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August 15, 2023



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Psalms 83:18


Why “Bidenomics” Is A Curse Word

The White House is trying desperately to convince Americans that “Bidenomics” is a big success and has brought down inflation. It’s true that inflation is down from near-record highs, but it’s still 50% higher than the Fed’s target, and last month, it ticked up again. And that’s largely because of nearly a dozen Fed interest rate hikes that have made mortgages and credit card bills higher. And each month’s new rate of inflation is on top of the previous inflation.

Let’s set aside all the statistical data and lay the cards on the table: How much money is Biden-era inflation costing Americans? According to a study by Moody Analytics, the average American household is paying $709 more per month for the same goods and services than they were paying when Biden took office. That’s over $8500 a year more. And how many families have gotten raises in pay since 2021 that total more than $8500 a year?

I don’t know which is more shocking: that number or the fact that they actually reported this story on CNN.

A lie about lying

For years, all we heard from the left was that “Trump’s a lying liar who lies!” Until it started turning out that most of what he was saying was true (for instance, there really was a Deep State conspiracy to manufacture fake evidence to frame him and his staffers for colluding with Russia.) But to listen to them now, their side is the soul of honesty. That, of course, is a lie.

Scott McKay at The American Spectator writes that “We’re covered in the filthiest liars we’ve ever endured in positions of power.” He’s had it up his eyeballs with blatant, transparent lies from the Biden Administration and its media enablers. So he decided to list some of them. As they say at Instapundit, he’s going to need a bigger list.

The impact of a transgender athlete

Any time a male is physically harming women, he should be stopped – unless he’s a male who “identifies” as a female and demands to be on a girls’ sports team and is so much more physically powerful than the girls that “she’s” spiking balls at them that are leaving bruises and welts. Then, according to the “progressives” who champion this insanity, the “trans” bully is “stunning and brave” and the girls who complain about being battered are “transphobic.”

If you think that’s a hypothetical exaggeration, it’s not. In Green Bay, Wisconsin, parents are pulling their daughters out of sports to protect them from serious injury at the hands of a "trans" teammate. The delusional rule pushed by progressives is that if males undergo one year of testosterone suppression, that officially makes them female. That does nothing to offset the major physical advantages attained by going through puberty as a male.

It’s not just records, trophies and scholarships being taken away from girls. How many serious injuries do female athletes have to endure before society rises up and says no more of this catering to the delusional demands of a tiny minority at the expense of the entire female population?

“If you have nothing to hide, you have no reason to be afraid.”

Watch World Economic Forum founder and Chairman Klaus Schwab channel the old East German Stasi leaders by saying about his plans to monitor your every movement, statement and financial transaction, “If you have nothing to hide, you have no reason to be afraid.”

If they ever make another 007 movie, I think we’ve found the next Bond villain.

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“I was representing the voters of Palm Beach County.  And we were saying, ‘Please!  Check this county, that county.  Find this vote, find those votes.  We think there are more votes!’  We did the same thing...[We laid] out a strategy very similar to the strategy for which these folks are being indicted today.”

                --- Alan Dershowitz, on his work for Gore in 2000

GA indictments “a direct threat to the American system of the rule of law”

“They’re adding up indictments that would lead to almost 1,000 years in jail.  I mean, North Korea wouldn’t even dream of something like this.  My question tonight is, at what point are elected Republicans going to realize the gravity and the severity of this threat?  The radical left just keeps pushing and pushing and pushing, and all they find is soft jelly.  If elected Republicans have not realized the magnitude of what is happening, then the liberty that we have known in this country for almost three centuries will be gone…”

That was Stephen Miller speaking Monday night on Sean Hannity’s TV show, awaiting the indictment that was expected to be unsealed against President Trump --- and, as it turned out, numerous associates --- in Fulton County, Georgia.  (Note:  90 percent of Fulton County is in the overwhelmingly Democrat city of Atlanta.)  This is Trump’s fourth indictment in a cascade of relentless lawfare.  Keep in mind, the Georgia indictments are for state crimes, and neither the sitting President nor the Governor of Georgia has the power to pardon someone for these.

The indictment was anticipated because earlier in the day, what appeared to be an indictment of President Trump and others appeared on the Fulton County website.  It listed --- count ‘em --- 39 indictments, including numerous “conspiracies” and even a violation of the Georgia RICO (organized crime) Act (Note: The Georgia state version of the RICO Act is wider-ranging than the federal version.) It was quickly taken down, but not before observers noted that this was even before the grand jury had officially returned the indictments.  Oh, well, that was a foregone conclusion, right?  Just a formality.  Might as well go ahead and post them and take the rest of the day off!   As Clay Travis tweeted, “Just shows you what a banana republic we are living in right now.”

A spokesperson for the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office said, “The Reuters report that those charges were filed is inaccurate.  Beyond that we cannot comment.”  The so-called ‘fictitious’ document apparently looked authentic, however, and even had a case number and judge assigned.  DA Fani Willis’ office said it would be later that night when the document might be unsealed, as the clerk would have to manually enter each charge.  (With all those counts, that’s a lot of typing!)

Trump attorney Alina Habba pointed out that this timeline makes no sense.  “If the clerk needs to manually put in each count, then how did the clerk have that ‘fictitious’ mistake earlier?  I’m lost on that, because the ‘fictitious’ mistake laid out counts individually, and that must have taken time.”

Habba thinks what happened was that “they had a lot of press, as we saw, sitting in the courtroom, laughing, thinking this was a joke, just a great press moment, having cameras in the background, and they made a ‘hiccup.’  They by accident uploaded, the clerk hit a button, that’s what I think happened.”  And because of that error, they rushed to go ahead and get this done tonight.

Former Trump Administration official Kash Patel said that Willis and her office are responsible for the handling of grand jury documents and in trying to claim ignorance and blame some unknown clerk for posting them, “She just lied to the universe.”

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz called for a motion to dismiss because of this.

Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy advised Trump to call for one.

While we were waiting for the news to break, we found this old interview by the lead juror from the grand jury that is indicting Trump.  Remember this scary person, back when she was first feeling her power?  She must’ve been popping the champagne corks last night.

Newt Gingrich anticipated this “kitchen sink indictment,” something that could’ve been done “with a handful of first-year law students.”  They were trying to come up with “the wildest range of things that will help us smear Donald Trump.”  There are no defense attorneys, no rules of evidence, no cross-examination, he said, so “this is a rigged deal, everybody knows that.”

He likened this to the appointment of David Weiss as special counsel on the Hunter case, saying it was “just incompetent, made no sense.”  The law used to be treated with solemnity, he said, but “this is a circus act.”  And with a rigged jury and a rigged DA, they could get some convictions, he said.  It is “an extraordinary effort to try to destroy a political leader who at least half the country thinks ought to be the next President.  I think for a district attorney to take on this kind of authority is dangerous.”

When the 98-page criminal indictment was finally unsealed late Monday night, 18 Trump associates, including Mark Meadows and attorneys Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, John Eastman and Jenna Ellis, were also seen to have been indicted on dozens of felony counts.  “Imagine if this had been applied to Al Gore supporters when he contested Florida in 2000,” Gingrich said.  “Imagine the amount of money these people will have to spend to hire lawyers to prove their innocence against a viciously corrupt Democratic district attorney.  This is a direct threat to the American system of the rule of law.”

“…More and more Americans realize that whether you like Trump or you dislike Trump, these people are undermining the very base of the American system and the Constitution and the rule of law.  That is gradually becoming a conviction, way beyond the Trump base.”

As it turned out, the unsealed document did look just like the ‘fictitious’ one that had been posted before the grand jury voted and called ‘inaccurate’ by the DA’s office.  RICO Act violations were generously applied to Trump and his associates.

Kash Patel, who’s been both a federal prosecutor and a public defender, called this “a hatchet job by the Fulton County DA.”  He noted the exhaustive repetition of the word “corrupt” in this lengthy speaking indictment.  “They have stigmatized and made it illegal in state court to declare a federal election outcome result --- that is a FEDERAL law violation that they have taken to state court.  So anyone out there saying that this doesn’t have any federal implications does not understand the process.”

Also, “...a RICO case, which usually has dozens of defendants as is now being shown here, is a case that takes two to four years at minimum in state court to adjudicate.”  They obviously wanted the indictment out there right away.  But the case will be slowed down by interlocutory appeals from Trump’s attorneys.  This sounds like the show business expression, “Hurry up and wait.”

Their first appeal, Patel said, should be on the basis of the illegal disclosure of grand jury information by the DA’s office, which is a felony.  They apparently posted it earlier on Monday and also leaked it to media outlets.  Patel pointed out that federal funding goes to these county prosecutors, and that gives congressional committees jurisdiction to look into this.

Also, “are we to believe that the United States justice system and the state court system in Georgia is going to indict counselors --- lawyers and legal scholars for advising the President of the United States?”  President Trump, targeted as he is when he sincerely believes the election was stolen, can be seen as standing up for everyone’s constitutionally protected beliefs.

Mike Davis, president of the Article III Project, called this “a mess of a case” that will not hold up under the law.  “If it’s not reversed by the Georgia courts, it will be reversed by the Supreme Court…”  The only question is when, he said --- before the presidential election or after?  It’s “a shotgun approach by a Democrat prosecutor who is campaigning on taking out President Trump through the legal process, through lawfare.”

DA Willis “has set up a website; she’s raising money off of this,” he said.  “This is a joke of a complaint.”  We would add that it’s also election interference.  And if her office leaked grand jury information, she herself should be indicted on felony charges.  Throw the kitchen sink at her and see what sticks.

During her press conference Willis dodged questions about this.  She also refused to say whether she’d discussed her investigation with special counsel Jack Smith.

It’s also rich that Georgia is the state where Stacey Abrams ran for governor in 2018 and refused to concede that race when she lost.  What, was there a problem with the election?

And thanks to Kaylee McGhee White, editor of Restoring America, for reminding us that in 2018, Democrat then-state Sen. Nikema Williams was arrested for leading a protest to disrupt the Senate certification of the first election in which Brian Kemp beat Stacey Abrams. The Fulton County DA declined to prosecute her, and she challenged the law under which she was arrested, claiming she had a First Amendment right to challenge the election even if it interfered with that citadel of “our democracy.” She was later rewarded by being elected chair of the state Democratic Party and to the state House. So please spare me the pious balloon juice from Democrat prosecutors about “equal application of justice” and “nobody being above the law.”


Check out J. D. Rucker’s analysis, including the list of charges against Trump over things that would be legal if anyone else did them, the statement from the Trump ‘24 campaign, and Rucker’s fanciful picture of this prosecutor’s courtroom.  Rucker suggests that Trump can actually use this as an opportunity to bring evidence of actual vote fraud into court.  A must-read.

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Learn more here: The Israel Experience (

Congressional interview with FBI agent backs IRS agent Shapley’s account

Almost lost amidst the breaking news of Trump’s indictment Monday --- and this might have been by design --- was another story, about the release of a 65-page transcript of an interview with a former FBI supervisory agent that corroborates what IRS lead agent-turned-whistleblower Gary Shapley said about being hamstrung in his investigation of Hunter Biden’s finances.

For example, both agents told similar stories about Hunter’s team being tipped off about a planned interview.  They were told to stand down and wait for Hunter to call THEM (!) before going to interview him.  He never called; they never interviewed.

The FBI agent, whose name is redacted in the transcript, testified before the House Oversight and Accountability Committee behind closed doors on July 31.  His testimony is just one more reason (as if they needed any more) why Committee Chairman James Comer says they have no confidence in U.S. Attorney-and-now-Special-Counsel David Weiss.

Fred Lucas at THE DAILY SIGNAL offers four take-aways from the interview.

Here are some responses to the latest politicized indictments of President Trump and his supporters:

Trump himself told Fox Digital, “The whole world is laughing at the United States as they see how corrupt and horrible a place it has turned out to be under the leadership of Crooked Joe Biden." He said this latest legal action "is a continuation of the greatest and longest-running Witch Hunt in American history…tailored for placement right smack in the middle of my political campaign." But he vowed to win back the presidency, fix it and “Make America great again.”

Trump said DA Fani Willis "should focus on the people that rigged the 2020 presidential election, not those who demand an answer as to what happened." He called her “racist and corrupt” and accused her of ignoring Atlanta’s high murder and violent crime rates to target political enemies, adding that she “just opened a fundraising site in order to benefit off the thing she most campaigned on, ‘I will get Donald Trump.’" There’s more here:

The Trump Campaign also blasted out some background on Willis and her history of politicized “justice” and grand jury malpractice.

Constitutional attorney and former Trump transition team member Mark Smith called the indictments "bewildering" and said, "The First Amendment of the United States Constitution specifically says that we have the right to petition the government in all its forms if we have a grievance. Now, there's no dispute that Donald Trump and his legal team disputed who won the Georgia electoral votes in 2020. That was a legitimate fight. They took it to the courts. They took it to the Congress. They took it to the state legislature, i.e. the government, which they were allowed to do under the First Amendment.”

Legal scholar Mark Levin called it “horrendous” and said the judicial system had been “bastardized” in Democrat-majority precincts: "We are going through the motions of justice here, like autocratic regimes," and Stalin and Putin “would be proud,” while “our enemies are celebrating and our allies are appalled at what’s going on here.” He warned that this is not just an attack on the rule of law and the American judicial system but on the GOP itself, the message being that elections and actions of officials in Democrat-majority precincts cannot be challenged under penalty of law.

Finally, from our “Doesn’t Know When To Keep Quiet” Desk: When asked about her reaction to the indictments, Hillary Clinton first burst out laughing, then claimed she felt “great profound sadness” and that she does not take any satisfaction in the indictments, but “it is evidence of equal justice under the law.”

And then she was struck by a lightning bolt. Not really, but I’m very surprised that she wasn’t.

Hillary also claimed that the GOP needs to be “held accountable for supporting Trump’s lies and divisiveness.” Seriously, does she not own a single mirror?

I think everyone knows that if Hillary had faced the same “equal justice” treatment Trump has, she’d be in jail until the year 2525. She didn’t, partly because of James Comey’s corruption, but also because after his election, Trump told his supporters who chanted “Lock her up” that this is America and we don’t jail our political opponents.

Tell me again, Hillary, how Trump is the one who “shattered norms.”


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  • George Reynolds

    08/16/2023 10:38 AM

    As Solomon once wrote, there is nothing new under the sun. This administration is changing the definitions of words for their own propaganda benefit. Many years ago, one of the founding fathers, John Adams warned, "Abuse of words has been the great instrument of sophistry and chicanery, of party, faction, and division of society."

  • Paul Kern

    08/15/2023 06:34 PM

    I am saddened by the mess we are in. Big Eva is gearing up again. It took down most religion leaders and publications and now destroying Christian music. Out here in Washington State there are many faithful but the big leaders destroying their flocks for the gold.
    We are seeing what many scholars call " process indictments" many think that God will intervene miraculously. Scripture tells us God works thru His people to rein in corrupt governments.
    I work with a 21 year old raised by his grandfather. He has an avowed hatred of the Church as most believers not trained to make a stand for the faith and truth. I pray daily for him and for God to move. Christian men out here hide behind their spouses. What a travesty.

  • Stephen Russell

    08/15/2023 03:32 PM

    GA Inidictments outcomes:
    Prosecution Intimidates witnesses
    witnesses dont show up
    court procedures
    No jury interest?
    Prosecution fouls up cases
    Riots outside courthouse
    Rerun J6?
    Hunter & or other gets prison time during trial time??
    Jurors feel theatened by prosecution

  • Rick Bashaw

    08/15/2023 03:19 PM

    Your quote, “Imagine the amount of money these people will have to spend to hire lawyers to prove their innocence against a viciously corrupt Democratic district attorney." is so sad. It is the prosecutors who are supposed to prove guilt! A person is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. Because of the corrupt media along with the corrupt Democrats, the assumption of everyone, including potential jurors, now is that these people are all guilty. Definitely political election meddling and interference!

  • Sharon Faulkner

    08/15/2023 12:35 PM

    If anyone still believes we have an elected, free and representative country -- they would vote for that contemptible and disgusting bag of bile Shrillary who the whole nation and world are laughing at...