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November 4, 2023

Halloween might be over, but here’s a story to send a chill up your spine:  As NBC NEWS reported and Sean Hannity spoke about Friday, Biden “quietly tapped” Obama to help him shape the strategy for the AI executive order (!) he’s just signed.  Obama went to the White House to have lunch with him so they could work on this together.  This is apparently the largest official role Obama has played in the Biden administration and raises the question of how involved he is.

We’ve always maintained that the Obama Machine is still running the place through strategically placed operatives such as Lisa Monaco at DOJ, and the next Democrat presidential candidate will be aointed on the basis of who can best continue the Obama legacy.  (Hint:  it won’t be Joe this time.)

But here’s where the baddest chill comes:  AXIOS reports that Obama is pushing something called “inclusive capitalism,” which he calls “a new economic framework that addresses inequality and prepares citizens for the coming changes in how we will live and work.” (Whatever it actually is, I’m sure it will bear as much resemblance to actual capitalism as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics did to a republic.) Obama must feel the timing is right to trot this out, and we’re about to see not just how far to the left Obama really is but how much influence he still has.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

Victor Davis Hanson appeared on Hannity’s show to talk about the dangers of this.  We’ll let him take the discussion now while we go scream into a pillow or something.

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  • holger latt

    11/06/2023 07:39 AM

    I am sorry to say but Obama told us. I am quoting him. " I want to change America. " That was when he was running for President the first time. Sorry to say but that is still his goal today. He is not finished yet. When will the voters of this country learn? This country was founded on Christian principles. Today those principles are beings destroyed with the help of liberal judges at all levels of our govt.

  • daniel miller

    11/04/2023 04:36 PM

    Dude needs to be extinguished... I'm sure his chef would feel the same... had he not been murdered.