January 30, 2019

Back when computers first began taking over record-keeping, wags used to joke that they were a miracle of science: they could make mistakes ten times faster than any human could.  

Little did we realize that eventually would come the Internet, social media and people who build their lives around finding things to get outraged and offended over.  Those innovations combined with the latest computer technology have allowed fake news to be disseminated with a speed and scale that makes first-generation embarrassing computer errors look like nothing.  Meanwhile, computer users now leap to conclusions faster than Superman can leap a tall building.

We’re still cleaning up the mess from last week’s media frenzies over the fake news from Buzzfeed about Michael Cohen and from all over about the Covington Catholic school kids.  Then we got hit with two more leftist media meltdowns, both over stories that seemed to be very different on closer examination they were when they came vomiting out of our Twitter feeds.

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There was this one, in which a certain “Democratic” Socialist Congress member whipped up her vast social media following into a froth (no, this wasn’t one of her dinner preparation videos) over a tweet blasting thuggish, “racist” ICE agents sent by a comedian with a history of less-than-reliable claims:

It was only after the villagers had been fired up to grab their torches that anyone looked closer and realized not only that the details didn’t add up, and the targets of the accusations weren’t even ICE agents.

And then we had the shocking story of the assault on Jessie Smollett, a gay, black actor on Fox’s series, “Empire.”  Two white men in Chicago allegedly saw Smollett on the street, shouted racist and homophobic slurs at him, then beat him, poured an unknown substance on him (later determined to be bleach) and wrapped a rope around his neck.  It was a horrific crime, and I thank God he is all right and hope and pray the perpetrators are brought to swift justice.

But the crime wasn’t bad enough by itself: it had to be exploited politically.  There was an unconfirmed report that the attackers had told Smollett he was “in MAGA country” (which should have set off suspicions, since they were in Chicago.)  That was enough to launch the inevitable Twitter tsunami, branding Trump supporters as violent racist homophobes, with Al Sharpton and others demanding that President Trump denounce his own supporters for their violent white supremacist tendencies.

But again, news these days is like Texas weather: if you don’t like it, wait five minutes and it will change.  Here’s the original story from the AP…

And here’s how it kept changing through the day…

Major discrepancies included that, despite the hysterical media reports, Chicago Police said Smollett told them the men’s hands and faces were covered (it is quite cold in Chicago) and he couldn’t determine their races.  Also, he didn’t originally claim that they said anything about “MAGA,” although he later claimed to remember hearing them say that, only after it had already been all over the news. 

Isn’t it bad enough that there was one victim of an intolerant physical attack in this story without rushing to launch an intolerant media attack on millions of Americans who had nothing to do with it?  After last week’s twin debacles, was it too much to ask that people in media and social media learn the simple lesson of waiting until they know for sure what happened before going ballistic and harming innocent people while poisoning our society with divisive and unproven charges?  

Many years ago, the great humorist James Thurber wrote a satirical fable about a panic caused by a reporter who didn’t bother to get his facts straight before rushing a story into print.  The moral of his tale was “Don’t get it right, just get it written.” 

Thurber intended that as a tongue-in-cheek warning, not as a motto for the entire 21st century media.


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  • Kathleen White

    02/01/2019 04:15 PM

    First Gov. thank you for all you do !! As for that mtg program , I was told it was not for me, maybe because I was a single mom raised 4 kids alone without child support by working a full time nursing job and two part time jobs all at same time. Wells Fargo refused that assistance that others did possibly get. Truth be said we need that wall and more . Our ancestors were not stupid they screened everyone. No welfare checks on admission they needed 6 mos cash to sustain them. They did not get in sick either . I retired to Fl so I could buy a manufactured home . The new Gov here is going to make a law everyone in Fl must speak Spanish ,what is happening to AMERICA ???? Health care is a mess too , I had to travel to NYC because no one here would treat me even provide pain mgmt . Actually I’m grateful for that , it was the key to mandate Medicare provide surgery .i learned that working for a utilization mgmt co . In N.J Hospital for Special Surgery has me up walking in 1 Day Rehab in 5 days home in 14 days . The travel provided by miracle flights . For pre & post travel & NYC access a ride for transport to hospital , air port . Drs appts etc thanks to their courtesy pass for seniors. Thank God. HSS is now building a hospital in Palm Beach Fl to open in October this year . Good medical care comes to Florida

  • Charlene Hoyer

    01/30/2019 11:22 PM

    Is this nepotism in a state that controls the world?

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    01/30/2019 06:31 PM

    I'm looking forward to the start of the investigation into li'l Bobby Mueller's abuse of the legal system. I hope it kicks off with a pre-dawn raid, Mueller lying face down on the drive way, and Fox news (CNN would not show) recording it for the world to see. Then on to Li'l Andy Weisman's house.

  • Kevin J Cook

    01/30/2019 05:13 PM

    This is why smart people only get their news from highly reputable and moral people like Governor Huckabee and his beautiful daughter. Take your news from the Enemedia and expect to be a fool or worse

  • Michele Miller

    01/30/2019 04:14 PM

    Our culture in America is on a crash course. Thank you for your well-written updates Governor Huckabee. Character and ethics matter. I've just about developed a gag reflex to all of the pandering, manipulation, lies, and nasty means being used to craft a debased, ignorant, and compliant humanity. John Winthrop's "city on a hill" speech out to be read, taught, and serve as a call to action. Individuals and parents need to wise up, get serious, get involved, and turn this around -- one person and one household at a time.

  • john B Roberts

    01/30/2019 02:59 PM

    I just started reading 1984 again. The 2 minutes of hate speech reminds me of the Democrats listening to President Trump. The listeners hate to hear about human rights, such as freedom of speech, and go into a mob frenzy over the message. The democrats are denying facts about health care and climate change and stating there is no debate.

  • Joseph

    01/30/2019 02:34 PM

    First of all todays media reports are only directed to their ignorant base. Those ofr us who still have OUR brains know Journalism and honest reporters have been dead for at least 10 years or more. What we now have is open propaganda administered by zombie like leftists who can't do an honest day's work. The story stays the same only the faces are getting younger because they are dumber and can be controlled easier than us old people. The sad thing is education is also dead in many parts of our country so the return of honest knowledge is now a thing of the past. The leftist's in our Nation have created a society of crime as a norm and even to be a leader is to be criminal or at the very least a politician with no scruples or moral code. Those on the left have become so twisted that they have made even our Constitution irrelevant by allowing those with an un compatible ideology to infiltrate our country, government an every state in this Nation and they did so because of the lack of knowledge they have been allowed to give out. Without truth you can't have a civil safe society for very long and we are at the tipping point.

  • Larry Glass

    01/30/2019 02:29 PM

    When I was employed we were moving several of the managers in our team upstairs from the lower floor. I decided to see how people spread (mis)information in my organization. I made a loud comment on the lower floor that John was finally moving up... and said no more. Within hours several approached me and asked new assignment had John undertaken to move up in the organization... I used this was an example of gossip, and asked all to ask questions and more importantly do not pass along information just because you knnew.

  • Teddy Woodward

    01/30/2019 02:08 PM

    For ME, it's not so much the fake news that bothers me, but the SILENT TREATMENT that's given to REAL, IMPORTANT news. Take the news yesterday, reported by Ron Paul, one of the most HONEST and HONORABLE men in American political history. That steaming pile of dreck John Bolton, the PIG with the walrus moustache, talked about how we would TAKE Venezuela's oil and let American companies pump and refine it. First of all, HOW did President Trump let this NOTORIOUS PIG FACED WARMONGER into his administration? How many of America's youth are we going to allow to be SACRIFICED on the altar of CORPORATE GREED before we say, as a UNITED PEOPLE, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?HOW MANY young men and women's lives are we going to allow to be DESTROYED by PIGS like John Bolton. Am I the ONLY ONE who sees all of these bright, PATRIOTIC young people walking around with prosthetic arms and legs, HORRIBLY SCARRED flesh, and RUINED FUTURES because they BELIEVED in the GOOD of their country? And what makes this walrus looking MONSTER think we, as Americans, have the RIGHT to go STEAL Venezuela's oil? YOU FIRST, MOUSTACHE BOY. I have ONE thing to say to you, John Bolton. As a high school wrestler in Baltimore in my youth, we used to have "grudge matches". I personally put the SQUEEZE on a couple of notorious bullies, and I would LOVE to have a few minutes on the mat with that TURD. Of course, he is WAY TOO MUCH OF A COWARD to ever do ANYTHING like that. He's spent his entire life LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH, and hiding behind CORRUPT JUDGES to EVER be a REAL MAN. How long are we going to let pantywastes like this guy DESTROY OUR COUNTRY? The president of Turkey, Recip Erdogan WOULDN'T TALK TO HIM. GOOD FOR YOU, Mr Erdogan. It's LONG PAST TIME to MAN UP America, and if I am accused of being SEXIST by saying MAN UP, it's because NO MATTER what anyone says, when you are in a fight for your life, we TOUGH GUYS are PRETTY HANDY TO HAVE AROUND. The gauntlet has been thrown down, Bolton boy. I DARE YOU to pick it up. All I can say about getting YOU out on a wrestling mat is ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. When we ALL start feeling like THIS, THINGS WILL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER!!! TW


    01/30/2019 01:33 PM

    What do you expect from people who worship the prince of lies?

  • Bernadette Kathleen Dillon

    01/30/2019 01:08 PM

    This is just so disheartening and sad. Our country is back to the days of slavery when our country was split in two. Will it take a revolution in US soul and millions of lives lost to bring us back together? Or is our country never to be the UNITED States of America ever again. Hatred is growing and Satan is using hate and anger in US to keep us divided. We must return to God!

  • Mary Ann Spade

    01/30/2019 12:27 PM

    I would like to see funding of the wall promoted, where to send checks, and building it privately per what I read yesterday. Each donation is a vote against Pelosi.

  • Pete Koppenhoefer

    01/30/2019 11:55 AM

    I just rec'd this from a friend and thought it worth brining to your attention...

    Fwd: McCarran Act of 1952

    Wouldn't it have been interesting if, at some point during the presidential campaign, one of the candidates asked, "Oh, by the way, has anyone in Washington, D.C., ever heard of the McCarran-Walter Act Of 1952 ?"

    It has been a law for almost 65 years. Here are the historic facts that would seem to indicate that many, if not most, of the people we elect to work for us in Washington do not have the slightest idea of what laws already exist in OUR country.

    After several terrorist incidents were carried out in the United States, Donald Trump was severely criticized for suggesting that the U.S. should limit or temporarily suspend the immigration of certain ethnic groups, nationalities and even people of certain religions (Muslims).

    The criticisms condemned such a suggestion as, among other things, being un-American, dumb, stupid, reckless, dangerous and racist. Congressmen and senators swore that they would never allow such legislation, and our former president called such a prohibition on immigration unconstitutional.

    As Gomer Pyle would say, "Well, surprise, surprise!"It seems that the selective immigration ban is already law and has been applied on several occasions.

    Known as the McCarran-Walter Act , the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 allows for the - "suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by the president, whenever the president finds that the entry of aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States."

    "The president may, by proclamation and for such a period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens, immigrants or non- immigrants, or impose any restrictions on the entry of aliens he may deem to be appropriate."

    Who was president when this was passed? Harry Truman .

    Who do you suppose last used this process? Jimmy Carter , no less than 37 years ago, in 1979 to keep Iranians out of the United States. But Carter actually did more. He made ALL Iranian students, already in the United States, check in with the government. And then he deported a bunch of them. Seven thousand were found in violation of their visas and a total of 15,000 Iranians were forced to leave the USA in 1979.

    So, what do you say about all of the criticism that Donald Trump received from the Democrat senators, representatives and the Obama Administration?

    Additionally, it is important to note that the McCarran-Walter Act also requires that an "applicant for immigration must be of good moral character and in agreement with the principles of our Constitution."

    Therefore, one could surmise that since the Quran forbids Muslims to swear allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, technically, ALL Muslims should or could be refused immigration to OUR country.

    Both McCarran and Walter were democrats, by the way.

  • Jerry Korba

    01/30/2019 11:28 AM

    Fake News is a tactic used to take away the coverage of the real important events that are taking place in the country today. The media rages about outrageous and fictitious events so they really do not have to cover the abortion of babies that are to come into the world as late as body parts are about to appear, the media can not cover
    abortion , murder, to destroy a life, a gift from our God our country's God other wise that would make our country look Uncivilized,Barbaric, with the devil its self leading the way. I hope most people understand how horrific abortion is to have it legalized is a mortal sin it is apparent our lawmakers do not believe in God, that our country is founded under God. That is on them I wonder who will defend them when their court date comes up hey lawmakers you will die also; You may want to think about it you would be covered in your suits and ties just you and God the way u came into the world nobody aborted you. Heads up devil people God is watching what are U going to say when God asks WHY? I am hopeful people will ignore fake news I am hopeful it will go away!!!!!!!

  • tom jeffs

    01/30/2019 11:26 AM

    why doesn't someone propose a law to restrict local judges from issuing injunctions against PRESIDENTIAL actions ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    both parties should agree that an individual judge should not be allowed to over-ride the president - - - - - - -

    there will be a democratic president some day and this problem should be resolved - - - - - - -

    Nancy Pelosi will be put on the spot if she objects, correct ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • Bella Gray

    01/30/2019 11:25 AM

    Are you aware of this? Democrats are now murdering children right at birth. Now they are sanctioning child abuse. What is wrong with America?! This is child abuse. America is fostering and enabling child abuse by Muslims in America! ZERO of these children should ever be allowed into America. If these Muslim men want to abuse these children they need to be told in no uncertain terms, NOT IN AMERICA! If they want to pursue this, they need to leave the country and forfeit any citizenship they may have.

    This is outrageous and needs stopped. We put Americans in jail for this! Do we have zero laws enforced in America?

  • Amelia Little

    01/30/2019 11:24 AM

    They aren't journalists or even reporters, let alone investigative reporters. Remember "investigative" reporters? Nah, hard to find one of those these days and msm for sure isn't going to actually air what real investigations show. I would think it would only take being called out once on fake news, false stories for them to be ashamed and mind their p's and q's. But, I guess that riling people up and then, maybe, kind of, or not at all correcting the story, or justifying why it was okay to air false and fake news--and, they've accomplished their goals. Repeat the false/fake news often enough the first day or week, and people aren't going to pay any attention if they do finally report the real story.

  • Keethlyn Fletcher

    01/30/2019 11:18 AM

    The Bible says don't take up an offence, but we seem to be out of control by doing just that. So much offends everybody these days, that it's almost scary to open your mouth. The Bible also says that even a fool appears wise when he keeps his mouth shut.
    Maybe that's a better lesson!

  • Patrick McClurkin

    01/30/2019 11:15 AM

    It's hard for busy, hardworking Americans to keep up with all the fake news - sometimes we want to just ignore it, but we shouldn't. Thanks for continuing to speak for us and calling out all these so-called journalists!!

  • Nina McIver

    01/30/2019 11:09 AM

    So, why cant we make the media accountable for their false news reporting and inciting violence?