July 10, 2019


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Our Top story ---  No more shameful example of collateral damage

Featured Stories: Update on the IG Report –- MAD Magazine goes "woke" and then this...-- Liberals turn on one another 

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In the legal fight to take down President Trump, there has been no more shameful example of collateral damage than the case of former national security adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. But since he got new legal representation --- attorney Sidney Powell, the perfect choice given her past experience with Mueller attack dog Andrew Weissmann --- it’s been clear that this isn’t over for him.

Recall that Flynn was charged with perjury even though his FBI questioners –- one was the infamous Peter Strzok –- didn’t think he had tried to mislead them, and that former FBI Director James Comey publicly bragged about sending FBI agents to the White House to question him without benefit of a lawyer in the very early days of the Trump presidency. (His audience laughed when he told them.) It was an obvious set-up. And from all we can tell, Flynn took the plea not because he had actually lied but because he was financially broken and prosecutors had threatened to go after his family.


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Update on the IG Report

By Mike Huckabee

Much has been happening with IG Horowitz’s internal investigation of the “Russia” probe, as Christopher Steele reportedly sat for about 15 hours of testimony and some within the DOJ have recently come out of the woodwork to testify (or “clarify” previous testimony) as well. Horowitz doesn’t have subpoena power for those outside government, so Steele must have found testifying to be in his own best interest. He was already on record, in testimony given in a British court, saying that he didn’t know whether the information in his “dossier” was true or not, so if this new testimony is inconsistent with that, he could be charged with perjury in the U.K.

For some context to the IG’s look at Steele, The New York Times reports that by January of 2017, when Trump was sworn in, FBI agents had interviewed one of Steele’s main sources --- “a Russian speaker from a former Soviet republic” --- and came to doubt the reliability of his information, suspecting that he had “added his own interpretations.” (No kidding.) It appears the FBI was sort-of doing its job of verifying Steele’s sources, or at least going through the motions, but they were not able to.



MAD Magazine goes "woke" and then this...

By Mike Huckabee

While the 4th of July week was a great week for America, it was a sad week for humor.  It was announced that after nearly 70 years, MAD magazine will no longer publish new issues (but Pete Buttigieg just found out who Alfred E. Neuman was!)  It’s hard to sell any magazine these days, but especially hard for MAD, for a number of reasons: the Internet has made people expect humor to be super-timely, not bi-monthly – and Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are filled with free topical one-liners and parodies.  There was also a lot of behind-the-scenes turmoil with DC Comics buying the magazine, firing the longtime staff and moving it from NYC to Los Angeles. 



Liberals turn on one another

By Mike Huckabee

Must-read column today by Michael Goodwin at the New York Post, on how the Democrats are eating their own, thanks to the far-leftists finding the leftists not leftist enough. There’s a ton of interesting info and history here, including a great quote from LBJ, who was dealing with a similar situation during the Vietnam-era Yippie riots. He said, “You know the difference between cannibals and liberals? Cannibals eat only their enemies.”



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While the media continue their efforts to tie President Trump to indicted (and already once convicted) pervert Jeffrey Epstein (and sweep his genuine connections to the Clintons and other Democrats under the rug), here is a list by Robert Laurie of four “inconvenient truths” they’ll have to get around or bury.

These include the facts that Trump kicked Epstein out of his Mar-A-Lago resort and banned him from the premises about 15 years ago after Epstein reportedly made untoward advances to an underaged girl there…and Trump was the only person in high New York social circles who agreed to talk to the attorney of one of Epstein’s accusers and help her with her case against him.  Doesn’t sound like a man who had anything to hide that he was afraid would be revealed if Epstein was arrested or got mad at him.



The Bible tells us that fathers shall not be put to death for the sins of the children, nor children for their fathers’ sins, but that each of us must answer for our own sins.  Unless you’re a Republican and the media can find a sin like slave-owning that was committed by your great-great-grandfather nearly 170 years ago.  They tried that with Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, but he had a perfect reply already teed up:

I love the comment from Benny Johnson of Turning Point USA:  “Just wait until reporters investigate which political party fought for slavery, voted against emancipation, founded the KKK, established Jim Crow laws & fought against the Civil Rights Act.”  Oh, I don’t think they’ll be investigating that any time soon…


In writing the obituary for Ross Perot, “Huckabee” writer Pat Reeder noted that he was mocked for thinking a billionaire with no political experience could be elected President on a platform of restoring fiscal responsibility and ending the “giant sucking sound” of jobs leaving America due to bad trade deals – and yet, he might have been right but just too far ahead of his time. 

This news suggests that Perot might have agreed: it’s been revealed that the last documented political act Perot performed before he died was to write two checks equal to the maximum legal limit to Trump’s reelection campaign.

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Our Daily Verse (NIV)

"For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."

– Eph 2:10

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