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January 5, 2024

The election integrity group True The Vote won a landmark court case against Stacey Abrams’ laughably-named group “Fair Fight,” which sued them for challenging the eligibility of voters in the 2021 Georgia Senate runoff election. The judge ruled that their actions did not violate the Voting Rights Act. Well, of course not: imagine being dumb enough to think that legally challenging a George election is some kind of crime!

True The Vote called the lawsuit an attempt to use lawfare and intimidation to bully Americans into giving up their rights to free speech, to actively participate in the electoral process and to lawfully petition their government “in support of election integrity without fear of persecution or prosecution.” The victory comes after three long years of litigation.

I don’t know if Abrams will try to appeal, but I’ve never known her to admit that she’s lost, so we’ll see.

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  • Laurel Berger

    01/05/2024 10:41 AM

    I hope you run this for the general public, at least every day for 2 weeks. thank you.