  • Elizabeth Floyd

    04/03/2020 01:38 AM

    I do think President Trump is doing a great job. I find the recent Covid-19 Aide bill extravagant, and Polosi a multimillionaire, holding up the bill til she could add her priorities. But what is done, is done. Please like Mark Levin suggested, let's get a think-tank coming up with a plan to open up the country again. Please no politicians please, but ask business people how they can improvise and protect people who enter their businesses. Costco limits 2 people per membership card, and lists items outside the store what they have, and what they are out of. They limit people to only 1 carton of eggs. Some stores list the hour open for seniors, pregnant women, and those with health issues. One such store only had 5 people in at 8AM, and the clerk were everywhere asking to assist people so they could get in and out. Have a think tank/a task force come up with ideas in 2 weeks, so some of the retail shops or restaurants could open on a limited basis, so they won't lose their businesses, perhaps in the less affected states or rural areas. We are Americans. With God's help we should be able to come up with some ideas. Please try.

  • Karen Coryell

    04/03/2020 12:44 AM

    Governor Huckabee, I wish you were still Governor. Arkansas would be in better shape. This insanity with politics dictating the responses to a genuine threat reminds me all too much of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"n. The difference is that in her book, the good guys had a place to go to be safe. We don't have that option, physically, but we do have the freedom to choose how we deal with it. If only those who act as if this whole thing is a big joke would bring their heads back out to where the sun shines, we would all have a better chance to beat the corvid-19 quickly. God bless you and keep you safe!

  • Mary Russell

    04/03/2020 12:27 AM

    I truly wish there was a way of stopping Pelosi and Her cohorts. They are trying to block our beloved President from doing what God has planned for him to do. At this point I believe that Pelosi is pure evil, she may pray, but it’s not to the God who made heaven and earth.

  • Kathryn Kinsey

    04/03/2020 12:20 AM

    I just sent comment and didn’t spell check....my apologies. I hope you can correct them....Vice President Pence not Oence.... I forget the other one I saw afterwards..so sorry. Will spell check in future...

  • Kathryn Kinsey

    04/03/2020 12:17 AM

    Why can’t President Trump override the control the media has taken over - including cutting off news updates in the middle of sentences, never allowing progress to be told, not airing President a Trump speaking and very hurtful to hear him called “Mr” Trump then turn right around and say “Vice President Oence”.....to make sure their disrespect of our President was heard and noted. They are despicable desperate and turning young people who can vote....against President Trump. It is really upsetting to repeatedly see and hear what lies they tell and we’re helpless to change people’s minds from our homes !!!!

    We NEED President Trump to win 2020 ??????????
    I watch your shows and read your emails devotions etc and value your words and thank you for being there for us....you’re a true man of God and it shows.

  • j. debra halsmith

    04/02/2020 11:53 PM

    Earlier today, a FB friend posted a video by Dr. Missy Chamberlain on youtube [see below]. She's a retired orthopedic surgeon. Both she and husband having problems, but the lineup to get tested was several hours. She is using a technique she learned and taught to siblings of children with cystic fibrosis. She reports that both of them are doing much better because of this technique. There are 5 videos...I gathered them together and posted the following on my FB page.
    "COVID-19 Dr. Missy Chamberlain Medical School"
    [A retired Orthopedic Surgeon with experience as an intern treating children with cystic fibrosis and teaching siblings the technique to help them.]
    [COVID-19 Dr. Missy Chamberlain Medical School] Class #1 . . .
    Class #2 . . .
    Class #3 . . .
    Class #4 . . . WASHING HANDS…


  • spencer G plumley

    04/02/2020 11:52 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee,

    I am so thankful for you and your evening commentary. I feel you are where God wants you to be right now. Yes, I still believe you are in the ministry. You don't have to be behind a pulpit to preach the truth. And that's what you are doing right now.

    I often have to miss the evening news cycle on Fox. That's one reason I enjoy your commentary. And if I am familiar with some of the day's news, I can just skip that part of your report and I can skip the links you provide too. You save me a lot of valuable time.

    I have supported you since you first ran against Dale Bumpers for U.S Senate in Arkansas. You went on to be a very successful governor and was much loved and appreciated.

    I pray for you every day and haven't missed but one or two of your shows on TBN.

    Keep doing the good work.

    Your Friend,
    Spencer Plumley

  • Doug Johnson

    04/02/2020 11:46 PM

    May God be with you. What is Pelosi thing, she is going to start impeachment again over the coronavirus, another 20 million that could be spent for medication. How can we impeach her?? Why does she get to do and say anything she wants and nothing happens. She added millions to the virus bill and now she wants a watch dog team to watch President Trump to make sure the money is not waisted. Who is going to be watching her. How many of her kin is working at the Kennedy center, why in this crisis do we need millions for a center that should be closed to the public. I could go on about her and a lot of other Democrats dealings, when are they going to be hounded over everything they say or do. It’s time for them to go. There needs to be real Americans in their place. God bless President Trump and his team and America. Thank you

  • Grace Shannon

    04/02/2020 11:24 PM

    I must disagree about Chris Cuomo doing a great service to Americans right now. He only does things to benefit himself. I would believe him about the symptoms he is experiencing, especially shivering so severely that he chipped his tooth, only if I actually saw it happen.