July 28, 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions finally spoke up after the past week of being bashed by President Trump. Sessions admitted that the public criticism was “hurtful,” but said he has no plans to resign and he still praised Trump as a strong leader. It’s understandable that Trump was annoyed that Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, but legal experts say he had no choice. And if he were fired, Trump would not only face a big backlash from Congress, but anyone in line to take Sessions’ place as acting AG would likely be far more hostile. Republicans seem to agree: a poll on my website is running 75% against Trump firing Sessions.

Of all the people in Washington who deserve a good verbal flogging, Sessions is among the least likely. In a town full of snakes, snitches and turncoats, he seems to be one of the few who’s staying loyal to the boss who’s bashing him.


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