January 17, 2018

A movement is gaining steam in non-coastal counties of California to break away from the ultra-liberal strip that’s dominating (some say ruining) the Golden State and form a 51st state called New California. Hard to say at this point whether it has any future or is just a pipe dream, but it will be very interesting to see how state officials react. They’ve made it abundantly clear in the past year that they have adopted the attitude of the Confederate states: if they don’t like what the federal government is doing, they have a right to ignore and defy federal law (again like the Confederacy, to protect their right to keep importing and exploiting cheap minority labor from other nations), to act as if they were independent of the US, and even to secede from the union.

So if the people in more than half the state’s land mass announce that they strongly disagree with what Sacramento is doing and therefore have the right to secede and live under their own rules, exactly what principles will Gov. Jerry Brown cite to prevent them from doing that? Grab some popcorn, this should be good.


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  • Victoria Hardesty

    01/18/2018 10:44 AM

    Great idea! Most of California is sick of the liberal agenda with the highest taxes in the country going to support Sanctuary State, illegal immigrants with driver's licenses and no insurance, the bullet train no one wants, and the LGBT position shoved down our throats and squeezing our paychecks. Let them run their own state and see how well they do without our money and our water!

  • Donna Ruth Caspari

    01/18/2018 09:19 AM

    Awesome! I applaud this movement and may, in fact, consider joining it!

  • Bill Goldsby

    01/18/2018 12:43 AM

    As a California resident, by no means a Californian since my heart really isn't set in this state, never has been. I have to agree and get behind this movement. They have taken the Game Plan out of past history of states like West Virginia breaking from Virginia. There is a Constitution and Declaration that makes sense and is based on God's plan for our Country. It gives rights that have been chiseled away by the Brown Administration since the 80's back to us. It also locks down the State making illegal immigration just that illegal, makes a felony punishable by hard time, not a slap on the wrist. Making the State safe for it's residents again.