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September 9, 2022

Great Britain’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss announced that she’s lifting the ban on fracking to reduce the nation’s sky-high energy prices. She’s also approving 100 new North Sea oil and gas exploration licenses.

Meanwhile, across Europe, with Russia’s war on Ukraine shutting off Russian oil, we’re seeing a lot of backlash against “green” restrictions on reliable energy sources, from a continent-wide protest-strike against paying high utility bills to desperate people gathering wood to burn for heat in the coming winter to reversals of bans on building new nuclear plants.

That’s the problem with government mandates that people switch to “green” energy sources before there are any. At some point, coercion collides with reality. It’s a lesson we should have learned long ago from looking at Europe’s energy problems, like Germany getting rid of its domestic fuel sources then being forced to buy oil from Russia.

Or we could have learned it from California, which is dismantling its own sources of fuel so it can brag about its carbon reductions, then buying more expensive energy from neighboring states, so they’re not really reducing emissions, they’re just off-shoring them. Seldom have we seen a faster example of a reality slapback than California announcing that it would require all cars to be electric, then within days begging people to turn off their air conditioners during a heat wave because they can’t even generate enough electricity to keep the lights on.

And how have about 18 blue states reacted to that stark object lesson? By saying they want to follow California’s example. I’m sorry to say it, but if their leaders are that dumb, they already are.


Related: California Gov. Gavin “Do as I dictate, not as I do” Newsom is being blasted for making a video urging residents to turn off their air conditioners while he was wearing a zipped-up fleece jacket in what must have been an air conditioned room. As one Twitter poster sniped, “Is your A/C too cold?”

Newsom’s spokesperson replied that he filmed it before the 4 p.m. peak demand period when the guidance is to “pre-cool.” Apparently so much that you have to wear a fleece jacket.  

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